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Eureka Seven Ep. 48: Ballet Mechanique


The countdown reaches its final 90 seconds. Dewey starts making an announcement to the world that the survival of the human race is at risk and they will now rebel against the Scub Coral and retake the Earth. The countdown concludes and an Ageha Squad member brings a button to Dewey enabling him to fire craft Ortario #8. Anemone says a lot of different things happen in life and admits they’d be lying if they said they had no regrets. Various crafts around the planet fire into Ortario #8, which fires a blast into the planet below. Anemone says they are still young and want to go shopping and eat more kinds of yummy foods and have a wonderful romance too. “Oh brother” is how she feels now though. Jurgens contacts Holland, telling him the blast penetrated through the Scub lands. A bridge crew member spots theEND as it departs the Ginga. Anemone says she had someone and thinks about how she should have told him how she felt and she hates herself a bit for it. She’ll be more clever next time she’s born into this world. Tears fall from Anemone’s face as she heads into the crater formed by the blast. Holland wants to head out on the Terminus typeB303, not wanting theEND to interfere with Renton and the others. The hole in the ground starts repairing itself as bits of Scub Coral spread out. Talho tells Moondoggie to bring them down into the valley. The Gekko starts descending, with the Super Izumo following it. Dominic pets Gulliver and says he’ll be going now. Gulliver jumps on his shoulder as he departs the room and Dominic says they’ll go together. The Gekko and Super Izumo head through a canyon. Holland says once he launches, both ships should escape from the battle zone. Holland says he’ll have to apologize to Dominic, but can’t let anyone else interfere. Woz says the Scub continues to cover the opening and Holland will only have 7 minutes until it’s fully closed. The Gekko and Super Izumo ascend up from out of the canyon and are spotted by the Ginga. The typeB303 departs. On the Super Izumo, Maria spots that there is an open door on the ship, and Dominic departs on his own craft, telling Holland he’ll stop theEND by convincing its pilot. Holland says this is no time for personal interests but Dominic insists saying he wants to be the one to stop Anemone, whom he loves. KLFs start heading out from the Ginga and other military crafts. Holland says he’ll hold them off and tells Dominic to continue on. Holland presses forward on the typeB303. Dominic descends into the hole in the ground, and part of the craft is struck by Scub Coral spreading out, breaking up the craft. The hole fully seals up and they lose his signal. Jurgens says that after the Gekko recovers the typeB303, to ignite the boosters and withdraw from the frontline. The two ships blast off, withdrawing from the battlefield. This is reported to Dewey who declines to have them pursued.

On the Nirvash, staring upwards, Renton says all their fingers have names. He and Eureka claim they are named after family members and are just like them. The Nirvash senses something. Suddenly theEND appears from the sky above and descends towards them. On its own the Nirvash blasts off and heads towards it. TheEND blasts at the Nirvash, and then launches its claw at it as well. The device blasted by theEND goes past the Nirvash striking a bit of the Scub Coral. The Nirvash ascends and strikes theEND, which pulls out two swords and uses them to defend itself. The Nirvash chases after theEND, which eventually launches a bunch of missiles at it. Eureka claims she is in pain and that Nirvash is asking them to listen to the pilot of that LFO. Renton claims it is trying to destroy the control cluster. Eureka pleads again and they hold their hands together, the Amita Drive lighting up. Anemone says that if they tell her she can live after this battle, she’ll buy a mirror and practice smiling. The kids hear her and don’t want her to be sad. Eureka says they’ll save her and Renton nods his head. Anemone says she’ll practice over and over again so she can see him. Eureka says she can hear her voice. Anemone says she’ll tie up her hair and take a giant leap onto the Earth, hold up her head and go see him. She wants to live and say her thanks. She wants to give so many feelings to people. The Nirvash grabs hold of theEND. Renton says she can say them. Anemone says she wants to live and wish she didn’t realize she had feelings like this. Eureka says it is okay to live, no one ever said she had no right to do so. Anemone says it hurts so much and he isn’t with her more, and that it’s too much. The Nirvash opens its cockpit and Eureka and Renton hold hands. Eureka says she’s sure her feelings will reach him. Anemone says there’s no way that will happen. Suddenly Dominic’s voice rings out as he and Gulliver fall from the remains of his craft above. TheEND fires a blast below and Dominic is caught up in it. Anemone shouts out for Dominic. TheEND changes to a silver color and Renton says it looks just like the Nirvash. Eureka says they should follow it. Anemone pilots theEND towards Dominic as he continues to fall. She opens the cockpit and theEND turns its head and looks at her. Anemone is released from theEND and falls towards Dominic, with Gulliver helping them grab each other. Dominic says it’s been a while and she calls him an idiot, asking him what he was thinking falling down here. Dominic says he’s sorry and she says just this once she’ll forgive him. She came to see him and saved him, or at least tried to. Dominic says this is the first time she’s looked at him like this and it’s wonderful. He shouts out louder that he loves it and she kisses him on the forehead saying it’s the first time for her too to feel so wonderful and she wouldn’t mind dying now. The two kiss. TheEND catches them it its hands. Anemone says she lied; she wants to live forever, with him. Eureka and Renton look down from in the Nirvash and say they will live on this world, together. TheEND lands and releases Dominic and Anemone on the ground. They stare at the Nirvash in the sky. On the Ginga, crew says the Ortario #8 is preparing for the ultimate bombardment of the target beacon. An Ageha Squad member says theEND put in enough work to warrant its budget but asks if it’s really enough. At ultimate output, the main unit will self-destruct. He brings Dewey a device with a button. Dewey asks if something like that will be necessary for the world they long for and pushes the button. Once again crafts fire beams into Ortario #8 and it again blasts a beam into the ground below it. Renton and the others can hear the blast from inside the Nirvash. The Scub Coral control center nearby starts lighting up as the blast hits it. A giant tidal wave forms, which the Nirvash heads away from. TheEND makes sure to shield Dominic and Anemone from the blast but is destroyed doing so. The Ortario #8 craft blows up. Anemone cries over theEND and they look up at the destroyed remains of it. Part of the Nirvash has also been destroyed by the blast. Renton and Eureka look back, seeing the control center is now gone.


A great episode this time, primarily due to what happens with Dominic and Anemone. I’ve been hoping throughout the show for these two to admit feelings towards each other, especially from Anemone and we finally get that here. They do so under very exciting circumstances, which comes off as quite similar to what happened with Renton and Eureka back in episode 26. We also got a fairly exciting battle between the Nirvash and theEND preceding it. With theEND’s destruction presumably Dominic and Anemone will be sidelined for the final battle. Also, Dewey was able to successfully destroy the Control Cluster; will we get a harsh reaction from the Scub Coral or does this mean their complete destruction?

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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