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Eureka Seven Ep. 50: Wish Upon a Star


Eureka says she has people dear to her, her children and Renton. They taught her things and accepted everything about her. They’re those she loves, those she wants to protect the most. Rays of light approach a tree with a red sphere above it at the Tenshan Mountains. She wonders if wishing for them will cause the planet to disappear and she’ll stop wishing if so. Eureka is inside the red sphere. If it can be allowed, she wants to see them one more time. Sitting outside the Gekko, Holland holds Dewey’s hat. Jurgens walks up to him and asks if it’s alright for the leader to be wasting time like this. Holland says an LFO rider without his LFO is a fish out of water. He apologizes for the Gekko needing to take some of the Super Izumo‘s fuel. Jurgens lights a cigarette and Holland asks about his bandaged hands. Jurgens claims it was due to Dewey’s children, the Ageha Squad members. He flashes back to one of them yelling at him. He says they were picked up from the refugee camp in Warsaw, the results of ethnic cleansing. Holland says it doesn’t sound real and Jurgens says if people don’t see it on the news they’ll deny such kinds of truth. Born into the world cursing it, the one who saved them was a man who like them, cursed the world around them. Holland asks what drove his brother to curse the world like that. Jurgens says who knows and he should ask a therapist. He says he’s thinking about adopting those children; it’s the least he could do to atone for the adults who put the world in this spot. Holland claims Dewey left a big debt for them to pay off and he has to carry the weight on his shoulders. Happ tells them they have guests, and Dominic and Anemone stand before them. Mischa states the collars Eureka and the others wore were somehow linked to the cardiopulmonary functions of Dewey. Dr. Greg says it is an adaption of the CFS system which reverses transfer trapars and he set it up so his death would be the trigger. Stoner says he wished for the Limit of Questions to not be reached even after the Control Cluster was destroyed. Mischa thinks people would have calmed down fairly quickly even if it was destroyed. Anemone tells Holland and the others that Dewey wanted either Eureka in the Nirvash or her in theEND to be the substitute Control Cluster. He’d then use a self destruct system set up in their collars. Holland says this doesn’t explain why they haven’t reached the Limit of Questions. Anemone says it’s thanks to Eureka, as she’s refusing to become the substitute Control Cluster. It is because of the flashing in the Amita Drive. Dominic says the lighting up in it is matching the signs from the sphere above the Tenshan Mountains. This shows to them that Eureka is still alive. Renton and Eureka’s kids sit silently on the floor in one of the Gekko‘s rooms. Talho comes in and the children hug her, saying they did their best. Holland comes in and tells Renton to stand up, yelling at him when he doesn’t do so. Renton says he couldn’t do anything and Holland pulls him up. Renton tells Holland to punch him as he couldn’t save his father, sister or Eureka. He claims he’s the worst type of person, one who just talks big. Holland asks if he feels better now and to get ready to go, to where Eureka is. Holland tells Renton they only have one objective, to contact Eureka and arbitrate between the humans and Scub Coral one more time. The issue is Eureka’s signals are getting weaker. Holland tells him to call out to her and he’s the only one who can do so. Reaching the bridge, Talho says they can take off at any time and tells Renton he’s become an attractive person. The Gekko takes off. Holland shows Renton and Talho’s kids the Amita drive they had been looking at and says they’ll be using this to start communication. If Eureka responds to anyone, it will be them. Renton asks what they do when they reach Eureka and he says he has no idea. Renton, staring at a ring in his hand says to not beg for it but to earn it, then it will be granted to him. Holland says such words were meant for Renton through him, from his father. The Gekko ascends towards where Eureka is. Watching along with Dominic and the crew of the Super Izumo, Anemone says she envies Eureka, who has so many who would risk their life for her. Jurgens says not to be selfish and she has such a person herself, Dominic, embarrassing him. Anemone says he’s right and holds his hand, claiming him to be more handsome than Eureka’s boyfriend. Dominic says this once he’ll let Renton be the hero. The Gekko continues to ascend, then returns to level flight. Happ says they’re six hours from the deflection point. Woz detects Antibody Coralians approaching in the course they are trying to take. Talho says to get into combat formation and they’ll use their boosters to break through the middle. The Gekko fires its lasers and missiles at the Antibody Coralians, some of which attack the ship. Renton says he’ll fight with them but Holland says to leave it to them, all he needs to do is think about Eureka and trust them. Sitting back at the Amita Drive, Eureka’s children call out for her. Maurice and Linck encourage Maeter. Renton hands Maurice a handwritten letter and asks him to hold onto it for him. He’s going to the Nirvash and wonders if he uses its Amita Drive if he can make something happen. He says he’s the big brother and has to protect the others. Maurice gives him Eureka’s hair clip and says to take it for luck.

The Gekko runs out of much of its weaponry and Talho tells Moondoggie to use evasive action. Holland tells him to not give up hope; there must be a way out. Renton talks to the Nirvash, saying they’ve been traveling together since it fell down onto his house. They met and parted with all sorts of people and those are important memories. On that journey Eureka was always by his side. He begs to the Nirvash and says he doesn’t want it to end like this. He needs Eureka by his side. The Amita Drive lights up and an explosion occurs on the Gekko. It is the Nirvash, which has transformed. The Amita Drive shows Renton’s name in it. Maurice tells the bridge crew that it’s Renton and he’s going to save Eureka. Holland is able to get a connection to Renton who is standing inside a modified cockpit of the Nirvash. He says he doesn’t know what is happening, but it’ll be alright and he can go. Maurice tells him the Nirvash answered him and only their papa can save their mother. Holland also tells Renton to go and save the woman he loves. Renton claims he can fly and controls the Nirvash by merely moving. The Nirvash starts heading out and Renton apologizes to Eureka for having to take out some from her race along the way. No matter what he will get to her. The Nirvash fires a blast that destroys all the Antibody Coralians around them. Stoner bemoans missing his chance at taking a photo of it. He claims Renton finally broke out of the frame they formed around him. Ken-Goh claims Renton has flown out of the next called Gekkostate. Holland says he’ll take care of the kids and that Renton should make sure to win Eureka back. The Nirvash approaches the red sphere and Renton tells Eureka to wait for him. The Nirvash tries to break its way through, harming Renton in the process. Renton thinks of Eureka and is able to make his way through it, grabbing a flower before him. Renton appears in a field before Eureka and tells her to not say bye like that. She shouldn’t try to go by herself. Eureka starts tearing up upon seeing that Renton has come for her. He says he’ll protect her no matter what and that they’d always be together. Eureka says she can’t go back now. Renton says if she’s going to choose to no longer be a Coralian in order to save this planet then he’ll no longer be human. Everyone who lives on this planet is dear to him, but he doesn’t want to lose her for their sake. He puts a flower along with the hair clip in her hair and says she looks good like that. He says they should become one and he won’t let her be alone. She says she can bear it as long as she’s with him. The two kiss. A heart symbol appears in the Amita Drive that Eureka’s children are watching. The tree around the red sphere disappears and the Nirvash breaks out of it. Light emits from the Nirvash up to the moon. Renton and Eureka depart the Nirvash. The Nirvash tells them their emotions have been engraved into its Compac and it will be able to attain enlightenment. It tells them to live together on this planet and show those on this planet how to live, with hope. Not all beings can remain on this land and half will be coming with it. If this world evolves for the better and two can become one, they’ll show themselves before them once more. The red sphere breaks apart and green lights depart from it around the Earth. The Nirvash believes such a day will come. Renton and Eureka thank the Nirvash. Eureka says they should go home and the two kiss again. The Gekko crew looks in amazement, wondering what’s going on. Gonzy claims this is the second Summer of Love, and from here on they’ll be in one universe and us in a separate one. They’ll seek a way for humans and the Scub Coral to co-exist and there’s no reason there can’t be more than one path of evolution. He says he enjoyed staying with them and then disappears, leaving only his clothes. Holland realizes a Coralian was watching over them the whole time. Holland says Renton became a true hero, more so than his father. One year later, Eureka’s children eat breakfast at a diner with Axel. Maurice asks him if he’s going to eat, as the food is getting cold. He says their coming caused him trouble. Axel says they eat a big burg as part of a family tradition when confirming family ties and it’s time to eat. If they don’t hurry, the moon will rise. He says every member of his family leaves this town, but Renton was the only one who came back. He now has incomparable great grandchildren. Maeter points out that the train is coming and they head towards it. Later at nighttime, they approach a cliff and they look at the moon, which now has a giant heart with Renton and Eureka’s names written on it. Maeter holds her hands together, says she’s wishing on a star for Eureka and Renton to come back soon. The other two follow, as does Axel. Axel says to hurry home with Eureka; the children are waiting for them. Anemone and Dominic also look to the moon. A red and blue light in the woods comes from Renton and Eureka.


Eureka Seven concludes in strong fashion, albeit a somewhat predictable one. Renton is able to recover Eureka and save the world. Renton and Eureka have a great conclusion here including them finally kissing for the first time. Elements of the final episode remind me a bit of G Gundam, including the transformed Nirvash cockpit enabling Renton to stand up within it, and Renton having to recover Eureka from the Control Cluster. Resolution for the remaining characters in the show is limited, or we only get stuff we already knew (ex. Dominic and Anemone ending up together). I would have liked if we had a little more space to give us more of an epilogue for the others. It was fitting to find that Gonzy was also a Coralian watching them all along, as he was a character that rarely did much on the Gekko and beyond this reveal barely had any role in the storyline. He appeared to exist simply as an observer. Overall Eureka Seven was an enjoyable experience, and a high quality mecha show although I’d say my opinions on it aren’t as high as its overall reputation. The Renton/Eureka relationship is one of the better romances in mecha anime for me. The production quality of the show was always quite high, with a wide variety of unique character designs, good animation and music throughout. My overall biggest concern with the show was its pacing. We really didn’t need a full 50 episodes to tell this story and I often found that we had either storylines drawn out for too long or filler episodes that were a total waste of time. I also think the show was a bit too reliant on throwing out terms without giving them an appropriate explanation. Despite those flaws it is still a show I would recommend mecha anime fans check out.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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