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Eureka Seven Ep. 7: Absolute Defeat


A pair of military KLFs scout a heavily fogged area where a previous squad had been located. Heat sources are suddenly detected and one of the KLFs is promptly shot down. The other is taken out seconds later, as is the commander they were reporting to. The Sage Council discusses how 6 such incidents have occurred and wonder where Dewey has headed off to. On the Gekko, Moondoggie and Happ wake up Renton, who is still sleeping in the brig. Later, Stoner taunts Renton, claiming they had forgotten about him. Renton wonders if this is alright as he’s been released earlier than Holland ordered. Stoner says this is because it’s a mission only he can do. He puts a container in front of Renton and the group tells Renton about how dangerous it is. Moondoggie puts on some rubber gloves and opens it, revealing it to be some pork ramen soup. Happ claims it is dangerous and they are to deliver it to a certain individual. Renton says he’ll do it. Matthieu provides Renton a new outfit, which they claim to be urban camouflage. Moondoggie looks on, silent, but frustrated. We cut to later; Renton sits on a bench with the container, wearing not only the outfit but a motorcycle helmet and has a fake mustache painted on his face. Renton thinks this makes him stand out more, but Happ pushes him to continue forward with it. On board the Gekko many watch footage of Renton in laughter. Renton spots someone videotaping him and Happ tells him to head elsewhere. Stoner complains about Moondoggie not being good enough of a cameraman. Happ and Matthieu complain to Moondoggie about his poor handling of the camera. Meanwhile in the pantry, Hilda complains about the amount of junk food the crew eats and is scared by Eureka when she walks by. Eureka is looking for Renton. Meanwhile Renton has headed to a sauna with a lot of adult men. Stoner tells Renton to find a man with a tattoo on his back, but Renton claims many men have such tattoos. Stoner asks the group what they should tell Renton and, using an idea from Maurice, tells him the recipient wears a wig. This makes Renton even more nervous but Stoner guilts him into continuing on. Happ rushes into the room, pleased that he hasn’t missed anything. Moondoggie starts feeling worn out by being in the sauna so long. Hilda comes in and says junk food is off limits. She notices they are hazing Renton and asks if Holland and Talho know about this. The group claims it was their idea. Renton notices Moondoggie behind him and wonders if he came to help. Eureka’s children bring her in the room to watch with them.

At the site where the KLFs were earlier, Dominic reports on the tectonic shift that occurred here and the fate of the KLF squad that came to investigate. Dewey looks down where they find the ruins of one of the KLFs, with a coral-like substance around it. Back on the Gekko, the crew continue watching while eating. Hilda mentions Moondoggie used to be the one picked on. Renton and Moondoggie are eating ice cream at a table and Renton asks if they don’t have to continue on with things. Moondoggie gets frustrated pretty quickly. Renton becomes impressed with someone doing a roundhouse cutback maneuver on their board nearby. Renton says he must be undependable which is why Moondoggie has come to help him out and he starts sobbing. Hilda continues to complain to the other crewmembers and leaves. Moondoggie starts melting down, thinking Renton is doing this on purpose and that Renton is making fun of him. Renton says he was taking his position too lightly and is embarrassed. He was afraid someone innocent would get hurt by him delivering the container but he won’t worry anymore. He decided when boarding the Gekko that he’d help Eureka, even if the entire world became his enemy. Renton calls Moondoggie brother, causing the Gekko crew to burst into laughter. This angers Moondoggie who throws his helmet at Renton and starts grabbing him by the cheeks. A trio of men stop by and say to stop fighting. Renton notices one of them has a tattoo on his back and thinks this is the man he’s been searching for. Happ pushes him on and tells him to use a special key phrase. Renton walks up to the man and asks him what he ate to grow so big. The man dumps out the ramen from the container on Renton’s head. Later on the Gekko, the crew praise Renton for seeing his way through the prank. Renton is depressed, wondering if Eureka was watching. Renton goes to see Moondoggie, and is upset, thinking he knew about it all along. Moondoggie says they used to do the same to him but he happily took it, looking up to them as his friends. He claims that Renton nailing things so well today made him feel defeated. He shakes Renton’s hand saying he’ll win next time. Renton asks Gidget what Moondoggie is talking about. Hilda goes to see Talho and Holland, who are aware of Dewey’s release. Happ has brought them a video tape showing the escapades of Renton from the day. Dewey reports to the Sage Council and that they have no chance for victory in battle the way they’re currently doing things. Back on the Gekko, Renton, looks at a photo of Eureka. The kids talk about how he’s too embarrassed to go see Eureka. Eureka walks up, providing Renton some food. Renton thinks to himself of whether this is kindness or pity. Eureka says Renton is amazing, shocking him. She says everyone has been happy since he’s arrived. She asks him to look at the Nirvash when he’s done as there’s something she’s worried about. He says he’ll look right now while he’s eating. Later, Holland watches the video of Renton being pranked and tells himself he’s so uncool.


While things are already moving along very slowly, the writers have chosen to give us another filler episode that doesn’t really go anywhere. Around 80-85% of the episode is focused on a giant prank pulled on Renton, sending him on a pointless mission while he gets videotaped and the rest of the crew laughs as him. The net result doesn’t really give us anything new, or things we couldn’t have gotten in an episode that moved the plot along more. We already know Renton is being hazed as the newest crewmember. We’ve had it occur across several episodes already in fact. Small portions of the episode focus on Dewey and the mysterious destruction of some of the military’s KLFs, footage that could have been included as part of another episode instead. Net result is this being weakest episode of the show by far to this point.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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