Fafner Ep. 10: Disintegration (Crossing Paths)


Soushi simply replies Fafner and Kazuki says that he’s changed. Soushi says that Kazuki is the one who’s not trying to change. He asks if Kazuki is there and says if he’s not careful, he will be the next to die. He tells him to forget about Shouko and Kouyou and Kazuki asks if he’s being serious. Soushi says he just wants some one to replace his left eye. Rina asks Maya how she did on her first day and Maya says she did fine. Rina says she won’t be selfish like Shouko and Maya asks what she means by that. Rina says she heard that Shouko disobeyed orders and broke the Mark Sechs. Maya demands to know who’s been saying that and Rina says that everyone is. Maya says they don’t know what they’re talking about and walks away. Kazuki is alone at the island’s shrine and wonders if he’s there. Yukie arrives and says that he isn’t and that he shouldn’t be there. She asks about Soushi’s left eye and Kazuki says that he did that. He wonders why he did that and wants to make up for it. Yukie says he wasn’t able to keep up with him because Soushi has seen the outside world. She sits next to him and whispers something in his ear. Kazuki goes home to find his father, but he’s not there. He goes to Alvis and Chizuru tells him that he’s meeting with Soushi. Kazuki gives up and goes to see the girl in the tube. He tells her that he thought she had told him to fight together with Soushi and wonders what he saw in the outside world. Maya complains to Yumiko about the rumors about Shouko, and she says it can’t be helped. Ms Kondo comes in and requests Yumiko’s help and they go to the school’s broadcast room. They are told that a student named Hiroto Douma has locked himself in and won’t come out. Kiyome explains that she was discussing future careers for him with his father. Hiroto said that he wants to go to Tokyo to become a pop star. Kiyome got mad and assigned him to wash uniforms and he ran off. Yumiko thinks she was a bit considerate and Kiyome recalls a similar incident. She says some one else wanted to become an idol and climbed the lighthouse. Yumiko’s face turns red and Maya teases her for doing something like that. Ms Kondo tries to get Hiroto out but he asks over the PA system why they have to be a part of the Arcadian project. He declares that he wants his youth back. 

Kenji says that it’s time for his appearance and runs out of class while Sakura and Mamoru follow him. He goes to the broadcast room and says that he will handle the situation as head of the student council. His mother is surprised and says she thought Soushi was the president. Maya says she thought so too and Mamoru says that Soushi is the class representative while Kenji is the head of the student council. Sakura thought it was also Soushi and Kenji is annoyed. His mother tells him to do what he wants, but she’s not expecting anything. Kenji goes outside with a bullhorn and tries to talk to Hiroto, who calls him an idiot son. Hiroto says that Kenji only pilots Fafner to hit on girls and that he hasn’t even entered combat yet. Kenji says he has, ever though it was just in simulation. Sakura wonders how he got to be head of the student council and Mamoru says it’s because he was the only candidate. Kiyome asks Hiroto if he can really become a star, and he says he won’t know until he leaves the island. He says all adults are liars and he won’t listen to them. After a long silence, Hiroto admits that he knows he won’t be able to become a star, but he doesn’t like that they’re caged up on the island. Youkou apologizes for keeping secrets, but it was because they wanted the children to know peace since they only knew of war. She says they’re happy he wants to be some one, because they didn’t have the chance. She says that he has to live on in order to do that and they want them to carry on the hope of the island. Hiroto gives up and exits the room. Later, Maya goes shopping for dinner and runs into Kazuki. She scolds him for ditching school and he says he was at Alvis. Maya says they’re about to have dinner and Kazuki says he probably won’t have any because he doesn’t feel like making it so Maya invites him to her house. Maya tries cooking and Yumiko tells her it’s no good. Kazuki offers to help, but Maya refuses because he’s their guest. Maya begs her sister for help, and she reluctantly agrees. She asks why she invited Kazuki and Yumiko teases Maya about liking Kazuki more than Soushi. Maya tells her not to think weird things and Kazuki offers to help again but is refused again. Chizuru comes home and is pleasantly surprised to see Kazuki. She asks him if he was able to see his Father and Kazuki says that he didn’t. They sit down to eat and Maya asks if the food’s good. Kazuki says it is and Yumiko says that it tastes like something she would make. They watch TV while they eat and a special Song Star Show comes on. Hiroto appears and says that he’s going to sing for everyone. Chizuru asks what’s going on and Yumiko laughs, saying she doesn’t know. After dinner, Maya and Kazuki take a walk. He thanks her and she asks if he knows about the rumors about Shouko. Kazuki says he can guess what they are but it doesn’t matter what others think. He says that he will remember them and Kazuki asks if Maya will remember him. He says he’s afraid he’s turning into something else. Maya says that no one can remain unchanged but they do exist. Maya says that no matter how much he changes, she will remember Kazuki. Kazuki suddenly suffers from chest pains and remembers when he took Soushi’s eye. Maya is concerned, but Kazuki says he’s fine and that they should part. Maya starts to walk away and tells Kazuki that he’s always welcome to eat at her place. After she leaves, Kazuki looks at his hands and sees Festum crystals coming out of them. He squeezes his hands shut and the crystals disappear. The next day Maya is rock climbing when she sees the Mark Elf fly overheard on the Lundwurm. Fumihiko asks Soushi if he gave Kazuki permission to launch and Soushi says he didn’t. Fumihiko wonders where he’s going and Soushi says he has no interest in those who leave the island. Kazuki asks Yukie where they’re going, and she says they’re going to a new paradise. 


For the most part, this episode was hilarious. It’s a nice change from the seriousness of the previous episodes. It is quite apparent now that Maya has a thing for Kazuki, and it’s possible he might reciprocate. The dinner scene was very enjoyable and Chizuru’s reaction to Hiroto was priceless. Kazuki is afraid that he’s changing into something else, and he could very well be right. From the looks of things, he’s becoming a Festum. How and why this is happening is unknown, maybe it has to do the changing chromosomes that have been mentioned so often. This episode begins the Kazuki is gone arc where Kazuki leaves to see what Soushi saw. With Yukie pulling the strings, anything could happen.

Overall Rating

Fafner Info

Nobuyoshi Habara

Tow Ubukata
Yasuo Yamabe
Kazuki Yamanobe

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 07.04.2004 – 12.26.2004


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