Fafner Ep. 11: Human Force (Old and New)


Kenji wonders where Kazuki is and Mamoru tells him Kazuki and Yukie left the island. Kenji thinks they ran because of forbidden love and Sakura punches him, saying Kazuki ran because he was scared. Mamoru wonders what happens to people when they leave the island. Kazuki flies over a ruined city and wonders if that was what Soushi saw. They land and Kazuki compliments Yukie on her piloting skills. She explains that she used to be a Fafner pilot candidate. Chizuru tells Fumihiko that there was nothing wrong with Kazuki and some outside force is what caused him to leave. Fumihiko guesses it was Yukie and asks them to leave the matter to him. He explains that they knew Yukie was a spy but chose to observe her so it is his fault. At his place, Fumihiko talks to Kyouhei and Kyouhei comments on how Yukie fooled him. Fumihiko says Mitsuhiro probably planned it and Kyouhei agrees. Yukie asks Kazuki if he has any regrets, and he doesn’t. She says she wants him to protect the whole world and not just the island. Some one told her that they must reveal Fafner’s true purpose. Kazuki asks who said that, but a Festum appears. Kazuki wants to run but Yukie orders him to fight. Kazuki attacks the Festum but it over powers him. It starts assimilating him, but a beam comes from the sky and knocks the Festum away. Kazuki looks up and sees another Fafner.

The pilot of the Fafner, Michio Hino, doesn’t think the Festum is very strong and he is contacted by his teammate, Cannon Memphis. He tells her to stay behind, but she launches, saying they have orders to capture the Nothung model. Michio gets close to the Festum and Cannon attacks it from behind with her sword. She opens the sword and sets the Festum on fire and Michio destroys it. Kazuki is amazed and Yukie detaches the Lundwurm. He wonders what’s going on and Michio attacks him. He tries to escape but is cornered. He attacks Michio and demands to know who they are. Cannon cuts off the Mark Elf’s arm, disabling it. Michio tells her not to take all the fun and she says playtime is after the mission. Kazuki is taken aboard a Neo UN ship and Michio is surprised that the pilot was Kazuki. He then tells Cannon that his orders are the mission comes after his playtime but Cannon says it’s a conflict of rules. Later, Yukie tells Michio he’s late and she realizes who he is when he calls her by her nickname. She goes to see Kazuki in his cell and she mocks him but the tables are turned when Michio holds her at gunpoint for being a double agent. They throw her in a cell and Michio tells Cannon if Yukie doesn’t shut up, she can shut her up. Esther is happy she finally has a Nothung model and she thanks Mitsuhiro Bartland for his help. Chizuru and Fumihiko go over Kenji and Mamoru’s data and Fumihiko says they’ll be the next pilots. Chizuru blames herself for what’s going on, and Fumihiko assures her that Mitsuhiro’s actions aren’t her fault. Yumiko shows Maya a schedule for the school festival and asks her if she’s heard about Kazuki. Maya goes rock climbing again and Soushi shows up. He questions her since she was the last person to talk to Kazuki. He asks if he ran from battle or from him, but she said he only wanted her to remember him. She asks him if Soushi talked to Kazuki, and he said he didn’t. Maya starts crying and asks Soushi how he could say Kazuki was running away when he didn’t talk to him. She accuses Soushi of being the one who’s running away and he yells at her. He says he thought Kazuki would understand and Maya shouts that Kazuki thought Soushi would understand too.


Well, by listening to Yukie, Kazuki gets himself captured by the Neo UN. The tables turned on Yukie and she gets double crossed, and I say she deserves it. We’re introduced to three new characters in this episode. First there’s the devious Mitsuhiro Bartland, who actually had appeared on a video screen back in episode five. What his connections to Fumihiko and Chizuru are is unknown at the time. Next there’s Michio Hino, the carefree Neo UN Fafner pilot who seems to have come from Tatsumiya. Finally there’s my personal favorite, Cannon Memphis. She’s one of those “don’t do anything unless ordered” types and takes everything seriously. If the UN already have Fafners of their own, why do they need the Nothung models? What’s so special about them? We’ll find out.

Overall Rating

Fafner Info

Nobuyoshi Habara

Tow Ubukata
Yasuo Yamabe
Kazuki Yamanobe

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 07.04.2004 – 12.26.2004


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