Fafner Ep. 18: Memory (Father)


Mitsuhiro recovers Kouyou’s old Fafner and says they can use it to make a better weapon than the Mark Sein. Kyouhei says Fumihiko is too nice by taking in the abandoned UN soldiers, and Fumihiko says it was a request from Tsubaki. Tsubaki introduces herself at school, as well as Cannon. She sits next to Kazuki and tells him she cut the switch for strategic purposes, not because he persuaded her. The UN soldiers draw lots and get random jobs on the Island. Maya visits Michio at his house and apologizes for only being able to watch Youji die. Michio thanks her because his dad was happy he could talk to some one from the island again. Yumiko argues with Chizuru because she is going to live with Michio. Chizuru says it would set a bad example and Yumiko storms out. Youkou is given guardianship of Cannon, who treats her like a superior officer and asks permission to do everything. Michio says that people fight when there are enemies and are no different than Festums. Yumiko comes in and Maya is surprised to hear she’s moving in. She asks who’s going to cook at home, and Yumiko says Maya will do it. Chizuru looks through Yumiko’s remaining things and finds a family picture. She opens the back and a data disk falls out. Chizuru is shocked to see it’s Maya’s synergetic code. Maya heads home and runs into Cannon, who asks if Michio is living there. Maya asks where Cannon is living and is shocked to hear it’s with Youkou. She asks if she’s staying in Shouko’s room and Cannon asks who that is. Maya tells her and Cannon says she was assigned to a different room. Maya asks where she met Michio and Cannon says he saved her in Dublin and taught her how to fight. Maya asks if Cannon wants to go home with her and Cannon asks if it’s an order. Maya says it isn’t and it’s something she just wants to do. Kazuki asks Fumihiko if he could leave the others out of the fighting. Fumihiko says Kazuki’s become conceited and Kazuki says he doesn’t want anyone else to die. Fumihiko asks if it’s alright for him to die and that Soushi feels the same way. Fumihiko tells Kazuki to eat his food before it gets cold. In his room, Soushi has pain flashbacks from Shouko and Kouyou and says he will never forget their pain. Yumiko looks through her bags but sees she forgot her family picture. Michio hugs her and says he’s glad she’s there. Cannon looks at a picture of Shouko while Kyouhei, Soushi and Fumihiko talk to Mitsuhiro. He says he’ll visit the island and tell them of the UN’s plans and is only allowed to stay for two days. Kyouhei wonders what he’s up to and Soushi says he will be there to meet him. Fumihiko tells him he’s going to the beach with the pilots and he should treasure the time with his comrades. Chizuru gets off the phone and Maya tells her she’s taking Mitsuhiro’s camera to the beach. Chizuru tells Maya to tell Yumiko she wants to talk with her. Cannon informs Youkou that they were ordered to go to the beach and Youkou doesn’t think she should wear her uniform there. She says she has some clothes for her and Cannon asks if they’re Shouko’s. Youkou says they are and Cannon says they wouldn’t suit her. The pilots meet at the beach and Maya tells Yumiko that their mother wants to talk to her. Yumiko says to ignore it and that she needs to learn to cook or else Kazuki will laugh at her. Soushi, Kazuki and Sakura have a swimming race while the others play volleyball. Maya tries to take a picture but Kazuki surfaces in the way of her shot. Soushi and Sakura come up behind him and can’t believe how fast Kazuki is. Maya goes to take a group shot, but sees Shouko in the back. It’s actually Cannon and everyone is surprised to see her wearing Shouko’s clothes. She says she’ll go change but Maya says it suits her. Sakura pulls her over and Maya takes a picture.

Michio, Yumiko, Maya and Kazuki head home and they run into Mitsuhiro. Mitsuhiro talks to Maya alone and asks if she’s been piloting a Fafner. She says she can’t because she has a handicap and Mitsuhiro finds that strange and says the data must be wrong. Chizuru shows the data to Fumihiko and Yumiko comes in, asking why Mitsuhiro is there but stops when she sees the data. At their house, Chizuru says that Maya’s pilot capabilities are top level and Yumiko apologizes. Mitsuhiro comes in and Yumiko tells him to get out so he slaps her. Kyouhei and Fumihiko show up and comment that he never changes. Mitsuhiro says they altered the data and it’s a serious act of betrayal. Fumihiko says they will have a trail and Mitsuhiro says he’s already told Maya, so it would be pointless. Tsubaki asks Soushi about it, and Soushi says punishment would depend on the situation. Fumihiko puts Kyouhei in charge if anything happens, saying Chizuru is some one the island needs. The trail starts and Mitsuhiro blames Yumiko, who admits to changing the data. Mitsuhiro is told that there are more defendants and he is shocked since he is only prosecuting two people. Soushi takes the stand and says that he changed the data. Everyone is shocked and he says it’s because Maya tends to act independently. Everyone is informed that there are still more defendants and Mamoru takes the stand. He says he was playing with the machines in the medical room and accidentally overwrote the data. Sakura takes the stand next and says she did it because people who pilot better than her were in the way. Kenji is next and says he tried to lower his own data but lowered Maya’s instead. He apologizes to him mom, who throws something at him. Kazuki is next and Cannon asks Michio whose orders they’re following. Michio says they’re doing it of their own free will. When asked his reason, Kazuki says he didn’t want her to fight, but can’t answer why. Fumihiko thinks he should have thought up a better excuse. Kyouhei is the next to say he changed the data because he was looking up Maya’s three sizes and hit the wrong commands. Everyone stares at him and he sits down. Since so many people did it, each individual crime isn’t as severe and Mitsuhiro says it’s a joke and there’s no proof of their testimonies. Soushi says the final defendant will verify and Tsubaki comes in, much to Mitsuhiro’s surprise. Tsubaki says everyone did change the data, and that she did too because she thought it was too early for Maya. Mitsuhiro says that as the core, her memories could be changed, but Fumihiko says she is the most impartial person on the island. Mitsuhiro asks Tsubaki why she defends Chizuru because she took her out of her assimilated mother and gave her a life of pain. Tsubaki says both her and her mother are thankful to Chizuru, because without her Tsubaki wouldn’t be alive. Mitsuhiro tells the pilots that when they fight, the Fafner amplify their Festum elements to near death. Fumihiko says that they’re only healthy now thanks to Chizuru’s researched and Mitsuhiro is surprised she’s still working on it. Mitsuhiro says that they are all just batteries for the Fafners and that the island is wrong. Maya asks why he’s calling everyone that and he says it’s the truth. Maya says it’s also truth that everyone loves their families. She says he thought he would be sad that Youji died and Mitsuhiro says he was just a human who reached his limits. Maya says she’s been using his camera and Mitsuhiro says he will give her something greater. Maya asks how Mitsuhiro is different from the Festum and he’s taken aback. The council dismisses the case and no one is punished. As Mitsuhiro prepares to leave the island, Maya tells him she will stay. Fumihiko says if he apologizes, they can extend his stay, but Mitsuhiro says the Mir at the North Pole is beginning to move and that they don’t stand a chance. Mitsuhiro leaves and Maya thanks Yumiko for protecting her.


This was a nice episode. It starts out with UN soldiers getting a new start on the island, and it’s funny to see some of their reactions to the jobs they get. Cannon is placed in Youkou’s care and she talks like it’s a military placement. She still has a long ways to go before she can get used to peaceful life. Next they go to the beach, which is practically a staple in any anime. Though only a short amount of time is spent there, it was rather nice to see the pilots acting like kids. Mitsuhiro shows up and causes a whole lot of trouble. The trail scene was quite amusing, with everyone thinking up weird excuses, especially Kyouhei’s. Mitsuhiro tells the pilots they’re just batteries, which further explains why the Fafners are more important than the pilots. Mitsuhiro is foiled and I can only hope he’ll get what’s coming to him later.

Overall Rating

Fafner Info

Nobuyoshi Habara

Tow Ubukata
Yasuo Yamabe
Kazuki Yamanobe

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 07.04.2004 – 12.26.2004


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