Fafner Ep. 4: Departure (Escape)


The UN probe comes in contact with the Festum and calls for help as
they fly away. The Festum goes after them and Fumihiko wonders how long they can run for. Fumihiko asks for a status report on the island’s movement and sends a message to the island that its moving time has been moved up and Kouyou’s parents aren’t pleased. Chizuru tapes up her medical cabinets so nothing will fall out. The Festum sends black orbs at the UN craft and it dodges. Kazuki arrives, but Soushi tells him that he mustn’t interfere and that it’s not a rescue operation. The Festum latches onto the aircraft and asks if it’s there. They try to escape but they can’t and the Festum prepares to destroy it with an orb but Kazuki hits it from behind. Soushi tells him to stop, but Kazuki says he’s going to save them. The Festum turns to them, and Soushi says there’s no turning back and that Kazuki has to listen to his instructions. Kazuki flies away and Soushi tells him it’s to buy time. Back in the command center, Fumihiko is mad that they disobeyed orders and Yukie says it will cause trouble later if the UN craft survives. The movement preparation finally finishes and Fumihiko orders it to start moving. Yukie leaves and runs into the students, who ask her what’s going on. Sakura wants to help, but Yukie says none of them will be of any help. Shouko asks what’s happening to Kazuki and Yukie says there’s no need to explain. Maya says since she’s a teacher, Yukie always answered their questions before and she yells at them, telling them this isn’t school. In the bathroom, Kouyou is cowering in a stall and wonders what’s happening to everyone and says that this is war. Kazuki continues to run and the Festum shoots black orbs at him. It asks him if he’s there, and Soushi fires the Lundwurm’s missiles, but they don’t affect the Festum. The UN craft watches on and the pilots wonder who the Fafner belongs to. Sirens sound on the island as it begins moving.

An old woman looks over the water and comments that it’s been a long time since they moved. In Kouyou’s family’s restaurant, the vibrations from the movement cause dishes to fall from the shelves. The UN craft flies closer to Kazuki to capture some footage. They distract Kazuki long enough for the Festum to latch onto him. It tries to assimilate him, but Soushi uses a gun on the Lundwurm’s tail to shoot it off. Kazuki is surprised that they have equipment like that. Soushi says it’s time they withdraw, and the Festum attacks the plane again. Kazuki turns the Lundwurm around and takes the hit. Yumiko reports that the battle is entering the island’s path and Fumihiko demands to know what they’re doing. Yumiko asks Kiyomi if they could change the island’s path, but she says it would take three days. Soushi tells Kazuki it would be pointless now if they don’t destroy the Festum, and Kazuki says he’ll do just that. Kazuki grabs the rail gun and tells Soushi to fling him at the Festum. He does that and Kazuki pulls out a beam knife. He rams it into the Festum and it randomly fires black orbs all over the place and one hits the island. Fumihiko sees they have no choice so he deactivates the camouflage mirror and activates the island defenses. Kazuki hangs off the Festum while it squirms around and then lets go of the knife. As he falls to the ground, the Festum fires an orb at him. It’s about to hit when the girl in the tube glows and Kazuki is protected by force field. He can hear a strange song playing over his comm. channel and it also plays all through Alvis. Shouko wonders who’s singing and more force field projectors surround the Festum and trap it. Kazuki takes this chance and fires his railgun at the still imbedded knife as the Festum breaks free. The shot hits and the Festum is destroyed. It is confirmed and Fumihiko comments that she has fully awakened. The UN craft flies over the island and wonders if that was always there. They report it to headquarters as the Lundwurm makes a crash landing. Soushi says they’ve landed, and Kazuki says they fell. Soushi and Kazuki report to Fumihiko and he asks them why they helped the UN craft. Soushi takes responsibility and Kazuki demands to know if it’s wrong to save someone. Fumihiko says it depends on the time and place and they are dismissed. Fumihiko asks Yukie if he’s being too lenient and she says not really. Kazuki and Soushi walk down the halls in silence until Kazuki shouts Soushi’s name. They stare at each other until Kouyou runs up saying good job and how impressive they were. He says it was a big success and he’s glad they came back ok. They just look at him until he leaves, saying he has more training to do because they’ll kick him off the island if he doesn’t become as useful as them. Soushi muses if it was really a success and Kazuki says it’s only because the island’s battle units rescued them. Kouyou runs into Mamoru and he asks him where he was. Mamoru says that Kazuki’s battle was amazing and Kouyou guesses it was. Mamoru goes on about how cool it was and that Kouyou should ask Yukie for the battle footage but Kouyou passes because he would loose his confidence. At the Neo UN headquarters, the leaders look at the footage their plane sent back and an old woman says they’ve finally found the island of the giants. Another craft flies over the island and drops a message capsule and Fumihiko reads it.


Kazuki goes into his second battle with a Festum, and this time it’s an aerial one. Though ordered to let the Festum kill the UN pilots, Kazuki listens to his better judgment and saves them. Once again, he almost gets killed, but the mysterious girl in the tube saves him. Though he disobeyed orders, he didn’t get punished what so ever. In any other series he would have gotten slapped, sent to the brig or both. We get to see more into Kouyou and Yukie’s characters. Kouyou shows his cowardice by hiding in the bathroom. I wonder if he’ll actually be any use in combat. Yukie shows her two-faced nature. She can be nice one moment and a frigid bitch the next. Now that the Neo UN knows where the island is we’ll see next episode what exactly they want.

Overall Rating

Fafner Info

Nobuyoshi Habara

Tow Ubukata
Yasuo Yamabe
Kazuki Yamanobe

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 07.04.2004 – 12.26.2004


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