Fafner: Exodus Ep. 16: Where Life Is


Seri notices Orihime crying but she suddenly blacks out when she asks what’s wrong. Seri wakes up and wonders if it was just a dream. The high speed crafts approach Tatsumiya Island and Alvis prepares to retrieve them. The Festum in orbit sees this and Walker appears between the island and the high speed crafts. Sui launches with some fighter jets and Fumihiko wonders how they were tracked. Olga takes the controls of her craft after the pilot gets assimilated and tells the others about how they were attacked by the UN. She starts transferring over the data as her wounds bleed profusely. Canon keeps an eye on the future predictions and some Sphinx types take out two of the high speed crafts. The data transfer completes and Olga thanks the others for letting her spend time on the island. Right before Walker destroys her craft, Sui teleports Olga into his cockpit. He gets spattered by her blood and starts freaking out. Orihime and Reo protect him from attack and Walker vanishes. The operators hope Olga is alive but Orihime tells them otherwise. She says they can search for other survivors if they want, but they should call back the Fafners since they’re more important. Fumihiko notes that Tsubaki would never say something like that but Orihime reminds him she’s not Tsubaki. Sui vomits in the shower while the others grieve over Olga’s body. At a meeting Fumihiko and the others discuss Canon’s future reading abilities. Chizuru reports that Sakura’s body temperature has dropped while Canon’s body mass has decreased. The island is still planning on meeting up with Narain’s group, but Fumihiko worries about the enemy’s ability to trace them. Fumihiko decides to keep the matter regarding Hiroto quiet until they have more conclusive evidence.

At the mass funeral Mai cries in worry over Hiroto and Mitsugu declares that he’ll bring Hiroto home. Sui can still smell the blood but Rina tells him they’re going to put on a festival. Sui doesn’t think it’s the time for that but Rina say it’s important to overcome their grief and strengthen their unity. Canon approaches Fumihiko and says according to her visions one more has died, likely Hiroto. He tells her they can’t be certain of that and asks her to not tell anyone. Sui’s mother Kanae approaches them and tries to convince Fumihiko to use her plan, which Canon somehow knows is the Second Plan L. Canon excuses herself and checks her future records. The Second Plan L goes terribly and there are no records after December 17th. Seri watches one of Hiroto’s TV programs and hopes he’ll be home soon. Orihime enters and tells her to eat, but Seri says it’s a waste since she just assimilates it. Since Orihime is immune, she feeds Seri. Seri says the doctors are worried that if she gets sick or injured she might assimilate the lives of those around her but Orihime reminds her that all things survive by taking the lives of others. Seri wonders if she’ll be alone for the rest of her life and says she wants to go outside. Orihime says she can keep the assimilation under control so they should go to the festival together. Later, Canon asks Orihime what she’s supposed to do with her powers. Orihime says that just watching isn’t enough and Canon has to fight the future. Canon boards her Fafner for what she says is just a start up test, but she calls up the future records and decides to actually interact with it. Mimika debates on what yukata to wear to the festival when her face starts hurting. She tells her mom she isn’t going to the festival anymore. Sui manages to keep his dinner down when Kanae asks to talk with him. She wants him to convince Fumihiko that the Second Plan L is necessary but he refuses. He asks if she wants to die like Olga did but she just tells him to listen to her. He yells back that she should listen to him for once. Rina falls asleep while climbing stares and is teleported into Sui’s room. Sui’s father Mitsuru returns home to find Sui and Kanae arguing. Sui tells Kanae that if she wants to go to where his sister Sanae is she should go alone instead of dragging the island into it. Kanae reveals that she was meant to go on the original Plan L and insists that Sanae is calling for them. Rina jumps in and tells Kanae not to take them for fools. If they give up the peace those who died gave them then their sacrifice was meaningless. Rina says Sui is fighting because his family is there before she passes out. Yoko and Ian monitor Canon’s test and notice that time is moving faster inside the cockpit. Canon destroys a Festum in the future and sees that the other futures get updated accordingly. She wonders where the future she needs to change is. Yoko decides to end things and ejects the cockpit. Canon tells Yoko she finally understands how her power works when she suddenly finds herself alone. She looks back to see her Fafner glowing like a Festum.


We finally head back to the island and the suffering continues. Olga dies, but not before passing on her report and traumatizing Sui. Olga was one of the UN pilots that tried to use the Nothung models back in season one, but you’ll be forgiven for not remembering her. It’s pretty heartbreaking seeing Hiroto on the island’s TVs especially when everyone believes he’s still alive. As expected Orihime is aware of it, and despite her outwardly cold attitude it’s obvious her tears were for him. Sui’s parents have always been treating him poorly and I’m glad he finally stood up to them. Rina pitches in too and even though I’ve never liked her very much I have to give her props. Canon struggles with her powers and while she betters grasps their purpose it just raises further questions. Is that glowing Fafner a good omen or a bad omen? Only time will tell.

Overall Rating

Fafner: Exodus Info

Takashi Noto

Tow Ubukata

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015
Streaming 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015


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