Fafner: Exodus Ep. 7: Battle in a New Dimension


The Delphine type Festum slams into the building Yumiko and Miwa are in twice before Jonathan attacks it. Miwa is unharmed thanks to a barrier, but she sees Yumiko’s bloody hand sticking out of the rubble. A small light falls from the sky, passing through Yumiko’s hand before going to Miwa. As Jonathan continues to deal with the Festum, Maya finds Yumiko holding an unconscious Miwa. Maya doesn’t recognise Miwa and Yumiko explains that accepting her power is taking all of Miwa’s effort. Kyosuke arrives in a bus to pick them up. Walker attacks Tatsumiya and dispels its camouflage. Soushi boards the Mark Nicht and has to fight off the ghosts of those it assimilated. In the Mark Sein, Kazuki has to deal with advanced assimilation. Walker summons one Ousia type Festum and four Sphinx types that advance on the island. The core decides to send out Norn drones and the Fafners launch as well. Kenji mans the Siegfried system as the Norns engage the Ousia type. The Ousia type deploys small fighters and the core feels the pain when some Norns are destroyed. The core warns that the enemy has learned of the island’s power and a Sphinx type deploys a shield similar to Tsukuyomi’s. Mimika gets pinned down by another Sphinx firing blasts like Rina’s Fafner. The third Sphinx attacks Reo with sword hands. He blocks its strikes but it grows another set of arms. Seri gets punched away by the fourth Sphinx that has giant fists. Sui engages the Ousia type and the small fighters destroy his weapon when he throws it. Kenji realizes the Festum are matching their pilots top qualities and orders Sui to fall back. Sui doesn’t listen and Amaterasu loses a leg as a result. Rina’s attacks don’t work against the shield using Sphinx and the cannon wielding Sphinx uses a flamethrower to damage Tsukuyomi. Mimika is knocked out and Susanoo gets an armed chopped off. Seri lands a blow on the punching Sphinx but its muscles crush her sword. It punches her into the island’s shield and Kenji requests for it to be shut off. The core denies the request, saying they pilots can’t withdraw since they still have power. Seri attacks with her horn, but the Festum breaks it and delivers a blow that crushes the Fafner’s body. The resulting pain knocks Kenji out. Sui loses his other weapon and the Amaterasu its other leg, causing it to crash into the ocean. The punching Sphinx starts attacking the island’s shield and Fumihiko wants to send Kazuki and Soushi out. The core advises against it, saying the power the others obtained is greater than what they’ve shown so far. Multiple pillars rise out of the Well of Urd.

Rina loses her beam cannons and Reo finds himself unable to keep up with his opponent. Sui stays underwater and wishes he had a weapon. Kenji wakes up and notices something strange. Seri and her Fafner are enveloped in crystals as Alvis detects an unknown field deploying from the Well of Urd. The core tells Seri to stand. Sakura wants to head out in her Fafner but Yoko tells her it’s already been redesigned to be unmanned. Seri and her Fafner are fully restored and weapons appear in Sui’s hands. Rina assimilates her gun like the Mark Sein and it becomes powerful enough to break through the Sphinx’s shield. Reo is about to be finished off when the Susanoo teleports away. Sui comes out of the water to resume his attack and when he loses his weapons new ones teleport out of Alvis’s storehouses and into his Fafner’s hands. Yoko sees the cores of each Fafner are multiplying. The island’s core confirms that this is the power they woke her up for. Soushi overcomes the ghosts of the Mark Nicht and launches it. Kazuki also breaks free of his assimilation and the Mark Sein activates. Mimika wakes up and projects her shields to trap the attacking Festum. Kenji orders everyone to trade off opponents. Seri destroys hers with a green orb similar to a Festum’s black one. Reo destroys the shield Sphinx by teleporting behind it and Sui destroys the one with the cannons by teleporting many weapons into it. Mimika traps the sword wielding Sphinx with her shields and destroys it by sending out several green squares that twist it. Rina assimilates some Norns and fires a blast that destroys the Ousia type. Walker approaches and is met by Marks Sein and Nicht.


My God, that was amazing! Fafner has never been afraid to kill people off and to remind us of that poor Yumiko gets crushed by some rubble. The Yumiko we see afterwards probably isn’t the same one we know. Because of that ever present possibility of character death the tension was quite palatable during the battle. The Festum prove once again how dangerous a foe they are by adapting to and utilizing the Fafners’ abilities against them. They were almost the victors but the pilots are able to turn the tables by unlocking some unsettlingly Festum like powers. The entire battle was intense and gorgeously animated. Now that the Mark Sein and Mark Nicht have entered the fray, it’s probably going to get even better.

Overall Rating

Fafner: Exodus Info

Takashi Noto

Tow Ubukata

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015
Streaming 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015


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