FFX-9 Gundam Kabard


Unit type: general purpose mobile suit
Armament: vulcan gun x 2, beam saber/dagger x 2, 100mm machine gun x 1, I-shield x 1
Pilot(s): Daichi Okita, Alice Farland
Note: This Gundam-looking MS was built by the independent secret society Nemesis using Zeon technologies. It was composed of three main parts: the head, the FFX-9 Core Fighter-9[b] and the boots. Depending on the combat situation, these parts could be fitted with various equipment, so as to achieve different mobility, power output and firepower. In order to improve both the ability to return back with actual combat data and the defense strength, it was armed with an I-shield, a shield with an expanding electromagnetic beam defense system, able to withstand a direct hit from beam weapons or bazookas; however, frequent use causes it to overheat. Featured in “RPG Magazine Great Volume 3.”



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