Fighbird Ep. 13: The Three Scientists


At the home of Dr. Hillman, he and Satsuda await a phone call from the people who kidnapped his granddaughter Cathy. The first call turns out to be from Hiroshi, who walks into the room with Katori carrying a wireless phone. Satsuda thinks they’re the kidnappers but Hiroshi retorts that he’s here to help his best friend. Hillman answers a phone call from the kidnapper, who demands the data for Hillman’s atmospheric purifier within two hours in exchange for Cathy or she dies. The assisting officer is unable to trace the call, but Katori recognizes the voice as Zol’s. Hillman say’s that he’s prepared to hand over the data, but Hiroshi insists that they find a way to rescue Cathy and save the research over Satsuda’s objections. Kenta contacts Katori and informs him that Guard Star managed to trace the call to the kidnapper’s hideout. Katori informs Hiroshi of this and they head off to the location with Hillman in Guard Star, leaving Satsuda yelling after them for stealing his car. Hiroshi introduces the surprised Hillman to the Space Police and explains that Jango and Draias are behind the kidnapping. Hillman reveals that he was once involved with Jango in a research project. At the kidnapper’s hideout, Cathy throws a crying a fit and demands ice cream. Zol has the Teshita bring her a cone but she throws it in his face and demands to be taken home. Zol nearly pounds her in but Jango reminds him that he’s not to lay a finger on her because she’s an important hostage. Katori uses the Fire Jet to carry Guard Star to their destination. Kenta asks what the atmospheric purifier is and Hillman explains that it’s a device that cleans harmful substances in the air from satellite orbit. Kenta wonders what Jango wants with such a device and Hiroshi assumes he probably wants to destroy it. They arrive at their destination and discover that the kidnappers are hiding out in Mayan ruins. Guard Star asked to be dropped down but Katori reminds him that they need to ensure the hostage’s safety. Hiroshi gets the idea to give Jango a fake disc to buy time for the rest to rescue Cathy. He and Hillman approach the main temple and are immediately surrounded by Teshitas who herd them inside. Katori and Kenta sneak into the temple through a hidden door. Hiroshi and Hillman are brought to Zol and the former turns on a hidden microphone to allow Kenta to listen in on them using Wrister. Jango shows himself and is surprised to see Hiroshi. Hillman asks for Cathy and Jango demands the data first, telling Hiroshi that this is revenge for getting him thrown out of the academy, but Hiroshi retorts that Jango was the one who stole his work. Katori hears Cathy’s crying through the vents and Kenta suggests using Wrister to find her.

Hillman asks what Jango plans to do with the purifier, and the latter replies that he’ll reverse its function to make it spew harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Hillman has Jango promise to give Cathy back before Hiroshi hands over the disk. Jango orders Zol to check the disk but Hiroshi demands they get Cathy first. Meanwhile, Wrister finds the room Cathy is imprisoned in and is immediately attacked by a Teshita guard. He escapes and meets back up with Katori and Kenta but the Teshitas find them. Zol discovers that the disk is fake and Hiroshi charges at Jango in desperation only to discover that it’s a hologram. The real Jango announces from his lair that Hiroshi and Hillman will die for this insult. Zol traps the two in the room while Katori tussles with the Teshitas. He eventually reaches Cathy’s room and Kenta runs in to grab her, only to get slapped in the face by Cathy for accidentally grabbing her chest. The room suddenly shakes and Cathy nearly falls down a pit behind a revolving wall, but Kenta grabs her hand while Katori holds up the wall. The temple starts crumbling and Guard Star calls in to ask what’s going on. Katori tells him that they’re in danger and need help. Guard Star contacts the Baron team and transforms into robot mode. The temple’s exterior falls away completely revealing a giant mechanical monster which begins exchanging fire with Guard Star. Hillman gives in and decides to hand over the real disk, but Zol ignores Jango’s order to fetch it because he’s busy fighting. The Baron team arrives and distracts Zol while Guard Star infiltrates the monster’s interior with Drill Baron. They arrive just in time to stop Cathy from falling and get the wall off Katori. Guard Star grabs Hiroshi and Hillman and escapes outside with everyone. Katori and the Baron team combine into Fighbird and Thunder Baron then set out to quickly dispatch the monster. Hillman thanks Hiroshi for his help and promises to not tell anyone about the Space Police.


In this geographically confusing episode, we’re introduced to another recurring character and one of Hiroshi’s closest friends, who for a change doesn’t think the former is a complete crackpot. Unlike other characters who’ve been left in the dark about the Space Police, Hillman is let in on the act immediately, further demonstrating how implicitly Hiroshi trusts him. The rest of the episode plays out the standard kidnapping plot, albeit with the small deviation of the Space Police finding the hideout almost instantly. I also have to wonder why Hiroshi is carrying around a disk containing an animation of him shooting Jango repeatedly.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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