Fighbird Ep. 16: Dr. Jango’s Great Earthquake


Jango discusses his latest plan to terrorize the world by causing volcanoes to erupt, and Draias tells him to do as he pleases. At the Amano Peace Labs, Hiroshi is busy preparing something in the kitchen. Kenta and Haruka explain to Katori that he’s preparing his special healthy salad which never tastes good. Suddenly an earthquake strikes. Katori quickly grabs the kids and jumps into Hiroshi’s tremor absorber. Hiroshi is unharmed but his salad is ruined. Elsewhere, Jango is using a mechanical monster to cause earthquakes on the sea floor and rouse dormant volcanoes. Katori and the kids track the earthquakes down in the hangar and Haruka deduces that the next quake will hit Yatsugashima, a heavily populated island. Katori decides to head to the island to evacuate it. Kenta wants to tag along but Haruka reminds him that he has to do his homework. Yoshiko and a paramedic drive along a road in Guard Rescue. They spot a gap in the road caused by the earthquake and the driver panics, but Guard Rescue takes over and jumps the gap. They arrive at a roadblock manned by the police and Satsuda. Satsuda greets Yoshiko and explains that he’s on landslide patrol but offers to escort her to the hospital with Guard Star. Katori hears a cry for help and flies towards one of the destroyed neighborhoods. He finds an old lady trapped under rubble and rushes her to the nearest hospital. He finds Yoshiko there and asks her to look at the lady while completely ignoring Satsuda’s questions. Katori tells Yoshiko that he admires people whose job is to save lives. Yoshiko says that Satsuda is also worthy of such admiration and Katori replies that he loves them both.

Another earthquake causes a medicine cabinet to nearly fall on Yoshiko, but Katori catches it in time. Guard Star and Guard Rescue transform into robot mode and hold up the hospital to allow everyone to evacuate. Satsuda leads everyone to the port so they can escape by boat, but a kid complains that his goats will be left behind. Katori hands the old lady to Satsuda and offers to take care of the goats. The survivors’ path is blocked by a landslide destroying the path, but Guard Fire arrives and uses his ladders to get them across the gap. Katori flies the goats out in the Fire Jet and spots Jango heading towards the volcano. He drops the goats off at the port then heads off to stop Jango from causing the volcano to erupt. Katori chides Jango for threatening innocent lives with earthquakes and combines into Fighbird. Jango causes the ground to split and pins Fighbird. He tries to crush Fighbird but the Guard team arrives to help. Guard Star tries to shoot Jango but the latter causes more tremors to throw off his aim. Fighbird orders them to focus on evacuating the islanders and smashes the ground to free his leg. Jango tries to push Fighbird off a cliff but Kenta and the Baron team arrive with the tremor absorber which allows Guard Star to steady his aim and shoot off the monster’s pile bunker arms. Fighbird then quickly finishes off the monster. Jango’s escape craft is picked up by a large mechanical bird which blasts Fighbird away then speeds off. On the ship, the old lady is loaded into a helicopter and asks Yoshiko to thank Katori. Satsuda wonders why Katori shows up whenever there’s trouble.


Jango again takes a hands-on approach to his schemes while Shura and Zol are nowhere to be found. Katori’s child-like adoration for Yoshiko throws her for a loop at first until she realizes that he’s just a very sincere person. Satsuda is still puzzled by the strange things happening around him, but I find it stranger that he and Yoshiko always happen to be at the center of Draias-related disasters. As usual Hiroshi’s knack for using mundane inventions for solving problems saves the day, but the appearance of the robot bird adds a bit of intrigue to mix.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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