Fighbird Ep. 18: Mystery of the Lost City


At night, Shura uses a giant mechanical frog to spread an unknown gas in the city, causing all the buildings to disappear. The next day, Satsuda and Yoshiko arrive to survey the scene. Guard Rescue spots the monster and chases after it. In the ensuing fight, the civilians try to escape but their cars all dissolve into sand, as well as Satsuda’s police helicopter. Guard Rescue manages to strike the monster and forces Shura to flee, but the former manages to grab him with his High-Tension Bandage. Shura then surfaces and releases the gas again, weakening Guard Rescue and escaping. At the Amano Peace Labs, Hiroshi is replacing the bulb on the minus energy detector when he hears Haruka screaming. Everyone runs to the study room to find Haruka complaining about a mold-covered cake that Hiroshi left outside. Hiroshi quickly uses a communication signal from the hangar as an excuse to run away. The call turns out to be from Guard Rescue, who apologizes for letting Shura get away. Katori remarks that Guard Rescue doesn’t look so well but the latter shrugs it off. Hiroshi receives a fax saying that the phenomenon spreads faster during rain. Katori and Kenta head out to investigate with the Baron team and tell Guard Rescue to stay behind, not knowing that he’s been infected by the gas. They arrive at one of the affected areas and start examining the sand. Yoshiko approaches them and asks what they’re doing, but Kenta stops Katori from revealing any details. Suddenly the entire Baron team collapses followed by Katori. Yoshiko runs to fetch help but Katori orders everyone to return to base.

Hiroshi examines Katori and discovers a type of mold that decomposes non-organic matter. He tells the kids not to worry since Katori’s cosmic life force gives the android body special properties. As a temporary solution, he coats everything with yeast to stop further mold infection until he figures out a way to kill them. The minus energy detector goes off heralding another attack on the city by Shura. Guard Star and Guard Fire rush to the scene but Kenta tells them to return to the labs to have the anti-mold coating applied. Satsuda confronts Shura with a squad of police officers, but the former easily dispatches them. Guard Rescue tries to attack but Shura uses the monster’s tongue to fling him around. Shura is about to finish him off when the rest of the Guard team arrives and knocks him back. They quickly combine into Guardion but Guard Rescue’s infection damages his mobility. Hiroshi manages to complete a device that kills the molds and successfully uses it on Katori. Katori however recognizes the device’s beam as something already in use. Shura dodges a shot from Guardion and knocks him down. He rips into his chest with the monster’s claws but the rest of the Space Police arrive and blast Shura, allowing Guardion to fling him off. The Baron team and Katori combine into Thunder Baron and Fighbird. Shura tries to release more molds but Fighbird dispels the clouds in the sky and allows sunlight to come through, killing all the molds. The Space Police then waste no time in destroying the monster. Shura however is unable to eject and falls to the ground. Before he can be apprehended however, Draias’ dragon and tiger robots arrive and blast the Space Police before escaping with Shura. Later, Katori and the rest watch the civilians settle into the desert remains of the city, with Katori remarking that the ability to rise against Draias and build a world of peace is the power of the human spirit.


This episode is a bit odd. You’d think it’d focus on Guard Rescue what with him being the first character on the scene of the action and the first to be infected by the molds. But his infection barely factors into the plot and practically wasn’t noticed by the rest of the Space Police at all. Also, how does Hiroshi design his inventions if he can’t tell that the end result of his mold killer beam was just an UV lamp? Meanwhile, we get an interesting cameo by Osamu Tokuda from the previous Brave show Exkaiser, complete with his trademark shape pattern pajamas. It’s unknown if this places Fighbird in the same continuity as Exkaiser, though.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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