Fighbird Ep. 20: Invasion of America


A large mechanical construct lands on top of the White House in Washington, D.C. At the Amano Peace Labs, Hiroshi is trying his latest invention when Kenta runs in with news about the US. The news reports that all communications with the capital have been cut off. The channel briefly cuts to Momoko’s news helicopter before her video feed is scrambled and Draias grabs the helicopter. The news is then interrupted by a live feed from the White House showing the president of the US declaring unconditional surrender to Draias. Jango then appears and announces that they will enslave all Americans and that any opposition will be killed. Katori and Kenta take off in the Fire Jet with the Baron team. The police chief tells Satsuda that the FBI asked for his assistance against Draias. He boards a plane bound for the West Coast which is still unoccupied and finds Yoshiko aboard as well. The Space Police arrive in Los Angeles and are informed by Hiroshi that Chicago is under attack. The Teshita troops go on a rampage in Chicago aided by Draias’ mechanical beasts. Hiroshi wonders what Draias needs all those slaves for, but Haruka brings up the more important question of where Draias is getting such a massive amount of Teshitas. The Space Police arrive in Chicago and see the Teshitas rounding up the civilians. Katori remarks that they must be careful to avoid casualties but the Baron team decides to charge straight at Draias’ beasts. Ace Baron orders the rest to free the hostages but their efforts are futile because there so many. Katori orders Ace Baron to retreat to the West Coast and he grudgingly complies.

The plane carrying the rescue forces lands at LAX and the passengers are greeted by a squad of Teshitas. Satsuda vainly tries to shoot one and is knocked down for his troubles. Draias appears and destroys the plane, but Guard Star and Guard Rescue who were also aboard manage to escape and transform into robot mode. Guard Star fires at Draias with his Star Blaster while Guard Rescue blasts the Teshitas with his Rescue Grenades to free the hostages. Satsuda manages to shoot down the Teshitas with their own rifle but Yoshiko spots and entire army of them exiting a transport plane. Draias knocks both Guard Star and Guard Rescue down, but Guard Fire arrives and the team quickly combines into Guardion. Ace Baron asks Katori if he’s leaving the hostages behind, and the latter replies that they need a plan to rescue them. Hiroshi calls in and says that they need to find the factory that’s producing all the Teshitas and destroy it, as well as bring him one of the soldiers so he can figure out a way to take out the deployed ones. Katori then gets a distress signal from Guardion, who’s having trouble against Draias. The Teshitas corner the hostages but are blown away by the arriving Space Police. Katori and the Baron team combine into Fighbird and Thunder Baron. Draias summons his mechanical beasts and combines with them into a giant robot. The Space Police attack him but he easily overwhelms them. A Teshita sneaks up on Kenta but is shot by Satsuda. He demands to know who Fighbird is and fails to notice another Teshita sneaking up on him while another chases after Kenta. Draias knocks down Guardion and Thunder Baron with his Horror Hooks and turns to face Fighbird. Kenta manages to disable a Teshita and tries to contact Fighbird but the latter is too busy fighting Draias. Fighbird charges at Draias with his Flame Sword but the latter easily counters him with his Death Blade’s Devil Fork attack. Faced with no other option, Fighbird orders the Space Police to retreat with Kenta and the disabled Teshita, leaving the hostages behind.


After several dead ends and failed attempts, Draias steps up his plans and promptly invades the entire United States. With an army of Teshitas He also finally makes his grand entrance and gives the Space Police their first humiliating defeat, ending the episode with the show’s first cliffhanger. His robot mode is suitably cool and creepy at the same time, and now that the Space Police have met their match it’s time for them to gain a new member to even out the odds.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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