Fighbird Ep. 34: Baby Rescue


Jango angrily watches a news report by Momoko about the triumph of the Space Police over Draias. He blames Shura and Zol for their failures and they retort that his cheap robots are at fault. Zol accidentally switches the TV channel to a report about teaching gifted children from infancy. Jango then gets the idea of kidnapping gifted babies and indoctrinating them to be loyal to his cause. Elsewhere, Haruka drags everyone else into her helping her shop for groceries. Katori bumps into Yoshiko, who drops all her bags. Hiroshi notices an unusual amount of cup noodles and frozen dinners among her stuff, and she embarrassingly admits that she’s too busy to cook. Their discussion is interrupted by the cries of baby Katsuyoshi from the supermarket’s nursery. His mother is at a loss for what to do and Yoshiko thinks the baby has a fever. Katori suggests that Yoshiko examine Katsuyoshi but the baby doesn’t even let her touch him. Katori takes Katsuyoshi and, to the horror of both women, throws him in the air and shakes him violently until his pacifier drops out. This calms him down and Katori is able to understand him much the women’s befuddlement. Elsewhere, an employee is forced under gunpoint by Zol to announce a baby contest at the central plaza. When the babies are gathered at the plaza, Katsuyoshi takes one look at the nearby giant baby statue and starts crying along with all the other babies. Katori pulls out the ocarina and manages to calm them down with his melody. It has the opposite effect on Zol and the employee uses the distraction to tell everybody to run. Zol rips out the microphone and jumps out of the PA booth. He sends a signal to the baby statue which causes it to spit out bubbles that carry all the babies into the air and inside its body. The statue comes to life and starts rampaging through the plaza. The police and Satsuda arrive and point their guns at the statue but the mothers refuse to let them fire any shots. Inside the statue, Zol begs Shura to switch places with him because the babies’ crying is driving him insane but the latter retorts that they have to cry to attract the Space Police. Zol yells out angrily at the babies, which quiets them down except for Katsuyoshi who riles up the other babies again. Momoko covers the events from a nearby rooftop and gets word that Jango issued a statement about raising the babies into his army of darkness. The mothers get even more distressed and demand that Satsuda saves their babies. Katori, Yoshiko and the rest chase after the statue in Guard Star, with Guard Fire and Guard Rescue tailing behind. Guard Fire suggests retaking the babies by force, but Yoshiko quickly shoots down the idea.

Katori scans a statue and finds an entrance on its back. He decides to infiltrate the statue along with Kenta to rescue the babies. However, when Yoshiko offers to tag along in case the babies need treatment, Kenta lets her go in his place and gives her his Flame Shot. Guard Wing arrives and offers to fly them to the entrance. Shura activates the statue’s butt-mounted machine guns but Guard Wing dodges and throws Katori and Yoshiko at the entrance. Inside, all the babies manage to fall asleep except for Katsuyoshi. Zol comments that he’ll make him his personal henchman when he grows up. Shura detects Katori and Yoshiko inside and sends Teshitas after them. However, they are easily dispatched. Katori tries to listen for the babies’ sounds but hears nothing and Yoshiko fears that they may be dehydrated. The Guard team transform to robot mode and try to hold the statue back, but Shura kicks them away and blasts them with flames. Katori bursts into the baby chamber and kicks Zol in the face. The two fight while Yoshiko checks up on the babies, who are starting to have trouble breathing. Yoshiko vainly tries to shoot a hole in the wall with the Flame Shot, but when Katori knocks Zol’s gun to the floor she uses that instead. Guard Wing uses his fans to suck the baby pods outside while Guard Rescue catches them with a net. Katori tosses Yoshiko towards Guard Wing and summons the Fire Shuttle to combine into Granbird. Shura pelts Granbird with explosive arrows and the latter retaliates with missiles from the Breaster Jet. The Guard team combines into Super Guardion and shoots down Shura’s arrows. Shura flies into the air and bombards the area with fire. However, Super Guardion breaks through and hits the statue with Guard Flash, knocking it to the ground and allowing Granbird to finish it off. With the babies safely back with their mothers, Katori thanks Yoshiko for her quick thinking and Katsuyoshi asks him to play his melody again. Yoshiko thinks that studying Katori would offer huge leaps in medical science, and Hiroshi offers that she moves in with them to do that. She accepts much to Haruka’s horror at the prospect of having to cook for more people. Kenta thinks she’s just jealous and gets his foot stomped for his troubles.


This is one of those goofy episodes that force me to take a step back and remember that this is a kid’s show. I almost feel sorry for Shura and Zol for going along with Jango’s bizarre schemes, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t entertaining to watch them suffer through it. Turns out not even the mighty Zol can stand the sound of a crying baby. While the premise was just ridiculous, the action was fun and even Yoshiko got a moment to shine. I also like that they didn’t arbitrarily trot out Great Fighbird just to deal with such a silly monster, though the Astro Boy reference was rather amusing.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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