Fighbird Ep. 35: A Challenge for Scientists


Satsuda stops Yoshiko on her way to the Amano Peace Labs and warns her that Hiroshi is a prime suspect in a three billion yen bank heist three years ago. Yoshiko thinks that’s highly unlikely but he reminds her that Hiroshi has no income and is always involved with Draias-related incidents. Yoshiko dismisses this but ends up asking Katori about the matter anyway. Katori says that she shouldn’t doubt Hiroshi but he also wonders where he got the resources to build everything. The discussion is interrupted by Kenta who tells them that Hillman is on TV. A news report by Momoko explains that Hillman finally completed his atmospheric purifier which will be launched into space with the Nova-1 satellite from the US International Space Center to help clean the Earth’s environment. As the rocket takes off, Hiroshi walks into the living room and tells Yoshiko he has a surprise for her. Katori brings up Satsuda’s accusations of theft but Hiroshi simply denies them. He shows Yoshiko her new lab room and the kids scoff at the silly pink furniture and flower wallpaper. The rocket releases the Nova-1 which begins to successfully reduce the air pollution levels over North America. Suddenly, a large mechanical monster approaches and swallows the Nova-1. It spits it out again but now the Nova-1 causes the pollution levels to rise. Hillman quickly orders to contact a nearby shuttle to retrieve the Nova-1 before things get any worse while Hiroshi tells the Space Police to launch. Katori and Kenta take off in the Fire Shuttle along with Hiroshi and Yoshiko in the Baron team. The monster attacks the shuttle as it tries to retrieve the Nova-1 and causes it to fall into the atmosphere. However, the Baron team manages to grab it with the Thunder Anchor and slow its descent. Hiroshi contacts Hillman and tells him he’s here to help. On the ground Hillman warmly greets the group and asks Hiroshi if Yoshiko is another android. Satsuda however shows up and accuses Hiroshi of being involved with Draias. Katori and Kenta are impressed that Satsuda knew Draias was involved and the latter reminds them that Draias tried to get Hillman’s purifier before and failed. A technician runs up and tells Hillman that Jango has contacted them.

Jango taunts Hillman with the conversion of the purifier, but Hiroshi changes the subject and accuses Jango of stealing the three billion yen that Satsuda is hounding him for. Jango denies any involvement and Kenta reminds everyone that the Nova-1 is still causing pollution. Jango gleefully tells them that they can’t stop the Nova-1 before cutting the connection. Hiroshi tells Satsuda that Jango is the more likely culprit of the theft but the latter isn’t convinced and leaves to report to headquarters. Yoshiko asks if the Nova-1 can be stopped and a technician suggests using the disk key to shut down the main computer. However, Hillman explains that they need someone small to enter the satellite and use the key. Kenta volunteers and Hillman objects to endangering his life, but relents when Katori offers to accompany him. They take off in the Fire Shuttle and the Baron team while Satsuda is told to return because outer space is not in their jurisdiction. Zol intercepts the Space Police and Katori combines into Granbird to engage him while the Baron team takes Kenta to the Nova-1. Kenta heads towards the maintenance hatch but Draias arrives and paralyzes the Baron team. However, Granbird rams into him before he can grab Kenta. The Baron team combines into Thunder Baron and joins the fight. Draias tells everyone that any attempt to shut down the Nova-1 will trigger a bomb he planted and cause all the satellite’s pollutants to fall to Earth. Granbird tries to go back for Kenta but Zol shoots him down. Kenta frantically asks Hiroshi what to do and the latter tells him to find the bomb while there’s still time. Kenta complains that he can barely move around but everyone tells him to be strong. Kenta then remembers Wrister and tells him to find the bomb while he reaches the main computer. Hillman tells Kenta how to open the console but reminds him not to insert the disc key until the bomb has been deactivated. Outside, Zol paralyzes the Space Police with a beam but Granbird summons the Breaster Jet to destroy the beam cannon with missiles. He then quickly summons the Fire Jet and combines into Great Fighbird. Great Fighbird tells Thunder Baron to head back to the Nova-1 while he faces Draias. Wrister finds the bomb and cuts a hole in the satellite’s hull, allowing Thunder Baron to pull it out. Kenta quickly shuts down the main computer and Thunder Baron throws the bomb at Draias. The explosion hurls Draias down to Earth and Zol tries in vain to ram into the Space Police, but Great Fighbird quickly destroys the monster. Back on the ground, Hillman thanks Hiroshi for his help and remarks that he needs to rethink his research if it can be turned into a dangerous weapon so easily. Hiroshi tells him not to be discouraged and as the two friends happily embrace, Katori follows their example and embraces an embarrassed Yoshiko.


This episode brings back Dr. Hillman and his atmospheric purifier all the way back from episode thirteen. Unlike Hiroshi’s inventions, the purifier works wonderfully, but Jango didn’t waste any time in corrupting its purpose. We also get another callback to the mystery of Hiroshi’s finances and the stolen bank money, but the implication this time is that it was Jango who actually stole it. Yoshiko is now a full fledged member of the Space Police and it’s amusing to see Hiroshi constantly try to impress her. Kenta and Wrister got to be the real heroes of the episode culminating in Draias’ well laid trap literally exploding in his face. Also, although I thought I had put this issue behind me, I have to bring it up again: What the heck is Satsuda doing at an American space center? It’s really getting ridiculous. On a minor note, there was a small animation goof during the battle where Great Fighbird pulls out his Flame Sword even though he was already wielding it.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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