Fighbird Ep. 38: Champ and the Giant Gorilla


Yoshiko runs some tests on Katori and asks him if he was really able to see ghosts. Katori tells her that he did and excuses himself to play with Champ. Yoshiko admires his innocence, and Hiroshi explains to her that his positive energy allows him to communicate with animals. Down in Jango’s lair, Jango uses his latest experiment to enlarge a gorilla for his new army. The gorilla emerges from Tokyo Bay and starts lumbering through the city. After getting electrocuted by a power line, it gets angry and starts destroying buildings. The police arrive and Satsuda orders the officers to fire, but that only angers the gorilla even more. It tosses a car at the police, but Guard Star transforms into robot mode and catches it in time. Guard Fire and Guard Rescue arrive and the latter stops Guard Star from fatally shooting the gorilla when he notices it’s not one of Jango’s monsters. The shot hits the gorilla’s shoulder instead and everyone is shocked to see it bleed. Guard Wing arrives and Guard Rescue tells him not to shoot the gorilla. With little choice left, they try to pin the gorilla down but it’s too strong for them. Satsuda tells the officers to shoot again but Hiroshi arrives with the others and tells him it’s a real gorilla. Yoshiko says that the gorilla needs treatment but Satsuda retorts that they need to put it down, angering Champ. Katori leads the Guard team in trying to treat the gorilla, but Guard Rescue’s medicine spray agitates it. Champ tells Katori to play the ocarina which finally calms the gorilla down. Jango can’t believe that the gorilla stopped and heads out to ensure his plan doesn’t fail.

A crowd of people forms around the gorilla’s location. Yoshiko wonders how the gorilla got so big and Hiroshi says that it can’t be from natural causes. Katori talks to it and learns that it was abducted from its home and turned into a giant. Everyone realizes that only Jango can do this, except Satsuda who thinks this is actually Amano’s doing. The confusion is broken up by the gorilla lifting Satsuda and nuzzling him. Suddenly, Jango flies by and drops a large headband on the gorilla, causing it to grow even larger and go berserk. The Guard team tries to restrain the gorilla while Katori plays the ocarina again, but this time it doesn’t work and the gorilla smashes the ocarina. The Guard team combines into Super Guardion while Katori summons the Fire Jet and combines into Fighbird. They’re unable to overpower the gorilla but Fighbird notices the headband. Super Guardion looks for the source of the control signal and finds Jango’s ship. Jango tries to shoot at Super Guardion but the latter destroys his ship with Guard Flash. Jango however taunts them as he escapes by saying that the gorilla is unstoppable now. The gorilla mercilessly beats on Fighbird and even Champ is unable to get through to it. Super Guardion knocks the gorilla away and decides to use Guard Flash against it. However, Fighbird tells him that the gorilla’s death will be their loss because they’re supposed to protect the Earth from Draias. Fighbird pulls out his Flame Sword to everyone’s shock but instead of cutting down the gorilla he simply slices off the headband, finally calming it down. Hiroshi manages to figure out a way to slowly reverse the enlargement procedure without hurting the gorilla, but they end up keeping it outside the labs until it shrinks back down to normal.


The action quits down a bit with this simple episode. With his mechanical monsters constantly being destroyed, Jango takes advantage of the Space Police’s inability to hurt Earth animals and tries to start an army of giant creatures beginning with his own personal King Kong. Unfortunately, he makes the common mistake of attaching easily removable control devices and underestimating the Space police’s affinity for nature.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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