Fighbird Ep. 46: The Rise of the Devil’s Tower


Jango’s base lands in the Guyana Plateau and they immediately begin their plan to build another Devil Tower. At the Amano Peace Labs, Hiroshi frantically scrambles to repair the Space Police who are anxious to stop Draias from building a Devil Tower. Katori tells them to calm down or else they’ll disrupt the repair robots’ work. Guard Star asks if Katori can find a way to delay the tower’s constructions until their repairs are finished, and the latter says that he’s thinking about it. Yoshiko analyzes Katori’s song trying to figure out why it’s effective against Draias and his minions. Kenta drops off his school bag at home and leaves for the labs, much to Akiko’s chagrin. A news report reveals that Jango’s robots have been abducting people in South America and hauling them in large transport crafts. Momoko’s camera man tells her that they need to get going to cover the story but she says that she has other things to do. Police chief Onihira orders Satsuda to head to the kidnapping site like he did during the hostage situation in America, but the latter says mankind by itself can’t do anything against Draias and that he has a better plan he can’t reveal yet. The Teshitas use the walker mechs to attack the Incan village and herd the villagers into the transports, including Titicu and the village chief. They also attack the Queen Mary 5 where Ippei and Goro happen to be working. At the labs, Momoko is helping out with the repairs and Satsuda arrives to help as well. However, Katori and Kenta take him aside to discuss a plan to infiltrate the tower construction site and free the kidnapped people by stealing one of the transport crafts and causing a diversion. Yoshiko finishes analyzing the song and discovers that it emits an intense wave of positive energy. She rushes to tell Katori about it but Hiroshi tells her that he left and asks to see her results. When the Teshitas begin attacking Japan, Katori, Kenta and Satsuda steal three walker mechs and begin the first phase of their diversion plan. The kidnapped people are brought to the Guyana Plateau and immediately put to work on the tower as Jango and Draias look on.

Ippei complains about humans having to do all the work instead of the Teshitas, and the chief tells him that their suffering is the source of Draias’ strength. Titicu warns her that they’ll be punished if they’re caught slacking off just before a Teshita starts whipping the chief. Goro tries to stand up for her but ends up getting whipped for his troubles and Ippei takes the blows for him. Just then, Katori drops from one of the transports and dispatches the Teshita. Everyone is happy to see him and Goro is surprised that Katori knows Titicu and the chief. Katori tells them that he’s here to rescue the slaves and leads everyone to the elevators while dispatching more Teshitas. Kenta and Satsuda storm out of one of the transport crafts and start wrecking the other walker mechs before herding the slaves back into the transports. Shura and Zol come out of the tower in a pair of giant robots and force Kenta and Satsuda to abandon their walker mechs. Draias tells the slaves that there is no escape and is surprised when he discovers that Katori had infiltrated the site. He jumps down from the tower and surrounds Katori with his robot beasts. Just then the rest of the Space Police arrives along with the Fire Shuttle and blast Draias with Yoshiko’s new catharsis beam, stunning him long enough for Katori to combine into Granbird. The Baron team combines into Thunder Baron and blasts Shura and Zol. Draias combines into robot mode and blocks the beam with his shield then uses Devil Fork to destroy the beam gun. Draias angrily says that he will kill every single slave and starts destroying the transport crafts. The Space Police try to block his attacks but the slaves are no longer able to escape and Satsuda tells them to retreat. Granbird transforms back into the Fire Shuttle and Katori starts loading up as many people as it can carry while Super Guardion holds Draias off. Satsuda says that he’ll stay behind to protect the remaining slaves and Katori promises to come back for him. He takes off with Kenta and reluctantly orders the rest of the Space Police to retreat.


Just like last time, Jango gets another Devil Tower mostly setup in short order. The Space Police however still have a few tricks up their sleeve. They manage a somewhat successful counterattack at first but are unfortunately thwarted by Draias’ overwhelming power. This episode is also a hodgepodge of callbacks to characters and elements from previous episodes as well as some nice character growth moments, particularly for Ippei and Goro. Momoko outright drops her story chasing reporter shtick and pitches in with helping the Space Police, while Satsuda finally realizes that fighting Draias using normal police procedures and weapons is just a waste of time.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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