Fighbird Ep. 47: The Final Battle at the Guyana Plateau


After escaping from the Guyana Plateau, Katori orders the rest of the Space Police to stay on guard to prevent Draias from getting more slaves. Hiroshi calls in and asks Katori to pick up Dr. Hillman. Katori lands the Fire Shuttle in front of the Amano Peace Labs and Hiroshi is surprised that he brought the rescued people into the mansion. Things get more awkward when other people come by after noticing all the commotion, including Akiko. Katori decides to ask for their help tending to the wounded along with Yoshiko. Hiroshi shows Hillman the analysis of the catharsis energy produced by Katori’s song. He shows him a device that can fire the catharsis beam but the problem is that he can’t provide enough power for it, which is where Hillman’s atmospheric purifier system comes in. Since it works on the principle of amplifying energy, using it on the catharsis beam will boost its power. Meanwhile, Momoko complains about having to cook for all the rescued people and Akiko is still surprised that Hiroshi kept the Space Police a secret from everyone. The Baron team reports that there haven’t been any new kidnappings and Guard Wing says that they should stop wasting time and make another attack. Katori retorts that they need to wait for the catharsis beam to be upgraded first. The rest of the Guard team voice their concern over allowing Draias to finish the Devil Tower, but Katori reminds them that right now they’re still no match for Draias. Satsuda tries to protect the slaves from the Teshitas’ lashings but they overpower him with the walker mechs and give him the lashings instead. The minus energy starts building up and covering the tower with organic gunk. Draias uses a dark ritual to complete the tower and converges all the minus energy from space on to him. Hiroshi’s minus energy detector explodes and the rest of the Space Police decide they can’t wait any longer. Hiroshi tells them wait another twelve hours until they finish the catharsis beam but the Guard team and Baron team refuse to listen. Hiroshi goes off in a huff to finish his work and Ace Baron tells Katori to wait while they buy time. The Guard team combines into Super Guardion and follows the Baron team to the Devil Tower.

Yoshiko finds Katori brooding and asks him what’s wrong. Katori replies that his comrades don’t stand a chance against Draias and he can’t bear the thought of them fighting now. Thunder Baron and Super Guardion try to fly up to the top of the Devil Tower but are intercepted by Shura and Zol. Satsuda spots them and rallies all the slaves towards the elevators to escape. Shura and Zol overpower the Space Police at first but Super Guardion kicks off one of Zol’s arms and knocks Shura off of Thunder Baron. Shura and Zol bar their way to the top but Draias tells them to step aside. The Space Police are shocked to see that Draias has evolved into a powerful demonic form. They fire at him with everything they’ve got but he completely shrugs it off and ensnares them with tentacles. Draias says that he longer needs any slaves and will suck all of the Space Police’s energy. Katori senses that his comrades are in trouble but decides not to impulsively go after them even when Kenta tells him the news. Katori says that his comrades are still alive and Titicu assures Kenta that gods don’t die easily. Red clouds start spreading from the Devil Tower all over the world. Momoko; being unable to sleep; finds the chief outside praying and asks if that’s of any use. The chief tells her that the gods won’t forsake them so easily. Hiroshi frantically works on finishing the catharsis beam with Hillman, Ippei and Goro while Yoshiko and the children sleep. Katori gives them one last look before heading down to the hangar to board the Fire Jet. However, Yoshiko and the children come running and plead with him to wait. Katori says that if he waits any longer then Draias will have accomplished his goal and the damage will spread far beyond the Earth, including his home planet. He says that he will stop it even if it costs him his life and takes off along with the Fire Shuttle. Hiroshi says that he still needs one more hour to finish the beam, and Yoshiko tells him that Earth’s fate will be decided in that one hour.


Very little action in this episode but a whole lot of build-up towards the final battle. For starters, the cat’s pretty much out of the bag regarding Hiroshi’s connection to the Space Police, and Hillman finally shows up to help Hiroshi for a change. Katori spends the whole episode struggling to keep his emotions in check while his teammates decide to prematurely fly off the handle and attack the Devil Tower head on with disastrous results. The combined power of Shura and Zol’s new mechs and Draias new powerful transformation was simply too much for poor Thunder Baron and Super Guardion, and now Katori has his hands full trying to fight without them until the catharsis beam is finished. Even without killing off characters this show still manages to tug a few heartstrings.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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