Fighbird Ep. 7: Yuutarou and the Jewel Thieves


At a jewel exhibit, Hiroshi, Kenta and Haruka stare in awe at the world’s only red diamond on display. Hiroshi expresses his excitement at what kind of discoveries he could make if he had the diamond, but Satsuda interrupts his gushing and exclaims that nobody is touching the diamond while he’s in charge of security. After some bickering they run off and Satsuda chases after them, leaving Katori alone. Katori wanders the exhibit looking for them but ends up getting lost. He then overhears two delinquents named Ippei and Goro in the bathroom planning to steal the diamond. When he confronts them about it, Ippei pulls out a knife and demands that he join them. However, when Katori bends the knife with his finger, they both drop to their knees and apologize. They make up a story about Ippei’s company going bankrupt and Goro’s mother being sick, which Katori believes instantly and convinces him to help them. Hiroshi and the others try to call Katori from the front desk’s PA system. When he doesn’t show up, Kenta tries to contact him using Wrister. Hiroshi however stops him and says that this is a good opportunity for Katori to learn how to find his way home on his own. Down in Jango’s lair, Jango reveals his new plan to use the red diamond to create the most powerful laser on Earth. Back at Ippei and Goro’s apartment, Katori continues to baffle them with his weird behavior and horrible cooking. The next day, Ippei wakes up and finds Katori gone. Panicking, he wakes up Goro thinking that Katori ran off to tell the police. As they frantically try to pack up and leave however, Katori returns carrying groceries for breakfast. They manage to come to their senses in time to stop him from cooking again. With no word from Katori, Kenta and Haruka decide to look for him back at the jewel exhibit. At the same time, Katori, Ippei and Goro infiltrate the exhibit from the roof disguised as window cleaners. At first their progress is thwarted by the electronic lock on the rooftop access door, but Katori uses his cybernetics to easily bypass it. Satsuda refuses to let Kenta and Haruka into the exhibit, and the latter taunts him by saying he should be out giving parking tickets instead of wasting his time here. Ippei and Goro lower down the scaffolding and Katori asks them why they haven’t started cleaning. They remind him that they’re here to sneak into the exhibit during nighttime to steal the diamond. Katori says that good people shouldn’t steal and they retort that they can’t survive by being good. Katori reminds them that there are people who struggle to protect others despite the danger to themselves, but Ippei isn’t convinced. Just then, Shura and the Teshitas blast into the jewel exhibit and open fire with flamethrowers. Kenta and Haruka try to escape but the flames trap them inside.

Word of the fire gets out fast and the Guard team quickly heads to the scene. Katori runs inside to rescue the trapped people while Ippei and Goro decide to sneak in and steal the diamond during the confusion. Satsuda tries to arrest Shura but the latter kicks him to the ground and holds him at gunpoint. Katori however jumps in and engages the Teshitas. Shura stops him by threatening to burn Kenta and Haruka, but Ippei and Goro decide to help by tackling Shura and knocking his gun away. This gives Katori the opportunity to break free from the Teshitas and kick Shura in the face. Shura however grabs the diamond and escapes on his mechanical monster. Katori orders everyone to escape to the roof and jumps after Shura. He summons the Fire Jet and combines into Fighbird. Shura reveals the laser cannon installed on the monster and fires it. Fighbird dodges the shot which vaporizes an entire mountain in the distance. Ippei and Goro manage to get Kenta, Haruka and Satsuda on the scaffolding and start to ascend, however an explosion rocks the building and weakens the cables holding the scaffolding. Fighbird notices this but is too held up by Shura to help. The cables snap but Guard Fire arrives just in time to grab the scaffolding before it hits the ground. Fighbird dodges Shura’s shots and kicks him back but the latter knocks him down and tries to flatten him. The rest of the Guard team arrives and the three of them knock Shura away. Shura fires the laser cannon again, forcing the Space Police to jump away. Kenta contacts Hiroshi and informs him of the laser cannon. Guard Fire and Guard Rescue restrain Shura with their Strangle Hose and High-Tension Bandage while Guard Star shoots him with his Star Blaster. This proves ineffective however as Shura breaks loose and bombards the Space Police with cannon fire. Hiroshi arrives with his latest invention: The Miracle Laser Reflector. However, Haruka points out that it’s just their bathroom mirror. Shura knocks Fighbird into a building and prepares to finish him off with the laser cannon, but Hiroshi manages to get up to the roof and throws the mirror into Fighbird’s hand. The mirror reflects the blast back at the laser cannon and destroys it completely. Fighbird then quickly finishes off the monster with his Flame Sword. Goro wonders who Katori was and laments that they weren’t able to steal the diamond. Ippei however laughs and reveals that he had managed to steal a smaller diamond from the exhibit. This backfires when Satsuda suddenly shows up to thank them for their bravery and sense of justice. Upon shaking Ippei’s hand, he discovers the diamond. Ippei and Goro run away with Satsuda instantly giving chase. Katori explains what happened to the others. Haruka tells him not to follow strangers anymore, but he says that after this he likes humans even more now.


Jango’s homicidal schemes take a backseat here, falling back instead on the age old plot of stealing a diamond to power a laser cannon. You’d think that firing a big gun like that would more up Zol’s alley but it’s Shura who takes an interest instead. Meanwhile, the focus is on Katori’s humorous interaction with Ippei and Goro, two slackers who’ll be making repeat appearances throughout the show. The laser cannon gets predictably conquered by reflecting its blast with a mirror, but with the added twist of Hiroshi shamelessly trying to pass it off as a new invention. An entertaining episode overall, though not without some oddities. How did Hiroshi manage to get up to the roof so fast when he had only arrived moments before Fighbird got slammed into it? I’d also like to know the creative process that led to Guard Fire’s hilariously named Strangle Hose attack.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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