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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Ep. 4: On My Own


Sousuke and Chidori discuss the plan the save their classmates by having the Arbalest cause jamming over the entire school area to prevent the bombs from being detonated remotely. In order to discover the frequency that Amalgam is using, Chidori will program an algorithm into the Arbalest while Sousuke buys her time. Sousuke calls Kurama and says that he doesn’t care if the school is bombed. He adds that he is under orders to kill Chidori to prevent her from falling into Amalgam’s hands. Kurama asks for Sousuke’s demands and the latter says that he will hand over Chidori in exchange for his own safety. They agree to have the Arbalest left at an abandoned factory and Chidori sent to Sengawa station at a specified time. Chidori asks why Sousuke agreed to these conditions and the latter replies that he faked everything to buy time. They relocate to an empty swimming pool where Chidori starts working on the algorithm. When she finishes, Sousuke tells her to hide until everything ends. He gives her a flash drive containing information about a safe house to go to should he fail to return. Sousuke moves the Arbalest behind a building and goes to sneak past the Amalgam agents. Al tells Sousuke not to leave him behind because he has a feeling they will be separated for a long time. An agent asks Kurama if they should send their men to the designated location, but Kurama retorts that Sousuke was just bluffing. Chidori hides in the swimming pool’s locker room but suddenly gets a vision of Sousuke being shot by an unknown arm slave. Under instructions from Sousuke, Hayashimizu triggers the school’s fire alarm and informs everyone over the PA to evacuate claiming that Sousuke accidentally caused a poison gas leak. Kurama tries to detonate the bombs but nothing happens. Amalgam discovers that the source of the jamming is a visible Arbalest on a nearby building and Kurama orders everyone to attack it. Al tells Sousuke that he’s being attacked and that he has ninety seconds left before the jamming stops. Sousuke makes it to the roof and manages to disarm the bomb strapped to Kyoko while Al moves the Arbalest once the jamming ends. Kyoko asks if Chidori is safe and begs Sousuke to explain what is going on because she doesn’t want to die not knowing anything. Kurama appears and says that Sousuke is a hitman. While holding them at gunpoint, Kurama explains that Sousuke forged his documents to infiltrate the school. Suddenly a teacher runs up to the roof calling out for Kyoko. Kurama has his men restrain her and asks where Chidori is. Kyoko doesn’t recognize the teacher which distracts Kurama long enough for the teacher to throw one of the Amalgam agents at him. Sousuke tackles the other agent and shoots him with his own gun while the teacher shoots the first one. The both shoot at the escaping Kurama but his coat protects him from the bullets. Sousuke realizes that the teacher was actually Wraith in disguise and the latter pulls off her wig. Al reports that three arm slaves are closing in and Sousuke tells him to come pick him up. Wraith asks Sousuke what he will do and the latter replies that he will fight. Sousuke grabs Wraith and Kyoko in the Arbalest’s hands just as a pair of missiles hit the school’s roof. Sousuke manages to jump to the ground but discovers to his horror that a piece of rubble has pierced Kyoko’s stomach. Wraith tells Sousuke to go while she takes care of Kyoko. A frantic Sousuke disables one Codarl by stabbing it in the cockpit and engages a second one. As explosions rock the neighborhood, Leonard calls Kurama from an airborne transport plane and remarks that the latter seems to be having trouble. Kurama says that he hasn’t found the girl and is about to give up. Leonard tells him that all they need to do is take Sousuke hostage to draw out Chidori. As Sousuke destroys another Codarl, Kurama retorts that that will be impossible. Leonard calmly tells Kurama to keep Sousuke from escaping until he arrives. Sabina asks Leonard if he really has to sortie by himself and the latter replies that he needs his exercise.

Sousuke disables the third Codarl just as Al detects an unknown transport plane flying overhead. Sousuke spots the plane’s open cargo bay just as Al detects the Belial arm slave behind them. Sousuke jumps back and fires his shot cannon but the Belial easily evades the shot and severs the Arbalest’s left arm with its claws. Al recommends that they withdraw and Leonard gives Sousuke one last chance to surrender and hand over Chidori. Sousuke refuses, and Leonard tells him that he hates these kind of heroics. The Belial rises into the air using its Lambda Driver and dives towards the ground. Sousuke gets out of the way and barely has time to spot the Belial dashing towards him in the resulting dust cloud. Chidori arrives at the school parking lot and spots Wraith giving an unconscious Kyoko first aid. Leonard kicks the Arbalest away and decimates its remaining limbs with his arm cannons. He contacts Chidori telepathically and tells her that only she can stop this. Sousuke limps out of the destroyed Arbalest and vainly fires at the Belial with his pistol. Chidori gets between the two and tells Leonard she will go with him. She gets on the Belial’s hand and bids Sousuke goodbye. Sousuke swears that he’ll get her back as the Belial flies off and vanishes from sight using ECS. Back at Merdia island, Kalinin holds Amalgam soldiers while Tessa and SRT member Yang escape to the Tuatha de Danaan. The pair run into more Amalgam troops who wound Yang but Mao arrives just in time to kill them. Tessa tells Mao that she ordered everyone to withdraw to the submarine but doesn’t know how many people made it there or if the remaining SRT pilots are still alive. They arrive at the Tuatha de Danaan‘s to find Mardukas and the rest of the crew waiting for them. The Tuatha de Danaan departs and the sonar operator detects the yellow Behemoth ahead of them. Tessa orders full combat speed and for all torpedoes to be fired. The Behemoth blocks the torpedoes but is unable to stop the Tuatha de Danaan from ramming it up towards the surface. The Behemoth tries to use its howitzer cannon but two well placed shots from Weber destroy its cockpit. After the Behemoth crumples, Weber and Clouseau jump onto the Tuatha de Danaan with their arm slaves as Tessa orders a dive after their retrieval. Back at Jindai High, Eri informs the students that it will take a while before the school facilities are reappeared. Sousuke walks into the class and admits that he was an undercover arm slave pilot. He apologizes for keeping the truth from them but Ono D is angry over Kyoko’s injury. He demands to know what Sousuke came to do and the latter tells him that he will bring Chidori back.


This episode marks the end of the first arc covered in Invisible Victory. Chidori and Sousuke manage to save the school from being blown up, but not without a few complications. Kyoko suffered a major injury and Leonard decided to finally get his hands dirty by throwing a giant arm slave-shaped wrench into the works. Not that Leonard needed to try too hard, what with being a Whispered and piloting a state of the art arm slave that can fly using the Lambda Driver. Sousuke finally meets Wraith and we get a clear look at her face after catching glimpses of part of it back in The Second Raid. On the Merida island side of things, Mithril manages to escape on the Tuatha de Danaan and the rest of the SRT survives their encounter with the Behemoths. Kalinin however is seemingly left behind. It’s not clear whether Weber and Clouseau managed to take out the red Behemoth, but the yellow Behemoth becomes the latest victim to discover what happens an immovable object meets a 40 kiloton submarine. Sousuke promises to bring Chidori back to his classmates, but he’s got his work cut out for him now that he’s on his own.

Overall Rating

Invisible Victory Info

Katsuichi Nakayama

Shoji Gatoh

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Toshiaki Ihara

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

12 episodes

Japan 04.13.2018 – 07.18.2018
U.S. 04.13.2018 – 07.18.2018


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