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Full Metal Panic! Ep. 10: Run, Running, Run


Sousuke and Tessa explain the situation to Chidori, but she isn’t buying the fact that Tessa is Sousuke’s superior and that she’s sixteen years old. Tessa’s jokingly ditzy behavior doesn’t help matters. Seina is interrogating Kalinin, and remarks that his organization must not be affiliated with Japan. Chidori still doesn’t believe Sousuke’s explanation and gets annoyed when Takuma, handcuffed to a bed, smirks. She berates him for being spoiled by his mother and he replies that he had no mother. Nonchalantly, Chidori tells him that neither she nor Sousuke had one either and not to think he’s the only one. Takuma charges at her in rage, dragging the bed with him but gets knocked out by Sousuke. Sousuke and Tessa notice a transmitter implanted in his arm. Sousuke pulls out an Uzi and looks out the window, then pulls out surgical equipment to try and remove the transmitter, but Chidori has a better idea: fry it with a microwave oven. Sousuke suggest they leave the safe house, and Chidori decides to go home, saying she isn’t involved. Sousuke can’t let her, as she’s already involved. When she protests, Tessa’s tone becomes more serious and she tells Chidori that this isn’t a joke. Chidori reluctantly agrees to go with them. Sousuke takes them to the school where they hide in the teacher’s room. He’s already contacted command and reinforcements should arrive in two hours. Takuma laughs and says his allies will be here by then, but Chidori informs him that they destroyed his transmitter. Chidori wants to call Kyoko to find out what happens in a soap opera, and Sousuke reminds her not to reveal their location. Chidori yells at him that she’s already taken that into account and to not think he’s always in charge whenever they’re in trouble. As she makes the call, Tessa asks if Chidori always behaves like that. Takuma reminds them that they’ll still be targeted so long as they have him in custody. Sousuke points the Uzi to his head and tells him they could solve that problem. Tessa orders him not to, as that would be against what Mithril stands for. Takuma tells her not to expect any gratitude and belittle her choice as self-gratification. Tessa tells him to think of it however he likes. Takuma trips Chidori as she walks back into the room.

Seina tells Kalinin that A21 was founded by a mercenary named Takechi Seiji as a welfare organization to rehabilitate youth delinquents. They were placed on a private deserted island and taught survival instincts in a harsh environment. Despite no longer needing to commit crimes, society still didn’t accept them. Takuma asks about their location and Tessa asks about his family. He replies that he only has an older sister. When Tessa asks what she’s like, he retorts that it’s irrelevant to the interrogation. Tessa tells him that the least he can do for putting them through all this trouble is converse with them, and reveals that she has an older brother whom she’s separated from. She’s always felt inferior to him, and remarks that Takuma must feel the same about his sister. Takuma says that he admires his sister. Seina tells Kalinin that a TV station forced itself into the island and caused an accident. This lead to A21 being decried as a terrorist group. The training camp was shut down and all the trainees’ pasts were revealed. Kalinin asks if this all for revenge, and Seina replies that her wish is to destroy the city and let it be consumed by fear. Chidori and Tessa go to the bathroom, and on the way Chidori tells Tessa one of the school’s ghost stories. As Chidori is waiting for Tessa to finish, someone grabs her from behind. Sousuke notices that they’re late and Chidori’s cell phone rings from inside Takuma’s pocket. He managed to grab it when he tripped Chidori and informed his allies of his location. The voice on the other end tells Sousuke to bring Takuma outside to exchange with the girls. In the school yard, one of the floodlights is turned on and Sousuke, handcuffed to Takuma, notices two snipers on the roofs. Ahead of them are two men holding the girls at gunpoint. They ask that Sousuke unlocks the cuffs in exchange for one girl. Tessa assures Chidori that her safety as a civilian is prioritized and Sousuke considers that option as well but decides that Tessa is less physically able to fend for herself should she be left behind. He asks the men to release Tessa first, surprising the girls. Tessa is quite offended by Sousuke’s decision and he tells her to lecture him later. Once Chidori and Takuma passed each other, Sousuke throws a grenade into the air and shoots the power box to shut off the lights. He orders the girls to run but Chidori is trying to catch Takuma again. Tessa runs to help and Sousuke hides behind the water faucets to avoid enemy fire. One of the snipers fires a rocket at the faucets and blows them up. The girls think Sousuke was killed and are too horrified to try to escape. The men catch up to them and are about to shoot them both when Takuma tells them to stop and Seina radios in with orders not to kill them. Chidori looks on in shock.


What started as another display of Chidori’s stupidity slowly escalated into a hostage situation. Chidori makes so much light of the trouble she’s in that it seems more of an inconvenience to her than actual danger. I’m starting to wonder just how much gray matter is there between her ears. Tessa makes mention of her brother, who won’t make an appearance way until The Second Raid. How the heck did Takuma grab Chidori’s cell phone unnoticed with his hands tied behind his back? That’s some crazy leg work there. The accident that happened at the A21 camp sounds a little fishy. Going by Seina’s explanation and the fact that the founder was a mercenary, the only event that would be associated with terrorism is an explosion caused by accidentally ignited munitions. If that was the case, the true purpose of the camp might have been to train terrorists all along. This episode ends on a cliffhanger where we assume that Sousuke was killed by the rocket blast, but honestly who’s gonna fall for that? This is anime, people, not rocket science.

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Full Metal Panic! Info

Koichi Chigira

Koichi Chigira
Fumihiko Shimo
Masashi Sogo
Tomihiko Ohkubo
Seiji Sogo
Koji Ueda
Hidefumi Kimura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Toshiaki Ihara

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

24 episodes

Japan 01.08.2002 – 06.18.2002


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