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Full Metal Panic! Ep. 11: Behemoth Awakens


In the terrorists’ van, Chidori is wondering if Sousuke’s okay. Sousuke managed to escape harm by jumping into one of the rooms. He runs to the yard and a cloaked helicopter arrives. Sousuke remarks that they were too late and the pilot contacts him. He informs him that his present is here and drops Mao and Weber along with Mao’s M9. Weber asks where his girls are and Mao kicks him. Inside a tanker called the George Clinton, Seina asks Kalinin if he’s okay, and remarks that he’s pretty tough. Kalinin replies that he’s tough enough not to hang himself like Seiji did. Seina presses a finger to his wound and asks if he’s calling him a coward. Kalinin replies that it’s up to her what to think. Seina finds him strange and says that he should have been a priest. Seina remarks that things might be different if they met earlier, and Kalinin replies that there’s still a chance. Seina says that it’s too late and that she’s only keeping him alive until she finds out what he knows about the Lambda Driver. Kalinin refuses to say anything and Seina informs him that she’ll just have to ask Tessa and Chidori’s bodies. Sousuke and Weber are riding in a pickup truck while Mao tags behind in her cloaked M9, slamming into overhead road signs in the process. Weber tells her not to destroy public property, and she reminds him that he stole the truck. Both agree how horrible it would be to pilot an arm slave in sign-filled Hong Kong. Sousuke remarks that he was stupid to have chosen Tessa first, and Weber agrees. He tells Sousuke that he should have gone with instincts instead of logic and to prioritize love. Mao tells them to stop bickering and to figure out the shortest route to Aomi Harbor, which intelligence suspects is the where the terrorists are. Sousuke reminds them that Chidori’s bracelet has a transmitter that they can use to track her location once they arrive. A police announcement is made informing patrols to hold road inspections due to discovering their files being accessed from the outside. The terrorists’ van drives into the George Clinton, and Seina slaps Takuma for not taking his pills on the plane. He protests that he spilt them in the bathroom and that they tasted terrible. She slaps him again then hugs him and says that she was worried. As Sousuke and the others cross a bridge, Mao’s M9 is making a lot of noise and she asks if there wasn’t another way. Sousuke replies that this was the shortest. In a locked up room on the tanker, Tessa tells Chidori that being around her messed up her behavior and caused her to do stupid things like trying to save Chidori when Sousuke told her to run. She asks Chidori if she’s scared. Chidori replies that she is but she would rather resist than act helpless. Sousuke and the others break through a road inspection and the police chase after them. Chidori tells Tessa that when she came back to Japan during her junior high years, she was very outspoken and caused a lot of people to antagonize her. Thankfully it ended when she entered high school and all that’s left is for Sousuke to act normally. Tessa asks if he’s that problematic and Chidori replies that he lacks common sense. They both agree that he’s a strange person. A man enters the room and orders them to come with him.

The girls are taken to Kalinin and the man threatens to shoot them if Kalinin doesn’t provide information. Tessa orders him not to say anything and Kalinin fakes outranking her. The man is about to shoot Chidori when Kalinin agrees to talk. He tells the man to come closer since he can’t reveal information in front of the girls. The man falls for it and Tessa tackles him, giving Kalinin the chance to hold his gun and shoot him. Kalinin shoots his handcuffs and apologizes to Tessa, who remarks that she did something stupid again. Kalinin thanks Chidori for protecting his subordinate. Chidori says she only met Tessa but they both correct her and say that he was talking about Sousuke and that Tessa is Kalinin’s superior. Mao gets confirmation from intelligence that their target is the George Clinton and Sousuke spots it dead ahead. Mao orders them to infiltrate and rescue the girls while she distracts the police. She uncloaks and points her gun at the police cars. The police request emergency reinforcements while Sousuke and Weber charge into the tanker. Military Type 96 arm slaves are being airlifted to the location and all air traffic is diverted to Narita airport. Kalinin and the girls are running downstairs. When Chidori asks why, Tessa replies that they need to confirm something before they run away. They follow a trail of cables used in electricity generators towards the bottom area of the tanker. They find the gigantic Behemoth arm slave. Tessa says that if that thing moves they’re helpless against it. Takuma reveals himself and says that it’s his toy. They’re surrounded by guards. Air control informs the Type 96 squad that air traffic has been diverted and they begin landing procedures. Seina tells Kalinin that she expected he would come down here when she heard gunshots. Tessa tells them that they can’t activate the Behemoth, and Takuma retorts that they can simply because they’re terrorists. He continues that he has nothing to gain from this and it’s just a declaration that people will soon forget with time. As a chosen warrior, he will ride the Behemoth and cause destruction to please his sister. Tessa pleads with him to stop but he says it’s too late, which is sad because he started to like her. The guards are about to shoot when an explosion rocks the tanker and one of them falls over the catwalk railing. Seina orders Takuma to board the Behemoth. Sousuke and Weber appear and start shooting the guards while Kalinin shoots the rest. One of them tries to shoot Kalinin but he dodges and the bullet grazes Takuma’s waist. Chidori embraces Sousuke and yells that she was worried and scared. Takuma protests that he’s injured and Seina tells him not whine over a scratch. She tells him that if he can’t pilot the Behemoth he’s worthless. Reluctantly Takuma climbs into the cockpit. The Behemoth activates and falls through the bottom of the tanker, flooding it with water. Tessa tries to call to Takuma but Kalinin stops her and they leave. Mao starts cutting through the hull from the outside. Takuma activates the Lambda Driver and the Behemoth starts to stand up, lifting the whole tanker and the M9 with it. Kalinin orders Sousuke to escape with the others while he tries to rescue Seina, telling them he’s too tough to die. When Seina sees him coming, she points her gun at him and shoots. The Behemoth smashes its fist through the hull and grabs the M9.


Things escalate rapidly with the introduction of the Behemoth, essentially the FMP equivalent of the Psyco Gundam, complete with an unstable teenage pilot. The damn thing needs a Lambda Driver just to be able to move, which brings the question of how A21 got their hands on it? It certainly doesn’t seem that Lambda Drivers can be found simply by waltzing into the nearest Black Market. Is Gaulon’s employer supporting them or are they one and the same? Seina and Kalinin seemed to have formed a connection, but unfortunately she isn’t willing to back out on her ideals that easily, and she doesn’t seem to value Takuma as family the way he values her. Mao mentions not wanting to pilot an arm slave in Hong Kong, which ironically is a location they’ll be visiting in The Second Raid.

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Full Metal Panic! Info

Koichi Chigira

Koichi Chigira
Fumihiko Shimo
Masashi Sogo
Tomihiko Ohkubo
Seiji Sogo
Koji Ueda
Hidefumi Kimura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Toshiaki Ihara

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

24 episodes

Japan 01.08.2002 – 06.18.2002


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