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Full Metal Panic! Ep. 12: One Night Stand


Sousuke, Weber and the girls escape from the tanker. They notice the army’s Type 96 arm slaves. Takuma lifts Mao’s M9 upwards. Tessa radios Mao and tells her to eject but Takuma crushes the M9 to everyone’s shock. Takuma then steps on the police cars and the Type 96s open fire. Takuma visualizes a shield and blocks the shots. He destroys the Type 96s with the Behemoth’s head vulcans. Takuma’s wound is still bleeding, and looks down and Tessa, saying he realized his feelings for her too late. Tessa regrets not killing him earlier. They push start the truck and drive away with Takuma chasing after them. Tessa phases out and Sousuke’s voice asking for instructions snaps her back. Mardukas radios in and is glad she’s safe. Tessa asks where the Tuatha de Danaan is, and Mardukas replies that they’re 120 kilometers south of the mainland, which Tessa remarks is too far for them to be use emergency rescue boosters. Sousuke asks to launch the Arbalest in a transport missile, but Tessa says that it’ll take too long to prepare it. Mardukas says that he had already prepared the Arbalest without Tessa’s orders. Tessa’s happy that he did and orders it to be launched to a secluded area where the Behemoth can’t spot it. Sousuke makes a sharp right at an intersection and dodges another volley of vulcan fire. Weber tells him to drive straight and uses his sniper rifle to fire a round into one of the Behemoth’s vulcan barrels, disabling half of them and damaging the right side of the head. A badly wounded Seina managed to escape with Kalinin after being hit by a girder. She asks if the Behemoth was activated and Kalinin confirms it. She says that it has enough power to run for forty hours and that it’s unstoppable until then. She feels sorry for Takuma since she’s not his real sister whom he killed. She used him after his memory was corrupted since she never had a family. Seina asks Kalinin why he doesn’t want to know the reason she spared his life, and he replies that he can make a guess. Seina says that she hates that kind of people and asks him to at least tell her his name. He gives it to her as Andrei Serenovitch Kalinin. Seina finds it a strange name and dies in his arms.

Mao grumpily walks out of the water towards Kalinin and asks if Seina was a friend, to which he says is something like that. Weber tells Sousuke to go faster and the latter tells him to shoot the Behemoth again but he can’t. Takuma spots the parachuting container and guns it down. Tessa says that the fall won’t destroy the Arbalest and orders Sousuke to retrieve it. Sousuke hands the wheel to Chidori and dives out of the truck. Chidori floors the gas pedal. Sousuke can’t open the container because the switch is facing the floor, so he tries to move it with a grenade. It doesn’t work, but it loosens the container enough to be shaken by the Behemoth’s massive footsteps. Chidori crashes into an abandoned storehouse and notices that Tessa has fainted. She lapses into her Whispered state for a bit before Weber grabs Tessa and tells her to run. Takuma smashes the ceiling and starts to loose concentration due to his wound. He asks where Sousuke is and is about to kill them when a shot hits the Behemoth’s head. Sousuke taunts Takuma while the rest escape. He fires more shots but they get blocked. Takuma tries to grab the Arbalest but Sousuke dodges and throws an anti-tank dagger at him, which disintegrates upon contact with the barrier. Takuma blows the roof under the Arbalest’s feet and causes it to fall in front of Weber and the girls. Chidori lapses again and hears Tessa’s voice telling her to inform Sousuke that he must use the Lambda Driver to destroy one of the Behemoth’s cooling systems. Sousuke asks Al how he can fight the Behemoth’s Lambda Driver with his own, but Al doesn’t know. Takuma tries to smash the Arbalest with his huge sword but Sousuke dodges, firing at him and trying to concentrate. All of his shots get blocked and Takuma swings again. Sousuke dodges but the fall damages the Arbalest’s right ankle joint. Chidori radios Sousuke and tells him that he must shoot the cooling systems located at the Behemoth’s crotch using the Lambda Driver. Sousuke is uncertain but when Takuma starts shooting at the others, he uses all his concentration and dashes towards the Behemoth, dodging a thrust and sliding under it. He fires a shot and it connects, stopping the Behemoth dead in its tracks. With the Lambda Drivers no longer functioning and unable to hold its weight, the Behemoth collapses and sinks into the ground. Tessa pulls Takuma out of the cockpit and he asks his sister why he lost. Tessa tells him that things happen and that life’s unfair like that. She tells him that she’ll always be by his side. Takuma apologizes and dies in her arms. Tessa thanks everyone for their hard work and tells Sousuke that the Arbalest is his from now on. Chidori has some questions but Tessa tells her to save them for later because she’s tired. She orders Sousuke to shut off his external sensors and tells Chidori that she may have fallen in love with Sousuke. She wishes luck to the both of them while Weber dances with joy.


The end of the second arc. For all its destructive power, the Behemoth clichely fell to pieces after one Lambda Driver-enhanced shot to its weak point. There’s also all the red herrings with the supposed demise of Kalinin and Mao only for them to show up later completely unharmed. Tessa confesses her feelings for Sousuke to Chidori, officially kicking off the love triangle. There’s no explanation as to whether A21 perished completely or just Seina’s group, and since she and Takuma are the only teenagers we see, what happened to the rest of the training camp members? I hope future battles veer away from the one-sidedness imposed by the Lambda Drivers.

Overall Rating

Full Metal Panic! Info

Koichi Chigira

Koichi Chigira
Fumihiko Shimo
Masashi Sogo
Tomihiko Ohkubo
Seiji Sogo
Koji Ueda
Hidefumi Kimura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Toshiaki Ihara

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

24 episodes

Japan 01.08.2002 – 06.18.2002


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