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Full Metal Panic! Ep. 22: Jack-in-the-box


On the Pasadena, Saylor is informed that the Tuatha de Danaan is approaching their area at high speed and orders the crew to prepare to intercept it. Sousuke and Weber run through the Tuatha de Danaan. Weber asks Sousuke what he thinks of the situation, and they both suspect Gaulon is behind it. The rest of the crew is locked up in the hangar, still oblivious to what’s going on. Lemming asks Mardukas if he finds the situation odd. Gaulon explains to the bridge crew that he has made the entire back part of the Tuatha de Danaan inaccessible to the crew who are stuck in the front part, so no one can help them now. Tessa reminds him that there are arm slaves in the hangar and crew could cut their way through. Gaulon anticipated this and orders the AI to set the oxygen concentration level in the hangar to the maximum. The crew will become light-headed and if they try to use the arm slaves’ knives, the sparks will cause an explosion. Tessa tells him to stop and Gaulon tells her not to order him around. He’s the captain now. Kalinin’s helicopter lands on the battleship Bunker Hill. The XO asks the captain what negotiation could possibly occur between a Pentagon official and a soldier, and the captain replies that their only job is to provide a place for them to negotiate. An officer comes up and informs the captain that they’ve detected the Pasadena and asks if they should contact them. The captain figures it’s Saylor and tells the officer to ignore it. Takenaka informs Saylor that they’ll reach their destination in twenty minutes and Saylor orders the maskers to be activated. The hangar crew starts to suffer from the increased oxygen and Lemming finds out the cause. She discovers that the doors won’t open and Mardukas order for the control room to be contacted, but all communications are blocked. Tessa telepathically communicates with Chidori and tells her that they can’t directly regain control of the Tuatha de Danaan. She quietly gives Chidori the key to her safe. Chidori must take the universal key from the safe and take it to the Lady Chapel at the heart of the ship. She tells Chidori that she’s the only one who can do it because she’s more athletic than Tessa. Chidori accidentally blurts out loud that it’s impossible and Gaulon hears her. He points his gun at her and asks what she’s hiding. Tessa suddenly pulls out a gun and fires at Gaulon, who barely dodges. She tells Chidori to run and fires at Guen. Chidori jumps over Guen and runs out of the bridge. Danigan tries to shoot Chidori then chases after her. Weber and Sousuke hear the shots. Tessa runs out of bullets and Gaulon slaps her gun away. On the Bunker Hill, Brigadier General Jenkin looks at documents provided by Kalinin and asks where the Tuatha de Danaan is currently located. Kalinin feigns ignorance and Jenkin tells him to remember who the police of the world is. Kalinin tells him that some people think globalism is just a baseless theory and Jenkin replies that the theory would become real if an individual’s country collapsed. Jenkin asks for them to move to the bridge because he doesn’t like the small room they’re in and Kalinin agrees. Gaulon handcuffs Tessa and holds her by her hair, saying that he’s very pissed right now. He won’t kill her just yet, but he’ll penalize her for what she did. He orders the AI to surface to periscope level and find a ship. On the Bunker Hill’s bridge, the captain informs Jenkin that the Pasadena is tracking something but they can’t confirm its identity. Jenkin knows about Saylor and asks for the Pasadena’s CIC data. He informs Kalinin that they caught the Tuatha de Danaan’s tail.

Chidori is hiding in a locker room. She takes off her jacket, shoes and socks then runs outside. The AI detects the Bunker Hill and Gaulon orders two harpoon missiles to be fired at it. Tessa yells at him and the AI in vain to stop. Chidori sneaks into Tessa’s office and opens the safe. She finds the universal key and a photo of Tessa and Sousuke from when he was coaching her in arm slave operation. Chidori walks outside of the office and is found by Danigan. The Bunker Hill detects the harpoon missiles and the captain orders countermeasures. They manage to shoot down one missile but the second one punches through the ship and destroys a helicopter stored inside. The Pasadena picks up the impact and Saylor angrily order for torpedoes to be prepared. Gaulon is surprised that the Bunker Hill didn’t sink and realizes that Tessa had removed the warheads. The Bunker Hill crew notices that the missile was a dud and Jenkin points a gun at Kalinin asking for an explanation. Kalinin denies the Tuatha de Danaan‘s existence and says that it has no reason to attack an American vessel. Jenkin isn’t convinced and Kalinin reminds him that the missile was a dud or they’d have been sunk by now. The XO informs them that a storm is approaching. Sousuke and Weber find Lian’s body and come under fire from Guen. Guen tells Sousuke that Chidori is in the dining room about to be killed. Chidori runs away from Danigan. Sousuke deduces that Gail couldn’t have betrayed them and that the other man must be Danigan. Weber offers to provide a distraction and reminds Sousuke that Chidori is in danger. Sousuke runs to the dining room while Weber throws a pipe at Guen. Danigan has Chidori cornered in the kitchen and Chidori defends herself with a frying pan. Sousuke runs in and Danigan fires at him. Chidori hits Danigan with the pan and Sousuke kicks him in the face. Danigan tries to strangle Sousuke and the latter shoots him dead with his gun. Sousuke asks Chidori if she’s alright and Chidori starts crying and says that she isn’t a burden. Sousuke apologizes and tells Chidori that if it wasn’t for her he’d be dead. Chidori notices that Sousuke’s hurt be he say’s he’ll be alright. They get up and Sousuke hears the sound of an attack sonar.


We see here that Kalinin was absent from the Tuatha de Danaan takeover to meet with a high ranking Pentagon official. Jenkin echoes America’s counter-terrorism policies by blatantly stating that it’s the country which polices the world. Makes you wonder if this was done intentionally after the US’s response to the 9/11 attacks. Chidori managed to escape with Tessa’s help and now it’s up to her to regain control of the Tuatha de Danaan. Sousuke takes out Danigan which leaves Guen and Gaulon to deal with. Two more episodes to go.

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Full Metal Panic! Info

Koichi Chigira

Koichi Chigira
Fumihiko Shimo
Masashi Sogo
Tomihiko Ohkubo
Seiji Sogo
Koji Ueda
Hidefumi Kimura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Toshiaki Ihara

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

24 episodes

Japan 01.08.2002 – 06.18.2002


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