Fulbtzs-Berrentzs class


Class: Fulbtzs-Berrentzs
Unit type:
 large-scale fleet mothership
Manufacturer: Zentradi
Operator: Zentradi
First deployment: unknown
Complement: approx 200,000 – 1,000,000 personnel
Dimensions: overall height approx 890.0 km; overall length approx 510.0 km
Weight: standard operating displacement approx 1,200,000,000,000,000,000.0 metric tons
Powerplant: Workl-Quatafilla heat pile system mega cluster, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: Workl-Quatafilla nozzle mega cluster system; Workl-Quatafilla fold system mega cluster
Performance: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; gravity control system
Fixed armaments: many x large output guided focusing beam cannon, mounted across ship; many x anti-planet/mobile fortress ship large reaction weapon missile launcher, mounted across ship; many x close-range anti-ship missile launcher, mounted across ship; many x close-range anti-small mobile weapon micro-missile phalanx, mounted across ship

The asteroid-like Fulbtz-Berrentzs was the mothership for the Zentradi Bodol Main Fleet, which consisted of nearly 4.8 million ships and was commanded by Gorg Bodolzaa. The massive mothership contained multiple ports for battleships of the Nupetiet-Vergnitzs class or larger to enter through. The mothership was capable of resupplying thousands of ships at a time. The mothership’s outer armor was strong enough to withstand an attack from reaction warheads. Aside from the ships that protect it, the Fulbtzs-Berrentzs was armed with many beam cannons and missile launchers. In February 2010, the Fulbtzs-Berrentzs led the entirety of the Bodol Main Fleet to Earth to begin the final battle of Space War I. The orbital bombardment by the Bodol Main Fleet resulted in the near annihilation of the human race, which was then followed by a retaliatory attack from Alaska Base’s Grand Cannon. Afterward, the Macross and Britai Kridanik’s Adoclas Fleet joined forces to attack the Fulbtzs-Berrentzs. The Macross penetrated the mothership’s massive interior and unleashed a barrage of hundreds of reaction warhead missiles, destroying the mothership and ending the war.

Captain: Gorg Bodolzaa
First appearance: Super Dimension Fortress Macross
Original mechanical designer: Kazutaka Miyatake


Macross Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shoji Kawamori
Noboru Ishiguro
Sukehiro Tomita
Kenichi Matsuzaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

36 episodes

Japan 10.03.1982 – 06.26.1983


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