GaoGaiGar Ep. 40: Star Children


Green light floods into the main order room and destroys all of Ear Primeval’s needles, followed by Mamoru and Galeon bursting through the floor. Back on Amaterasu, Goldymarg punches a hole in the hull causing Rib and Liver to get sucked out into space. Hyuuma nearly gets sucked out as well but Volfogg grabs him with his Jet Wrapper while FuRyu seals the hole with cement. Hyuuma yells at Goldymarg for nearly getting him killed, but the latter retorts that he should be thanked because he got rid of the Primevals. Nail Primeval tries to attack Mamoru but his hand gets disintegrated. He says that they can’t stand up to Mamoru’s power without joining with the main body and retreats along with Ear. Mamoru is too tired to chase after them but tries to sense where the remaining ones are, discovering Intestine Primeval still outside in the stolen ship along with his missing friends. Taiga wakes up and Mamoru tells him that he’s heading out to rescue his friends. Eye predicts Guy and J’s movements and Arm blasts them with his gravity waves. She then senses that the other Primevals have retreated and Arm tells her to modify the plan. J asks Arm if he’s running away, and the latter retorts that he still hasn’t changed since the Red Planet was mechanized. In a flashback, Arm tells J that he lost his J-Ark‘s main computer and can’t stop the planet’s mechanization. J nonetheless charges at Arm and they both clash in the air. Arm unleashes a gravity wave at point blank range but J manages to wound him before his J-Jewel shatters. Back in the present, J restates that they’ll settle their fight once and for all. Eye senses Guy coming from behind and Arm prepares to fire another gravity blast. Just then Guy spots the young woman and manages to dodge the blast. He and J take advantage of the Primevals’ confusion to stab Arm with their weapons. Arm knocks them away and creates a distraction to allow him and Eye to escape. J tells Guy not to interfere and flies away. Taiga asks about the Primevals’ whereabouts but Entouji has lost track of them. Leo asks Liger if he finished the analysis on the Zonder crystal and the latter replies that they’ll be able to make discs in thirty minutes. Entouji suddenly detects the Primevals in the core of the base’s reactor. The Primevals comment that the power system is primitive but will suit their plan just fine. Galeon arrives at the Belleau Wood and Mamoru heads inside to find his friends. Intestine Primeval suddenly appears and Mamoru is surprised that he couldn’t detect her. She explains that she hid inside the miniature black holes she can create where even he can’t sense her. She calls him Cain’s destruction machine but Kaidou arrives and explains that Mamoru is actually the child of Cain of the Green Planet, and that he is the actual destruction machine created by Abel of the Red Planet. Pagliaccio who is watching from outside senses a large spike in G and J energy and orders Intestine Primeval to eliminate the source at once. 3G continues to monitor the reactor core while thinking of a way to stop the Primevals from using it to create a Zonder metal plant.

Intestine Primeval and Kaidou explain that the Red Planet and Green Planet were from the Trinary Solar system. Despite the Green Planet being mechanized, Cain had a child, Latio, with the power to resist mechanization. To complement this, Cain also created the anti-mechanization circuit: The G-Stone. Abel of the Red Planet studied the G-Stone and created the J-Jewel, along with Armas, biological clones of Latio, as well as the Soldat cyborg division and the J-Ark fleet. However, that did not stop the mechanization of the Red Planet, and once she eliminates both of them there will be no one left to oppose the Primevals. Mamoru is in denial and refuses to accept that he’s an alien. Intestine Primeval creates a black hole and tries to suck them in. Kaidou fires energy at the hole and tells Mamoru to rescue his friends. Intestine tells Kaidou that he’s getting soft but he retorts that his purpose is to destroy them. She wonders if he can still do it and reveals that her host body is Mrs. Ikumi, surprising Kaidou. The other Primevals complete the Zonder metal plant and Ear boasts that every human on the base will be Zonderized. Eye detects Mic, who approaches the reactor block and transforms to Boom robot mode to play Disc X. As the Zonder metal crystals start shattering, Hyuuma rams Izanagi into the reactor block and dispatches the Brave Robot Corps while Entouji shuts the reactor down. The Primevals can’t believe how suicidal 3G is and Guy declares that they’ll defeat them long before they go down. Back on the Belleau Wood, Kaidou overpowers Intestine Primeval but momentarily lets down his guard when he thinks he hurt his mother, allowing Intestine to ensnare him with her intestinal tube. Kaidou’s J-Jewel pendant releases a lot of energy and destroys his restraints. Intestine blocks the energy with her black hole leaving both of them too focused on overpowering the other to move. Mamoru finds his friends and offers to assist Kaidou but the latter tells him to take them and escape. Mamoru tells Kaidou to call on him if he ever needs help as his friend from Earth before leaving with Galeon and his still unconscious friends. Hana wakes up and sees Mamoru glowing green but refrains from yelling in surprise. Kazou detaches the reactor block as the Brave Robot Corps battle the Primevals. The Primevals think they have the advantage but Liger announces that the Disc X designed to destroy them is finally ready. Mic plays the disc and the Primevals writhe in pain before Rib manages to disassemble them and escape. Entouji reports that the Primevals have re-emerged with the stolen ships and are now advancing towards the base. On the J-Ark, Tomoro tells J that they need to rescue Kaidou and J has the ship launch. Taiga orders all 3G ships to launch and prepare for a naval battle.


With their defenses completely broken down, 3G has no choice but to wing it and go all gung-ho on the Primevals. The rest of the episode is a bit of an info dump. Mamoru is officially confirmed to be the son of Cain from the doomed Green Planet and he isn’t taking it well. We also get to learn of J’s long held rivalry with Arm Primeval, who apparently had a whole harem of Primada clones for some reason, but the scary part is the revelation that there was an entire fleet of J-Arks that fell to the Zonderians. It’s nice to see that Kaidou showing some concern for his adoptive mother. On a lighter note, in the sequence where the Primevals imagine the Earth getting Zonderized, there’s a very weird scene in which Sakura’s breasts inflate after getting hit by a Zonder spore. That was pretty random. The arc will wrap up next episode with a big space battle, and hopefully J will set aside his pride long enough to assist Guy in taking out the Magnificent Seven.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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