GaoGaiGar Ep. 47: The End of Mechanization


The Zonder spores rain down on Earth and Zonderize everything they touch. The Orbit Base staff can do nothing except believe that 3G will come through for them. The citizens of Tokyo begin evacuating to the Bay Tower. Back at Jupiter, Mamoru tells everyone that the Z-Master is controlled by Heart Primeval at its core which is where they must strike. Everyone fires their strongest attack at once but it doesn’t even scratch the Z-Master. Hyuuma asks if it has a barrier but Entouji replies that the difference between the volumes of energies is too great. Stallion asks Swan to locate the Z-Master’s source of energy and Mikoto struggles to remain conscious. The Z-Master retaliates with a massive barrage of shots, all while taunting 3G and the J-Ark. Everyone is barely able to avoid the shots but Susanoh gets destroyed. Volfogg however is able to escape and combine into Big Volfogg. Tomoro reports that they’ve suffered an energy leak. Mic suggests that they use the gravity lens strategy they used before and Liger quickly launches the Gatling Driver. The Mic Force fires the Solitary Wave Riser through the lens but the Z-Master blocks the beam. Heart Primeval tells them that the same trick won’t work twice on him and reflects the blast. Mic manages to get out of the way but the rest of the Mic Force is annihilated. Heart Primeval tells everyone that their intense negative feelings will lead the universe to chaos, but J retorts that emotional changes are the essence of life and fires the J-Quath. The Z-Master blocks it with a barrier and Heart Primeval taunts J saying that his weakness and emission of minus thoughts give him no right to exist. The Z-Master fires another gravity wave and flings J and the Brave Robot Corps into Jupiter’s atmosphere. Mikoto notices the energy flow and reports that the Z-Master is absorbing THE POWER directly from Jupiter and distributing to its body from its heart. J and the Brave Robot Corps fall into a concentrated stream of THE POWER which completely repairs their damaged bodies. Taiga deduces that if they follow the streams they can enter the Z-Master and destroy it from within. Mikoto is hesitant but Guy says he understands the risks. This is their only option or they’ll never be able to face their fallen comrades. Taiga gives them one order only: To survive! J transforms back into the J-Ark and tells the Brave Robot Corps to get on. Kaidou says that they will charge into the Z-Master at full power, and Tomoro reiterates that this was their ultimate goal. The Z-Master fires another barrage which destroys Izanagi, but its crew manage to escape in a shuttle. J and the Brave Robot Corps manage to infiltrate the Z-Master and Taiga gives orders to recover the survivors from Izanagi.

The group encounters Brain Primeval who begins assaulting them with psychic waves. Kaidou blocks the waves and offers to stay behind with the J-Ark while the Brave Robot Corps carry on to the heart. Mamoru protests but J says that defeating Z-Master is all that matters. The Brave Robot Corps move on and encounter Ear Primeval. Big Volfogg uses Daikaiten Madan to destroy Ear’s projectiles and tells the others to go without him. They next encounter Nose Primeval who blows wind to push them back. GouRyuJin counters with his own windblast and has the rest go on. Mic faces off against Rib Primeval while GenRyuJin stops Spine Primeval. Guy smashes past Lung and Stomach Primeval and bursts into Heart Primeval’s chamber. Heart Primeval knocks Guy down with its immense psychic power and reiterates that all beings should be Zonderized to prevent spreading minus thoughts throughout the galaxy. J arrives cannons blazing and says that emotions are proof of life. The rest of the Brave Robot Corps catches up, and J tells them to create and opening in the veins so he can finish off Heart Primeval from inside. Heart Primeval tries to keep them at bay with a heavy barrage, but they all combine their powers to allow Guy to get in close. Guy tells Heart Primeval that the universe doesn’t need his mechanization and succeeds in ripping open a large vein. J dives in and Heart Primeval demands to know what they’re doing. Kaidou reminds him that THE POWER is also the power of destruction. J reaches the inside of Heart Primeval and releases all THE POWER within King J-Der, causing an explosive chain reaction within the Z-Master. As King J-Der begins falling apart, J tells Guy that they’ll settle their rivalry some other time. Kaidou tells Mamoru to use his powers to escape. Mamoru tells him not to die, and Kaidou says that he’s leaving Earth in his care. The Warriors of Abel congratulate themselves on finally achieving their goal, and Kaidou silently bids his mother farewell as the Z-Master explodes. Entouji confirms the Z-Master’s destruction, and Taiga asks about the Brave Robot Corps. They spot them floating out of Jupiter encased in a barrier by Mamoru. Happy that Guy is safe, Mikoto finally gives in to her fatigue and collapses. Mamoru uses his final power to completely disintegrate the Zonder Master Program, eradicating the Zonder for good. Guy sees his parents again, who smile to him one last time before fading. The mechanization on Earth stops, and the universe is saved at last.


With THE POWER in his hands, the Z-Master was able to turn the tables on 3G and the J-Ark just as fast as they did in the last episode. Although 3G emerged the victor, they paid a heavy price for it. Two of their main ships are destroyed, Mic is now the last surviving Mic Force unit due to the gravity lens tactic failing miserably, and the Warriors of Abel made the ultimate sacrifice. This alone would have been a fine finale for the show, but Heart Primeval made a cryptic remark before his demise hinting at still more to come.

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GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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