GaoGaiGar Final Ep. 3: 3G Exile Order


Palparepa grabs the Pas-Q machine and restrains Guy with bandages. He tells Kaidou that they will be eliminated if they interfere with the Sol Masters’ mission. Kaidou asks about J and Palparepa replies that he’s no longer in this universe. Palparepa leaves on the flying aircraft carrier Pia Decem Pit and Renais tries to chase after him but gets knocked down by Pillnus. Pia Decem Pit warps away amidst everyone’s shock. Elsewhere, Sueo, Sunou and Reiko ask Hana about Mamoru’s whereabouts since they all saw GaiGar, but Hana has no idea. On the Orbit Base, Kaidou explains that after destroying the Z-Master, THE POWER flung the J-Ark and its occupants past the edge of the galaxy to the void, where they discovered that the entire universe is contracting. After repairing the J-Ark, they warped to the center of the contraction phenomenon and found themselves back at Jupiter. Kaidou finds Mamoru with the Pas-Q machine, but before the latter can explain anything, they’re assaulted by Pia Decem Pit’s kamikaze fighter planes. J manages to shoot some of them down, but the rest crash into the J-Ark. J opens an ES Window for Kaidou and Mamoru but an attack from the kamikaze planes flings Mamoru away. The Pas-Q machine shatters into four pieces and gets sucked into the ES Window along with Kaidou, eventually falling down to Earth. After Kaidou recovered from his wounds, he returned to G-Island where he was attacked by the fake Mamoru. Kaidou deduces that the fake was a replicant sent to retrieve the Pas-Q machine. The Eleven Sol Masters were created by the Control Program System for the purpose of restoring the Trinary Solar system. Guy wonders why they’re targeting Earth and Kaidou assumes that they’ve gone out of control. Hyuuma wonders if they’re the ones causing the contraction, and Kaidou explains that the Pas-Q machine serves as the backbone circuit of a matter restoration device. But to find the answer to all their questions they need to head to the Trinary Solar system. Guy is confused because he thought that system was wiped out during mechanization, and Takanohashi adds that they don’t have the technology that allows them to travel to such a distant place. Kaidou reveals that they can use the Galeoria comet as a direct gate to their destination, the same way he and Mamoru arrived here on Earth. Yaginuma reports these findings to the United Nations, but the delegates aren’t willing to fund the operation because it doesn’t concern the Earth. Taiga interjects and says that there’s a good chance the strange weather patterns around the world are caused by the contraction, but a delegate retorts that it’ll take them hundreds of years to be affected by this phenomenon. He adds that they should focus on the Jupiter Energy Development Project, since that will eventually allow them to use THE POWER to counteract the contraction. Taiga tries to object, but secretary general Rose Approval sedates him by asking for time to consider the matter. 3G holds a funeral for Papillon, and Renais remembers to when they were in Paris, where Papillon told her that she wishes to return to her home in the Amazon and complete her research on the Sensing Mind. Guy silently tells himself that if the UN doesn’t give the approval he’ll go out by himself if he has to. Mikoto and the 3G staff however remind him that they all promised to come to Mamoru’s aid if he ever needed them. Back at G-Island, Taiga and Kaidou explain to the anxious Amami’s and Hana that the Mamoru and Galeon they saw were fakes.

On the Orbit Base, 3G prepares its fleet for departure. Takanohashi asks Volfogg if Entouji is on the Division VIII Ultra-Assault Multi-Firing Warship Takehaya, but the latter hasn’t been seen at all since the funeral. Suddenly the entire base shuts down and is put into lockdown by the United Nations’ remote override system. Yan approaches the Orbit Base with a fleet of CR ships and demands that 3G relinquish control of it at once. Guy asks if there a way to regain control and Takanohashi replies that they can only do that if they reprogram the main computer. Guy decides to use his Evoluder powers to give it a try with the assistance of Mikoto, Nozaki, Minoru and Akiko. Yan has Mic and the Chinese dragons sortie. They’re intercepted by KouRyu and AnRyu but Mic manages to slip past and dock with Tsukuyomi. 3G manages to regain complete control over the Orbit Base and Yan orders all CRs to prepare to attack. Yaginuma tells Guy and Mikoto to go while he and the scientists handle launching the 3G ships. The CRs launch a barrage of missiles but Yaginuma has the Kanayago deploy the Carpenters to disassemble them. However, the Carpenters are powerless to stop the manned CRs from approaching the Orbit Base. Guy launches in the PhantomGao from Tsukuyomi and fuses into GaoFar. Mikoto tries to initiate Program Drive, but discovers that the Final Fusion program has been deleted. With no one available to intercept the CRs, all seems lost until Taiga makes a surprise entrance on Tsukuyomi‘s bridge along with Liger, Swan and Stallion. Taiga uses an emergency startup program hidden in his golf club to activate Final Fusion. Guy quickly uses the Gatling Driver to trap most of the CR fleet in a spatial fold, allowing the remaining 3G ships to launch unhindered. The United Nations delegates urge Yan to stop them, and the latter says that they can only use Disc X, which will wipe out the 3G ships and the entire Orbit Base. Rose interrupts and declares that the 3G ships and their crew are now officially banished from the solar system. FuRyu and RaiRyu then drop the charade and defect to their 3G comrades, and Mic reveals that he was the one who brought Taiga and the rest with him. Yaginuma relinquishes command of 3G to Taiga, and news channels announce that 3G has staged a coup d’état. Taiga orders the 3G ships to head for the Galeoria comet while Yan, Rose and the remaining Orbit Base staff wish them luck. Liger is surprised to find that Renais has decided to tag along, but she says that she’s merely with them to kill time. After passing through the comet, Entouji finally enters Tsukuyomi‘s bridge to find everyone unconscious. He looks up to see them arrive at an unknown planet and is surprised when Papillon appears on a video screen welcoming them.


After two consecutive episodes of non-stop action, it’s time to wind down and listen to some exposition. The Warriors of Abel, long thought to have been lost after the battle with the Z-Master, survive thanks to the benevolence of THE POWER. Unfortunately, having just barely licked their wounds they run smack into the Sol Masters and the real Mamoru, setting off the chain of events that lead up to the first episode. Par for the course, the United Nations is hard pressed to swallow the idea of the universe’s impending doom, but Rose at least is sympathetic to Taiga’s cause, having apparently known him and Hyuuma for a long time. It’s interesting to see the new security measure added to the Orbit Base in light what happened to it in the past, though it’s a shame that we only see it being used against the base’s own staff. On the other hand, I’d like to know what gave Taiga the idea to put an emergency start-up program in his hilariously name Taiga Wood golf club. On a minor note, we get a brief cameo by characters from Betterman during the newscast of 3G’s exile.

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GaoGaiGar Final Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda0

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kazumi Fujita
Takahiro Yamada

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

8 episodes (OVA); 12 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release:
Japan 01.21.2000 – 03.21.2003


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