GaoGaiGar Final Ep. 5: The White Ark Restored


Guy uses his powers to control the remains of GaoFighGar’s body and charges with the Drill Knee. He destroys Palparepa Plus’ hand but the latter reconfigures it into a drill and blows off GaoFighGar’s leg. Palparepa tells Guy that he has no right to exist if he can’t kill and destroys GaoFighGar with a sword. Back on Earth, Ayame explains to Hana that the largest sunspot ever recorded is affecting the Earth’s magnetic field, causing electronics to go haywire and animals to lose there sense of direction. The government has advised all citizens to take shelter in the Bay Tower. Ai recalls Taiga telling her and Isamu that Mamoru is calling for help from beyond the galaxy and he promises that he’ll bring their son back safely. Up in the Orbit Base, the staff patiently waits for 3G to save the Earth and come out victorious. Mikoto wakes up to find an injured Papillon, who tells her that her Evoluder powers finally countered the effects of the Paras particles, which is the chemical that caused everyone’s nerve cells to relax. Papillon was unaffected due to her Sensing Mind and experience with hallucinogenic substances. When Pia Decem attacked her, she was saved by Mamoru. Papillon tells Mikoto that they need to wake up their 3G comrades or else they can never revive the deactivated Brave Robot Corps. Mikoto asks about Guy and screams that it’s her fault he’s defeated when Papillon reveal his fate. Papillon reminds her of the oath sworn through courage, and Mikoto decides to stand up and fight. Elsewhere, a bound Renais recalls the painful memory of being turned into a cyborg as a child by BioNet. After being shot on a mission, Liger finds her and saves her life with a GS-Generator. Mikoto uses the GunDober to shoot off Renais’ chains and set her down. She asks Renais if she’s alright and the latter just tells her to stay away so she doesn’t get burned again. Mikoto takes off to track down the Last Hope while Papillon repairs Renais’ body. Renais however has no time to rest because she managed to plant an explosive bug on Pillnus. Mikoto finds the remains of GaoFighGar and Guy’s broken Will Knife and breaks down into tears. Mamoru appears before her and says that Kaidou is missing as well. Renais tracks the bug signal to the Mont Saint-Michel citadel in France.

Renais races through the hallways and finds J. He asks her to use her G-Stone to release the lock on his bindings. Once freed, J expresses his gratitude and asks if Renais is from Earth. Renais introduces herself and asks where the Sol Masters are. J says that it’s the duty of the Warriors of Abel to stop them because they’re defective programs. Suddenly they hear the bug getting thrown at them and dodge the explosion. Renais enters Equip mode and spots Pillnus floating at the top of the room. Pillnus taunts Renais and the latter tells her she’ll regret not finishing her off before. Pillnus retorts that death is standing right behind Renais, and the latter turns around to see Pia Decem. J charges Pia Decem with his beam swords while Renais tackles Pillnus. Pillnus tries to use her chains again but Renais uses a candlestick to coil them up. She attaches a small explosive to the pile of chains and throws it back at Pillnus, blowing her away. J manages to get the upper hand on Pia Decem and slices his scythe to pieces. J and Renais move in for the finishing blow but Palus Abel suddenly appears and paralyzes them with her power. Abel taunts J and says that she’ll send him to meet Kaidou. Just before she can finish them off, Mamoru appears and redirects her blast. Mikoto has the Gun machines burst into the room and fire at the Sol Masters in robot mode. Mamoru tells J that the J-Ark is ready for him and guides everyone to the basement where it was hidden. The entire island lifts up and the J-Ark blasts out of it. Renais thought that the J-Ark was destroyed, and J tells her that its destruction would have meant his death as well. Renais remarks that this must be the real Mamoru, and Mikoto makes introductions. J asks about Kaidou but Mamoru doesn’t have an answer. The discussion is interrupted by Pia Decem Pit slamming into them. J orders all cannons to prepare to fire, but Abel calls in and warns them that any damage to their ship will hurt its bio-computer, which turns out to be Kaidou. Abel orders Pia Decem to bring in the J-Ark intact, and the latter launches his fighter planes. J has the J-Ark descend into the ocean, where he performs Mega Fusion and becomes King J-Der. J grabs onto Pia Decem Pit, and Abel orders the ship to ascend into space. There they find a duplicate Orbit Base as well as duplicate Carpenters and Brave Robot Corps, all brainwashed into treating the J-Ark as the enemy. They’re led by a duplicate GaoFighGar piloted by the real Guy, who’s being manipulated by Palparepa’s chemical bolts. Guy attacks with the Goldion Hammer and J has no choice but to retaliate with the J-Quath despite Mikoto’s protests.


3G’s streak of bad luck still hasn’t quite let up. Although the real Mamoru finally revealed himself and J and the J-Ark made their triumphant return, the rest is all downhill in this episode ending with one ugly cliffhanger. Guy and Kaidou are thankfully alive but that’s about the only positive thing you can describe their situation with. As I mentioned before, Renais really got the short end of the stick when it came to her conversion into a cyborg. Not only did BioNet force her to go through the painful process while she was still a little girl, but they did a sloppy job of it as well. Moving on, the beginning of the episode showed us some brief glimpses of what 3G has been up to since the end of the TV show, including a second cameo by Alouette, the girl who programmed GaoFighGar’s Final Fusion sequence. As this is an OVA, you might have noticed the animators upping the ante of the fanservice, and this episode gives us some brief gratuitous nudity courtesy of Swan.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Final Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda0

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kazumi Fujita
Takahiro Yamada

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

8 episodes (OVA); 12 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release:
Japan 01.21.2000 – 03.21.2003


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