GaoGaiGar Final Ep. 6: My Name is Genesic


As Papillon works to neutralize the Paras particles, she silently prays for everyone to not lose their courage. J and Guy’s weapons clash, and Renais wonders why Guy is fighting them. Mamoru deduces that he’s somehow under the Sol Masters’ control. Tomoro warns that their generator has reached its limit and J realizes that even if he overpowers Guy the duplicate Brave Robot Corps will finish him off. The Sol Masters watch from afar and Abel gloats that King J-Der‘s defeat is guaranteed. The J-Quath starts breaking down, and Mikoto screams out for Guy to come to his senses. Suddenly the duplicate Brave Robot Corps overpower their programming and rush to J’s aid, blocking the Goldion Hammer with their bodies, saying that they’re still Braves even if they’re reprogrammed duplicates because they still have their memories. J yells at them to move before they’re disintegrated, but the Brave Robot Corps retort that they’d rather die than be the enemy’s puppets. On the Orbit Base, Palparepa remarks that he made the Brave Robot Corps duplicates too well and should have spent more time on their reprogramming, however Guy will never be able to escape the hold of his chemical bolts. The duplicate Brave Robot Corps are destroyed, and GoldyMarg follows up by self-destructing. The resulting shockwave disintegrates all the Carpenters and the Orbit Base. On the duplicate moon, a voice rings out saying that program restoration will be soon complete. On the real Earth, the citizens of Tokyo pray for 3G’s success. Guy floats in a green void inside GaoFighGar wondering why he fights. As he despairs that all is lost, Mamoru and Mikoto appear and tell him that he’s not alone because everything they’ve done until now was not in vain. Guy however is still confused about Pie La Cain, but Mamoru reminds him that they all exist to protect life and support each other. Guy must fight because he’s still a hero, and the duplicate Brave Robot Corps sacrificed themselves for that. They join hands and purify Guy’s body, removing the influence of the chemical bolts over him. On the J-Ark, Renais asks J if the ship can move yet but he replies that the Tomoro is still repairing himself. Renais complains that Sol Masters will strike first if they take too long, and on cue the J-Ark is hit by Pia Decem PIT‘s kamikaze fighters. Abel congratulates J on surviving for so long but his ship’s armor won’t withstand another blow. The fighters slam into the duplicate GaoFighGar and heavily damage it. J fuses into J-Der and destroys the fighters, so Abel forces Kaidou to send a freeze signal to his J-Jewel. J is paralyzed and powerless to stop Pia Decem from ramming J-Der into the J-Ark, destroying the duplicate GaoFighGar for good.

Mikoto dreams of a voice telling her that the only way to stop regeneration is destruction, and wakes up in a cavern made of G-Stone, the G-Crystal. She looks up and spots the real Galeon, and Mamoru tells her that he’s almost done. Mikoto recalls that they managed to escape by detaching a piece of LinerGao II and flying to the moon. She asks if the others are still on the J-Ark, and Mamoru tells her that they need to hurry. When the Z-Master was destroyed, the Trinary Solar system’s regeneration program, the Eleven Sol Masters, was started. Galeon is an anti-program designed to counter the Sol Masters in case they went rogue, but wasn’t able to utilize his true purpose due to the emergence of the Z-Master. Mamoru was forced to hide on the G-Crystal in order to restore Galeon’s original programming, and apologizes for not getting in touch with 3G sooner. They’re interrupted by the Sol Masters who have them surrounded. On the J-Ark, Renais urges J to get up but gets attacked by Pillnus. Pillnus attacks her with a flamethrower but she uses her cooling coat to extinguish the flames. Renais enters equip mode and charges at Pillnus, but gets knocked down by Pia Decem. Abel tells Tomoro that with the J-Jewel disabled she can undo his protection and reconfigure him. In the G-Crystal, Palparepa tells Mamoru that while their Loud G-Stones are stronger than normal G-Stones, it pales before the Genesic Aura of the G-Crystal. Mamoru says that the Aura is disabled when Galeon uses the crystal to recharge his energy, and Palparepa announces that it’s time for the G-Crystal to fall. The Sol Masters retreat into anti-matter cubes hovering in orbit and prepare to fire the Sol Wave. Renais and J are overpowered by Pillnus and Pia Decem but announce that they haven’t lost yet. Palparepa fires the Sol Wave, shattering the G-Crystal and knocking Galeon away. Mamoru hangs on to a large shard and tells Mikoto to not let go. Pie La Cain tries to fuse with Galeon, but is shocked to find Guy inside already. Guy uses the Genesic Aura to knock Cain away, and Palparepa is surprised that he managed to free himself from the chemical bolts. Guy tells him that an oath sworn through courage is stronger than any hold on flesh and fuses with Galeon into Genesic GaiGar. Guy tells Mamoru to take care of Mikoto and starts destroying the cubes with his claws. Abel orders everyone to concentrate the Sol Waves, and Guy is eventually trapped. Palparepa fuses into Palparepa PLUS and tries to stab Guy with his sword. A stray Sol Wave streaks towards Mamoru and Mikoto and takes all the former’s powers to block it. Mikoto hears the voice again and gets a vision of Mamoru’s mother. She looks up to see the G-Crystal panel that Mamoru was programming and flings herself towards it. Mikoto silently tells Guy to save Mamoru and everyone else and slams the panel, initiating Genesic Drive. The Genesic Gao Machines ProtectGao, BrokenGao, SpiralGao, StraightGao and GadgetGao burst out of the G-Crystal shards and deflect the Sol Wave, allowing Guy to dodge Palparepa’s attack. Guy then fuses with the Genesic Gao Machines into the ultimate King of Braves Genesic GaoGaiGar! Mikoto then gets struck by the Sol Wave to Mamoru’s shock. Guy destroys more cubes with Broken Magnum, and his extremely powerful Protect Shade disintegrates the rest. Guy tells the Sol Masters that he will destroy all of them, and Abel says that she’ll use the power of the Pas-Q machine to stop him.


Slowly but surely, things have finally turned around for our heroes. After the brief clash with the duplicate Brave Robot Corps, the rest of the episode focused on Guy’s recovery and some exposition, leading up to the introduction of the monstrous Genesic GaoGaiGar. The reveal of Galeon’s ultimate purpose being to counter the threat of the Sol Masters is a bit wonky at best and contradictive to the TV show at worst, because it implies that Cain predicted the Sol Masters would go rogue but expected whoever found Mamoru and Galeon to improvise beating the Zonder menace on their own. In the end it’s best not to think about it too much and just enjoy the rest of the ride. Guy may be back in action, but J and Renais have their work cut out for them. It’s a shame that the Warriors of Abel suffer so much handicaps in this OVA, what with J losing his J-Quath, his J-Jewel disabled and Arma being held hostage by the Sol Masters.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Final Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kazumi Fujita
Takahiro Yamada

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

8 episodes (OVA); 12 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release:
Japan 01.21.2000 – 03.21.2003


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