Garzey’s Wing Ep. 2: Shadow of the Enemy


Chris has a hard time riding a horse and falls off of it. Ketta Keras talks to another man about the growth of the Metomeus tribe. Hassan, Aishe and Tance watch Chris continuing to practice his horse riding. Meanwhile, Zagizoa watches as some of his troops transport some large war beasts via horseback. Zagizoa is planning on attacking the Metomeus tribe, leaving a few survivors to lead them to the Baraju tree. Leelince climbs a tree and sees Chris approaching. Tribe members work on collecting clay and they depart following Chris’s arrival. One of the men is concerned that the presence of a Mi Ferario is reducing Chris’s power. They plan on heading to the Baraju tree. Leelince complains to Hassan about how useful Chris will be for them if he can’t transform into Garzey’s Wing. Suddenly a skeleton-like war beast comes up from the ground. It’s head is cut off and flails at Chris. Chris kills it by shooting at it with a drug-tipped arrow. Zagizoa flies overhead on a winged war beast. Chris shows the Metomeus tribe mates how to delay the explosion for Gada by using soaked rope. On Earth, Chris arrives at his class reunion, which is a get together with some friends taking place at a pool. His friends wonder what is going on with his shaking necklace. The tribe members ready the Gada fuses and a series of them head out. Zagizoa lands on the ground and one of his subordinates reports to him on the current locale of the Metomeus tribe. Zagizoa releases food-based powder as he flies over the rivers and plains which causes various creatures to start stirring. He notices the members of the Metomeus tribe has increased. The creatures, called Doragorole approach the Metomeus tribe members. Chris yells at Falan Fa, telling her to find out how many are coming. The Doragorole have early success killing many of the tribe members although Chris is successful electrocuting one of them. Zagizoa, watching from overhead, wonders where Hassan is and realizes they are using the Gada gunpowder. Hassan’s carriage is knocked over and Chris realizes his necklace is starting to shake. Zagizoa swoops in from overhead at Hassan.

On Earth, a bruise appears on Chris’ stomach, but he doesn’t feel any pain. On Byston Well, Chris loses his sword, stabbing it into a Doragorole and falls over. A Doragorole starts eating many other ones, causing it to transform into a Hydra-like creature with many heads. Chris and Leelince flee from it. A mysterious hooded man drops an exploding bag on it, killing it. Zagizoa captures Hassan with a lasso and drags her along while his war beast is attacked by Chris. Garzey’s Wings appear on Chris’s feet again, enabling him to fly into the air and battle with Zagizoa on board his war beast. Zagizoa knocks Chris off of the war beast but Garzey’s Wings cause him to levitate over the ground, preventing him from being harmed. Zagizoa throws his sword at Chris, but Chris knocks it away and cuts the rope holding Hassan, freeing her. Zagizoa flies off on his war beast. Hassan tells Chris about Zagizoa. The hooded man, named Giant Tawrad, tells Ketta Keras he’d rather watch from a distance than accompany the Metomeus tribe. Leelince wonders if he is a holy warrior as well. Chris wonders if he is a spy and asks Falan Fa to keep an eye on him. Rumiko arrives at Chris’ party on Earth. The necklace starts shaking, causing him to sit down. Chris talks to his spirit about how he could make a gun on Byston Well. Chris invites Rumiko to stay for dinner. On Byston Well, Chris instructs the tribe members on how to create guns. Chris wants the cavalry core to circle around and Ketta Keras agrees to it. Zagizoa decides to head back to the homeland while another commander sends a scout party after the Metomeus. The commander doesn’t want Zagizoa receiving any credit. Ketta Keras asks Falan Fa to find out where the war beasts are coming from. His subordinates are worried about him using a Mi Ferario as a scout. The Ashigaba soldiers approach, riding on a series of war beasts. Falan Fa informs the Metomeus tribe members who watch the Ashigaba infantry over a cliff. On Earth, Chris feels very cold. The Metomeus tribe starts their charge and explosions set off by them destroy much of the Ashigaba soldier’s vehicles. Chris does battle with some of the soldiers. Tawrad watches while standing on the cliff above. Ketta Keras thinks the war beasts pursuing them will come to a halt of their supply core is destroyed.


Is it just me, or did pretty much nothing happen plot-wise in this episode? I don’t feel that we’re really any further than we were at the end of the previous episode. The sequences were for the most part rather dull, and the sequences with Chris and his Earth self get more and more nonsensical. His big ‘reunion’ ending up being nothing but hanging out at the pool with a few of his friends. If there’s anything interesting about this episode, it’s how ridiculously bad the dub is. Either lines are incomprehensible (“It is most effective to place a Doragorole at Gabajuju”), are delivered in a horrible way (“You certainly got sexy!” as delivered by Chris at the pool), or the voices are just terrible (Tawrad has arguably the worst dubbed voice I have ever heard). The early scene where a skeleton-like war beast head attacks Chris comes off as if it is biting his crotch, which appears quite absurd. I’m looking forward to the final episode, if only because this nightmare will finally be over.

Overall Rating

Garzey’s Wing Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Kenichi Ohnuki

Musical Composer:
Shiro Sagisu

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 09.21.1996 – 04.09.1997
U.S. 06.20.2000


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