Gasaraki Ep. 12: Unravel


The JSSDF command vehicle coordinates with Kitazawa on having a transporter pick up the TAs. Murai notices that the berserk TA is starting to revive. Sat 6 rushes in to assist Sat 4. Murai is unable to get in touch with Sat 5 so as to tell Takayama to retreat. Misuzu looks down at Yushiro as she is flown away. The berserk TA tears at the armor of Sat 6 and knocks it to the ground, seriously damaged. Takayama watches from outside his TA. Holding Sat 6’s head in his TA’s hand, the berserk TA pilot simply screams. A helicopter carries Yushiro, Miharu, Ataka and Misuzu. The troops inside tell them they are headed to Gowa City. Two of the troops complain about the veins (slums) in the city, saying that they should simply be nuked, surprising Misuzu. Kazukiyo talks to Kiyotsugu over the phone, who is currently recovering the Kugai with some technicians. The helicopter lands in Gowa City. Kazukiyo tells Misuzu their father is worried and she should go home. Yushiro tells Misuzu he’ll be alright. The berserk TA continues to move forward as Takayama and Kitazawa are tended to. Hirokawa wonders why the berserk TA didn’t completely destroy Sat 6, taking only its head. Hirokawa hopes the TA doesn’t leave the testing ground, planning to use artillery on it if it approaches civilian grounds. Kazukiyo tells Yushiro that he has heard of the incident with the Kugai and that he is worthy of being his brother. Kiyotsugu comes in and is surprised to find that Miharu is the Symbol pilot that they have been facing. Kiyotsugu asks her and Yushiro to cooperate with them, to which she says they don’t have a choice anyway. Miharu tells Yushiro she will be alright since she will be a test subject of theirs’, being left in Kiyotsugu’s hands. Kazukiyo tells Yushiro of his latest orders, to help capture the berserk TA. Yushiro agrees to go, but first reveals that he knows the real Yushiro dies, asking who is really is. Kazukiyo tells him he is a Kai.

A plane brings Yushiro into Hokkaido. Yushiro gets in one of the enhanced TAs, Sat 7 and climbs aboard a transport vehicle. Earlier, Yonetani had told Yushiro that the berserk TA pilot had been injected with a compound that was developed to enhance his piloting skills, created from a Mile One artificial muscle specimen. Yushiro agrees to Hirokawa’s orders, despite Ataka’s plea that he doesn’t have to be involved. Yushiro claims the berserk TA pilot is just like him, and that is why he has to do this. Hirokawa reports to Kazukiyo on their status. Sat 7 gets off of the transport vehicle and quickly catches up to the berserk TA, but it gains a burst of speed and runs further away. When Sat 7 catches up to it again, it turns and attacks. Yushiro holds back, not wanting to endanger the berserk TA pilot. The berserk TA tears off Sat 7’s head, screaming out in triumph again. It runs past the final security line, into the region where tanks are prepared to fire upon it in order to stop it. Kaburagi tells Yushiro to retreat. The tanks prepare to fire upon the TA and start counting down. Yushiro chases after the berserk TA and catches up with it just as the tanks fire their barrage at the berserk TA. Yushiro prepares for impact. As they are hit, smoke obscures everyone’s vision of them. Both TAs show positive life signs after the attack, Yushiro having created a trench for the two of them just before the blast hit. Yushiro gets out of the TA and hears the berserk TA pilot talking about being a stain upon the sword of Shichishi. This causes Yushiro to think of the Kugai and he screams in terror.


Slightly better than the previous episode in that there is a resolution to the berserk TA storyline which has been going on for 3 episodes now. Aside from that, this episode is set up and foreshadowing for future events. Themes such as the absolute coldness of Kazukiyo towards Yushiro and Yushiro’s ability to yet again succeed in his mission are nothing new. That said, the ending of the episode was interesting, making it look like the drug used on the berserk TA pilot is somehow connected with the Kugai Yushiro had piloted.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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