Gasaraki Ep. 19: Wails


A civilian spits in disgust at the troops now stationed in the veins. The TA Company test their TAs. Hayakawa is contacted by Lt. Col. Hirokawa. Hayakawa tells the others about this and that he’s been asked to meet with Nishida, who seeks to secure the support of the TA Company. He tells them he is intending on declining, but doesn’t want that to affect their decision on the matter. Takayama tells him he won’t have to worry about them, and that he is their leader. Meth finds out that the JSSDF have been stationed in the veins where Won is. Meth desires to put a contingency plan in place and asks to speak with General Armor at the Pentagon. Hayakawa is brought before Hirokawa, who brings him to Nishida. Lee’s wife tends to the wounded Won. After she leaves, Yushiro apologizes for him getting hurt due to getting involved with him. Won thinks that the riot and involvement of the TA was orchestrated by someone in advance. He thinks their group is to be made the scapegoat. Yushiro admits to Won that he plans on heading to Tokyo. Won thinks he won’t be able to make it there himself and asks to let his people help. Nishida tells Hayakawa that he believes the US will announce a moratorium on all grain exports. He says Japan’s self-efficiency at creating food is 40% and a depression will surely result. Nishida says there is only one solution to this, which Hayakawa realizes is revolution. Meanwhile, Meth gets off the phone with the Pentagon, which is sending over a plane of soldiers. Nishida thinks the US will be against them, but he intends to protect Japan and that no one else will be involved. Two men talk about Wakisawa, who they think is after the Gowa. Nishida asks Hayakawa why he joined the JSSDF. He says Hirokawa joined to protect the ideals of Japan and that apathy is dangerous to them. Hayakawa questions whether they will be upholding the laws of Japan. Nishida says only people can resolve issues, not the law. Kazukiyo talks on the phone about the US’s upcoming announcement. Miharu stares at the Lily Bell Flower. Won comes in and asks who Miharu is, since Symbol is looking for her. Yushiro says she is just like him, and was a Symbol TA pilot. He says they hooked up because they were both tools to be used as a means to an end. Won leaves and realizes they are just like he used to be. The US troops arrive in Japan and receive their orders. Ataka talks to Kaburagi in the command vehicle.


Hayakawa, still sitting before Nishida, recalls when Ataka asked him in class about pride and why he entered the JSSDF. Hayakawa says it is something many people question themselves about, and he still doesn’t’ know for sure why, but that is good for him. Won reports to Symbol that he has found who they are looking for but that it is a bad time. The agent on the line with him tells him he’ll be let back into Symbol by cooperating with them. He tries to get them to wait a few days first. Meth believes Won intends to make a move tonight. Won tells Yushiro that they have to clear out, and that they have a boat in the harbor that will bring him to Tokyo. Yushiro is ready to leave immediately. Won is dedicated to helping them depart. Hayakawa asks Nishida if he believes in Japan even though it is in its current state. Nishida says no matter what he’s Japanese. Nishida becomes angry when Hirokawa, concerned for his health opens the door to see how he is doing. Nishida takes out his katana and says that it has evolved by triumphing over many battles it has been in. He considers the katana his soul and that it used to represent the Japanese people. He says he intended on killing himself if Hayakawa didn’t agree to join them, but not to take that into consideration when making his decision. Hayakawa thinks long about it and agrees to assist Nishida. Yushiro and Miharu are driven to the harbor. A spy reports on their activity. A pair of helicopters head towards the ship. Yushiro tells Won that when he gets to Tokyo he plans on reuniting with his friends in the JSSDF. The two helicopters suddenly appear and a number of soldiers jump out, quickly incapacitating Yushiro. Won is knocked over as well and they break inside to where Miharu is sitting. The soldiers come out with Miharu. Yushiro attacks them to no avail. Won fires upon the soldiers, who fire back at him. The soldiers head back to the helicopter and use a blinding light to distract Yushiro while they escape. Yushiro tends to Won, who tells him It was Symbol and Meth who did this. He then dies. Hirokawa talks to Kazukiyo about how they have secured the TA Company, but he is concerned about Nishida, who spent 2 days trying to convince Hayakawa. They talk about the US moratorium, on grain exports, which is announced over the news to be taking effect for the next 12 months. Hirokawa reports to the Prime Minister, telling him he should invoke an executive order authorizing the General Economy Controls Measure and should mobilize the JSSDF to suppress the rioting. Hirokawa says he has already made the preparations, causing the Prime Minister to wonder what is going on. The Prime Minister agrees to this, which includes implementing martial law. Civilians are instructed to follow the curfew put into place.


This episode would be a relatively fast paced episode if not for the Nishida scenes, which as always slow things down a bit. I find it rather hard to believe Hayakawa and Nishida talked with each other for two straight days. Still, Hayakawa ends up going along with him, which was rather unexpected and predicted to not happen by Hayakawa himself earlier in the episode. The scenes with Yushiro are better paced and more exciting, with him and Miharu departing the veins and returning to Tokyo. Won meets his end, which probably was to be expected. Still, he seemed quite outmatched and would have survived had he not tried one last attack on the soldiers. With martial law declared and Yushiro returning to Tokyo it looks like things are starting to get set in motion for the conclusion of the series.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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