Gasaraki Ep. 21: Run


The government declares a state of emergency following the riots. As a result of the attack on the Prime Minister, the Cabinet creates a Department of Public Safety and Security for which Hirokawa has been declared director. Kazukiyo talks with a technician about the fact that Nishida has been up the entire night. A plane touches down at the Yokota base. Kaburagi and Ataka find Yushiro, who says that Miharu has been taken away by the Americans. He tells them that Miharu was the Symbol pilot they faced in Belgistan. Takayama and Kitazawa lay in the JSSDF tank thinking of their attacks on civilians to protect the Prime Minister. Kiyoharu comes to see Wakisawa, saying that his older brother will not overlook his activities much longer. He asks Wakisawa why he does what he does. He claims that spite drives him when he comes across oppressive powers. Kiyoharu asks if he will be willing to entrust his spite to him. Ataka finds it doubtful that they will be able to find the U.S. forces that took Miharu but Kaburagi says it will be easier due to the curfew in effect and they will be able to find records of its flight. She contacts Murai to see if she can find the two helicopters. Staff reports to Nishida on grain reserves. Nishida feels bad about what the TA Experimentation Company had to go through but finds them indispensable to their plans. Nishida says that the U.S. has forces in various countries to prevent terrorism but that they will have a hard time being able to justify going against a civilian corporation. He thinks that they will resort to attacking through terrorism, and that they will need the TA Experimentation Company to counter such an attack. Phantom looks up information on Miharu and Nishida, stating that he wants to meet him. Kaburagi finds that the helicopters that took Miharu have landed at the Yokota base. They decide to head there. Meth, sitting with the silent and still Miharu talks on the phone with F. F tells Meth to follow a change in plans, following a new operations itinerary that has been sent him. Meth realizes that these new plans will involve using Miharu.

Murai finds Hayakawa sitting in the command vehicle, where he claims to be regretting involving everyone else in these operations. Murai says that they are following his words to never question themselves. Kaburagi realizes Yushiro will be using the TA, and that despite it being illegal she understands his needs to protect Miharu. Kaburagi says that they will get in by claiming that they are carrying a criminal. Murai assists them getting in by hacking into the JSSDF’s command system. Yushiro changes into his pilot suit. Meth talks to the base commander at the Yokota base on their change of plans and the cancellation of their flight. A top secret prototype had been delivered to the base and Meth asks that they transport themselves and it to Symbol’s headquarters. A soldier in a jeep arrives, saying that they’ve been ordered to hand over the criminal, to which the base commander knows nothing about. Meth asks for a helicopter to be made ready for them at once. Ataka drives right into the base. The base commander orders forces to be ready to counter them. Yushiro spots Miharu and goes out on his own despite Kaburagi’s objections. Yushiro’s TA jumps off the vehicle and starts running. Ataka goes to her TA to provide Yushiro with assistance since they don’t have a command vehicle. One F-22 takes off; Yushiro attacks others trying to take off. The base commander orders that they destroy the TA. Another F-22 fires upon Yushiro, who is breathing heavily. One of his TA’s feet is destroyed. The base commander orders the F-22 to change its fire patterns. Yushiro won’t respond to Ataka. Yushiro thinks of his family, his past life, the Kugai and Miharu. His TA starts moving again and fires into the air. Symbol’s forces detect a reaction from within Japan. Phantom thinks of the threshold. Yushiro hits the F-22, destroying it. The helicopter carrying Miharu takes off. Yushiro continues to breathe heavily.


A so-so episode at best, acting mostly as set up. Phantom makes his first appearance since episode 8 but doesn’t do much. Wakisawa also appears again, making me wonder if there will be more going on with his character as the series draws to a close. Things do get somewhat more exciting at the end of the episode with Yushiro’s attack on the U.S. base holding Miharu. It looks like Symbol plans on using her to pilot a TA again, despite her current state.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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