Gasaraki Ep. 4: Mirage


The news reports the defeat of the U.S. forces advancing onto Belgistan. Daizaburo and Kazukiyo talk about Yushiro heading to Belgistan. The JSSDF carriers plan lands at a base where Hayakawa is greeted by Lt. Takeharu Gowa, cousin of Yushiro. The U.N. continues to argue about their response to Belgistan. Meth reports to the Symbol council about their status regarding evacuating from Belgistan. Hayakawa and Takeharu meet with General Dole. Takeharu shows Hayakawa the site where Belgistan’s weapon of mass destruction was conducted, called Shrine Hill. He states that they are to head there and secure the area. Hayakawa is upset about them being stationed deep in enemy territory. Dole says their spy satellites have shown it to not be a dangerous area and their main forces plan to attack the capital at the same time. Hayakawa still objects. Takeharu says this was approved by the Japanese government and official orders will soon be issued. He says they have already drawn together plans for the mission and that they will enter the experimental site the next day. The TA pilots and technicians discuss the current situation. Encoded orders arrive from the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Hayakawa. He soon arrives and tells everyone that they’ll be leading a mission to secure Shrine Hill. Dole discusses Hayakawa’s reaction with Takeharu. Takeharu tells him that after the fighting is over Gowa will hire him as a consultant. The JSSDF carrier plane takes off towards Shrine Hill. Hayakawa tells his technicians not to be worried about contamination. Kazukiyo tells Daizaburo that Belgistan’s test site will soon be in their hands.

The TAs prepare to be dropped from the carrier. The carrier reaches the target point and drops all four TAs. Focus Three and Four quickly take out a pair of tanks. The Belgistan soldiers are defeated quite quickly. A Symbol employee reports to Meth that the TAs have arrived. Meth wants to get Miharu out of Belgistan but ‘F’ tells him to have her head out in a Fake, thinking one of the TA pilots might be the person she made contact with earlier. The Belgistan soldiers all surrendered, a Gowa helicopter arrives with Kiyotsugu and Kiyoharu. Ronald Fagan, a news reporter, and his cameraman approach on a jeep. Kiyotsugu and his technicians analyze the area. Hayakawa is surprised that the Gowas showed up. Hayakawa says that this place doesn’t look like a place where a weapon of mass destruction went off. The TA pilots keep watch over the site as they continue their investigation. Yushiro thinks of how he thought this mission would help him learn more about himself, and wonders why he is suddenly thinking like that. Yushiro jumps out of his TA into one of the craters at the site and starts going into his trance that he displayed when performing the Dance of Gasara. Kiyotsugu says to not let anyone disturb Yushiro due to this site’s significance. Symbol’s lab confirms the same energy reaction as before. A Belgistan sniper aims at Yushiro from afar. Kaburagi runs out of JSSDF tank, reaching Yushiro just as the Belgistan sniper shoots, hitting Yushiro’s helmet. The TAs quickly capture the sniper. Yushiro is in shock from the experience. Three Symbol Fakes – TA like mecha approach, being lifted by helicopters approach. Hayakawa realizes that these must have been the units which attacked the forces sent into Belgistan. The Fakes are dropped off at the site, one of them piloted by Miharu.


This episode picks up somewhat with the TAs finally seeing actual combat, although it is over very quickly. Glad to see the news footage toned down significantly from the last two episodes with more actual scenes taking place. Still nothing particularly impressive yet, although it’s the best episode since the first one!

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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