Gasaraki Ep. 5: The Touching


Yushiro gets up, still in bad shape, but able to sense that the woman he met before is here. The JSSDF fires first upon the three Fakes but has little success and Focus Two is damaged. Kiyotsugu and Kiyoharu watch in the JSSDF’s tank. Yushiro and Miharu battle in their mechas in close combat. The other three TAs are having trouble moving due to a sandstorm which causes sand to get into their joints. Kiyotsugu, realizing that its having an effect on the enemy calls it a ‘divine wind’. The three Fakes retreat. The news reports on bipedal weapons being used in Belgistan, using some very poor photographs. Kiyotsugu asks Yushiro about Miharu’s Fake, which appeared more powerful then the others. Mechanics work on getting all the sand out of the TAs. Kaburagi questions Yushiro about his recent behavior and Tokudaiji soon joins in as well. Kaburagi again questions why a civilian is allowed to be with them. Hayakawa lets Yushiro leave since he has nothing to say. Reporter Ronald Fagan reports on the TA sighting on TV. The news reports on the failure of Belgistan’s neighbor to broker a cease fire agreement. Meth questions Miharu’s performance in the battle, thinking that something positive might result in her being exposed to the ruins there. It is reported that she has recovered physically but is still mentally unstable. Miharu stares out the window as Yushiro walks outside questioning who he is at the same time. An analyst discusses the TAs on the news and Ronald Fagan soon joins in on the discussion. Kazukiyo watches, commenting that the reporter is risking his life just to end up propagandizing the TAs. Hayakawa and Kiyoharu go to see General Dole and tell him that some third party is using TA like crafts as well. He says to Kiyoharu that this is a great chance to advertise the TAs. Dole requests that they seize one of the enemy crafts.

The JSSDF heads through the desert towards an abandoned city where they believe Symbol’s forces are hiding out. Ronald Fagan heads towards the same site. The JSSDF watches the abandoned city but their video feed is suddenly cut off. The pilots get into their TAs and head into the abandoned city, looking for the Fakes. Rin spots a decoy, and is immediately fired upon. Focus One suffers some minor damage and his TA falls to the ground. Two other TAs come close to protect him. Miharu charges with her TA and damages Focus Three. Yushiro is able to reboot his TA and stands it up. Ronald Fagan and his cameraman watch from nearby, recording the battle. One of Miharu’s colleagues tells her to realize who she is, that she’s an ‘invitator’, but she cuts off communication with Yushiro’s TA right in front of her. Yushiro walks towards him. Misuzu senses that something’s happening to her brother. Yushiro fires upon Miharu’s fake and sees an image of her before him. With Focus Three and Focus Four able to keep the other two Fakes restrained, Hayakawa orders Yushiro and Rin to take Miharu’s Fake captive. NATO attack planes fly over the site, capturing the battle on film. Fagan’s guide tells him that while the TAs are going to be made public to the world, he’s not the one to do it and kills both him and his cameraman. Miharu receives orders to return to base and the three Fakes pull out, using a cloud of sand to distract the enemy. Multinational forces start bombing Belgistan’s capital. Stilbanov asks Meth why Symbol pulled out its forces. Meth thanks him for the use of the excavation site, but says the favor has been paid back and they will no longer be aiding Belgistan.


A pretty good episode, with two separate battles taking place between the TAs and Fakes. The TA vs. Fake battles certainly bring more to the table than the battles we’ve had so far, where whoever had a TA or Fake easily defeated whoever they had faced. As to be expected, Miharu is a skilled pilot herself, much like Yushiro. The complete lack of development for her to this point has been disappointing though, although at least she had a few words in this episode which is more than she’s had in any episode since the first. With Symbol withdrawing its support for Belgistan looks like the conflict there should probably come to an end quite soon.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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