Gasaraki Ep. 6: The Puppet


Stilbanov is surrounded by Symbol’s soldiers. The crew leader of the Symbol troops tells Stilbanov that they have been involved in this country’s for a long time and that any information he tried to get to the media has been intercepted by them. Stilbanov is killed. The news reports that a coup d’etat has taken place in Belgistan by rebel forces and a cease fire request was made to the U.N. Kazukiyo tells Kiyoharu that the U.S. is trying to send an inspection team into Belgistan as a smoke screen of them trying to get information on the TAs. He says that since there is no notable success that the TAs have accomplished, he doesn’t want to make them public yet. Kiyoharu tells Kazukiyo that they have seized a sample similar to their ‘Mile One’ armor but is worried about how they’ll be able to get out of the country with it. A U.S. military leader, General Wayne, tells Dole that the JSSDF needs to stay in Belgistan. Once finishing with Dole he immediately reports to Meth. Meth says ‘F’ wants the relationship between Miharu and Yushiro to be made clear. The news reports that the U.N. security council has accepted the Belgistan cease fire and will withdraw all forces within 24 hours. Kiyoharu tries to get the TAs out before the inspectors arrive but finds that it will be hard to get out that quickly with all the U.S. forces pulling out. Hayakawa orders that they depart Belgistan within the hour. The pilots and technicians work on the TAs. Kaburagi wants to work on Focus Two but Nozomi tells her that Rin isn’t around, away on order from Kiyoharu. Nozomi asks Yushiro to head to the administration center to get her. Murai, Nozomi, Jun think about Yushiro’s current state. Arriving at the administration Rin tells him that their flight has suddenly been rescheduled. Seeing a news report about Akura Church, Yushiro recognizes Miharu.

Yushiro walks alone through the desert. Murai tells everyone that she’s unable to find Yushiro. Nozomi recalls his promise to get Yushiro back to Japan no matter what. Rin tells everyone that he headed to the Akura Church, a archeological site near the capital. Using a jeep that Rin and Kaburagi were able to get, everyone drives towards the city to get him. They are worried about whether Yushiro will be targeted, wearing his uniform. Yushiro makes his way towards the church through a large crowd of people heading the other way. Yushiro heads through a number of halls and finds Miharu standing alone in a large chamber. Yushiro recalls their earlier battle and calls her ‘the one,’ remembering their earlier encounter during his dance. Yushiro asks Miharu what she meant by the terror. Miharu talks about earlier conversations they had and Yushiro realizes that he must have known this woman before. Yushiro shouts out that it’s impossible. Sensing someone coming, Miharu tells Yushiro to run. He grabs her hand and forces her to come with him. As soon as they head outside Symbol’s forces take them captive by gunpoint. Yushiro’s JSSDF friends quickly show up in their jeep and Yushiro and Miharu get inside. The jeep drives off from the church site. Kaburagi asks Yushiro who Miharu is. Symbol quickly surround their jeep with a pair of vehicles and they end up driving through a fruit stand, then a house, getting stuck on a large pile of logs. Miharu gets out of the jeep and runs off and Yushiro runs after her. Miharu tells Yushiro that Symbol is only after her and they don’t know of him. The crew leader tells Miharu that she’s wrong, that they do know of him. Miharu tells them to let him go but he won’t listen. A yellow car suddenly pulls up, enabling them to escape. Miharu and Yushiro get in the back seat where a strange man in a white suit, “Phantom,” sits.


A very good episode, probably the best one yet. Symbol’s influence seems to be a lot bigger than original thought, and they appear to be trying hard to keep our heroes in Belgistan. With Stilbanov dead, the conflict over Belgistan is now pretty much over, meaning hopefully the news reports will be toned down here on out. Miharu and Yushiro finally meet face to face and it seems like they knew each other in a past life or something. Good to have some more air time and actual dialogue for Miharu here considering how little she’s been used so far. No TA action at all in this episode, but there was still some good action towards the end of the episode for those looking for that kind of stuff.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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