Gasaraki Ep. 9: Storehouse


Daizaburo is notified of the intrusion into the Central Research Facility. He tells his men to carefully scrutinize any vehicle leaving the city. He then contacts the Chief of Police. The authorities arrive to put out the fires at the Central Research Facility but are told they aren’t needed. Yushiro can’t stop thinking about what Miharu told him. Kazukiyo and Daizaburo arrive at the Research Facility. Daizaburo tells Kazukiyo the intruders have taken the sample they acquired and hacked into their system. They recover videos of the intrusion, showing Miharu’s Fake within the building. The police cordon off the exits to the city, inspecting all who come through. Wakisawa, a man from the Public Prosecutor’s office questions why the police are doing this and aren’t looking into what happened at the research facility. A curfew is put into effect and Gowa vehicles canvas the streets. The news reports on the opposition party seeking information on the tactical armors used by the JSSDF. Symbol’s van hides within the city communicating through a satellite in space. Kazukiyo questions why the intruders haven’t simply destroyed their TAs and escaped. Symbol causes a fake TA symbol to appear on the Gowa’s radar and as the police follow it, Symbol escapes in the opposite direction. The police converge on their target only to find nothing there. Kazukiyo realizes a decoy has been used. Daizaburo thinks its too late and that they won’t be able to catch them. The Symbol van successfully exits the city. Meanwhile the JSSDF are still held in confinement. Kaburagi brings coffee to Hayakawa. Wakisawa introduces himself to Kazukiyo and questions why the Gowa family is treating the city like it is under martial law. Kazukiyo tells him any attempt at prosecution will be a waste of time.

Ataka drives back into the city. Yushiro returns to his home and confronts his mother, tricking her into confirming that Yushiro Gowa is dead. Yushiro questions her on who is real mother is, and she tells him to see Master Sorachi. Yushiro uses the water wheel, drawing Misuzu’s attention. She runs to it but finds him gone. She searches the house for him and is told by her mother that he has run off. She tells Misuzu to forget him and that he won’t be back. She tells her he has headed to the old Gowa home in Kinashi. Kiyoharu returns from Japan and gets a message about the intruder and the fact that Yushiro is now missing. Yushiro is dropped off by a truck in the woods near Kinashi. Ataka arrives at the Gowa’s house and meets Misuzu. She is looking for Yushiro as well and the two head off together. Yushiro returns to the stage of stone from episode one where he is greeted by Master Sorachi. Yushiro’s first memories are of dancing on this stage and wants to know the truth about his past. Sorachi tells him of a storehouse that the Gowa’s left here when they moved their home to its current location. Sorachi brings Yushiro inside the storehouse and deactivates the alarms. Yushiro sees a large mural on the wall which Sorachi lowers, revealing a vault door behind it. Sorachi opens the door, revealing a long hallway filled with glass coffins. Ataka and Misuzu arrive at a roadblock and decide to walk the rest of the way. Yushiro finds the corpse of the real Yushiro along with a grown man, who Sorachi says was his son Kuya. Misuzu and Ataka arrive on the stone stage. Miharu and another Symbol pilot watch from nearby in their Fakes. Sorachi tells Yushiro those here are the ones who summon Gasaraki. He leads him to the end of the hallway, where a wooden staircase leads down to a large dormant armored being, a Kugai. Misuzu calls out to Yushiro and the two Fakes reveal their presence. Misuzu and Ataka flee.


Another fairly good episode, picking up right where the last one left off. The Gowas’ political influence and power becomes even more apparent in this episode, with them able to control the entire city at their whim, including being able to declare curfews and cordon off the exits. Despite this Symbol has little problem escaping. The first half of the episode, focusing on this aspect of the story is rather slow paced, but things pick up considerably in the second half, continuing with Yushiro’s storyline as he tries to find out who he really is. The revelation in the storehouse, which will continue into the next episode is one of the better parts of the series thus far.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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