GAT-X105E Strike Gundam E

General and Technical Data

Model number: GAT-X105E
Code name: Strike Gundam E
Unit type: prototype all-purpose multi-mode mobile suit
Manufacturer: Actaeon Industries
Operator(s): Earth Alliance; Serpent Tail
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height 17.72 meters
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Variable Phase Shift (VPS) armor; enhanced power unit; hardpoints for mounting Striker packs
Fixed armaments: 2 x M2M5 “Todesschrecken” 12.5mm automatic CIWS, mounted in head; 4 x EQS1358 rocket anchor, mounted in hands and feet; 2 x M8F-SB1 “Shorty” beam rifle, mounted on hips, hand-carried in use
Optional fixed armaments: see GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike Gundam EGAT-X105E+AQM/E-X03 Launcher Strike Gundam EGAT-X105E+AQM/E-X09S Strike Noir GundamGAT-X105E+AQM/E-M1 Strike Gundam E IWSP
Optional hand armaments: none

Technical and Historical Notes

During the Bloody Valentine War, the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam proved its versatility thanks to the use of its interchangeable Striker packs. After the war, Actaeon Industries upgraded a Strike Gundam to the GAT-X105E Strike Gundam E (E meaning enhanced). The new Strike Gundam E featured several changes from the original design. Unlike the original, the Strike Gundam E was equipped with color-changing Variable Phase Shift (VPS) armor, as well as an enhanced power unit. The original’s armaments were also replaced, as the Strike Gundam E featured new CIWS guns, as well as four rocket anchors mounted in the hands and feet. The hip-mounted “Armor Schneider” combat knives were replaced with a pair of “Shorty” beam rifles. Like the original Strike Gundam, the Strike Gundam E could mount Striker packs. A Strike Gundam E was assigned to Phantom Pain pilot Sven Cal Bayang and served as his personal unit during the Second Bloody Valentine War.

Miscellaneous Information

Pilot(s): Sven Cal Bayang, Lukas O’Donnell
First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Δ ASTRAY
Original mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara
Note: “Standard colors” custom lineart by Strike Zero





Tomohiro Chiba

Koichi Tokita

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junichi Akutsu
Yoshihiko Machida
Noriyuki Jinguji

2 volumes

Manga Release:
Japan 05.26.2006 – 03.26.2007


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