GAT-X133 Sword Calamity


Model number(s): GAT-X133; GAT-X133-01 (Rena Imelia unit)
Code name: 
Sword Calamity
Unit type:
 prototype close combat mobile suit
Manufacturer: Earth Alliance
Operator(s): Earth Alliance; United States of South America
First deployment: C.E. 71
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: unknown
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; TP (Trans-Phase) armor
Fixed armaments: 2 x “Midas Messer” beam boomerang, stored on shoulders, hand-carried in use; 2 x “Panzer Eisen” rocket anchor, mounted on forearms, can be fired out on a line; 2 x “Armor Schneider” combat knife, hand-carried in use; “Scylla” 580mm multi-phase energy cannon, mounted in chest
Optional hand armaments: “Schwert Gewehr” anti-ship sword, stored on backpack

Despite the theft of four prototype Gundam mobile suits, the Earth Alliance continued to roll out designs in its GAT-X series. The GAT-X133 Sword Calamity was a close combat variant of the artillery unit GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam. The Sword Calamity featured the same Trans-Phase armor as the original Calamity Gundam, which only activated upon impact to conserve battery power. The beam cannons, bazooka and shield from the original Calamity Gundam were replaced with armaments similar to those of the GAT-X105+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike Gundam. The Sword Calamity’s main armament was a pair of “Schwert Gewehr” anti-ship swords which differed from the Sword Strike Gundam’s version in that they doubled as laser guns. The Sword Calamity was also armed with two “Panzer Eisen” rocket launchers and two “Armor Schneider” combat knives. The chest-mounted “Scylla” energy cannon from the Calamity Gundam was retained, but its power was reduced to 30 percent to provide more energy for thrusters.

Three Sword Calamity units were created. One unit was assigned to ace pilot Edward Harrelson, who stole it and a GAT-333 Raider Full Spec when he defected after the Bloody Valentine War to fight for his homeland, the United States of South America. After his defection, Edward briefly fought with his former lover Jane Houston, but the two reconciled their differences. The original unit was assigned to ace pilot Rena Imelia, who was dispatched to South America to confront Edward. Another unit was secretly given to Orb noble Rondo Gina Sahaku by the Azrael Foundation, along with Four Socius as a pilot.

Pilot(s): Edward Harrelson, Four Socius, Rena Imelia
First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED MSV
Original mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara




“Panzer Eisen” rocket anchor


Rear view


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