G Gundam: Edge of Gunsmoke


In FC 56, Neo Belgium Gundam Fighter John Browning loses a match and rushes back home after his house catches on fire. He’s unable to get inside, and his sister burns to death. In FC 60, Neo Japan Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu and his mechanic Rain Mikamura have the Shining Gundam transported to Brussels on a trailer pulled by oxen due to their transporter being broken. Rain complains that Domon never helps with the Shining Gundam’s maintenance. When they reach Brussels they see Browning arguing with a shopkeeper. He then looks at the Shining Gundam with disdain, and the old man pulling the oxen explains to Rain that Browning used to be the country’s Gundam Fighter until a tragic event. Later, Browning leaves his mansion and uses a sniper rifle to target Rain. He figures that killing her will provoke Domon into fighting him, but his shot passes through a hologram. Domon then bursts into the room and says it’s clear Browning wants a fight, so he’ll accept the challenge. However, he wants the assassinations of Gundam Fighters passing through the country to stop. Domon then summons the Shining Gundam, and Browning launches in the Browning Gundam. Rain pleads with Domon that this isn’t an official match and is pointless, and the old man says he asked Domon to accept this fight. As Domon and Browning fight, the old man explains that Browning lost a Gundam Fight, which hurt the nation’s pride. That night, whether by accident or arson, Browning’s house caught fire, and his sister died. Browning feels that his sister can rest in peace if he defeats Domon, and Domon vows that he won’t go easy on Browning just because it’s an unofficial match. Domon fires his vulcan guns, but they have no effect on the Browning Gundam’s armor. Browning then deploys his Gatling guns, and Domon dodges. He ends up stepping in a bog and gets stuck, and Browning tells him his luck has run out. He fires his handgun at the Shining Gundam’s head, but Domon catches the bullet. Domon then uses the Shining Finger to destroy the Browning Gundam’s head, setting off an unusually large explosion. After the fight, Domon discovers that Browning had packed the Browning Gundam’s head with explosives, meaning that he intended to die whether he won or lost. The old man tells Domon to win the Gundam Fight so that Browning and his sister can rest in peace.


This one-shot G Gundam manga feels like it could’ve played out as an early episode of the show when Domon and Rain were travelling around the world. Browning, distraught by the loss of his sister, has been assassinating Gundam Fighters, and ultimately he uses his fight with Domon to essentially commit suicide by Gundam Fighter. It’s definitely a sad story, but it would’ve been interesting to see how the story would’ve been fleshed out if it had been longer.

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Edge of Gunsmoke Info

Masafumi Matsuura

Masafumi Matsuura

1 short story

Manga Release:
Japan 12.xx.1994


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