G Gundam Ep. 25: The Final Battles Begin! The Grand Gathering of Gundam Fighters


The leaders of all the space colonies come down to Neo Hong Kong for the Finals. They pay their respects to the mayor of Neo Hong Kong, Wong Yun Fat. Nearby, Urube thanks Domon for destroying the Devil Gundam. Karato reminds him that he still has to win the Gundam Fight. Domon says he doesn’t need anyone to remind him that he needs to win to save his father. As the crowd gathers, the announcer introduces the Gundam Fighters as they proceed in a line through the stadium. First is Chibodee and the Gundam Maxter, and a profile of him is shown with clips of past battles. Chibodee vows to win the Gundam Fight to grab hold of the American Dream and bring a shining light to New York City. Next is Sai Saici and the Dragon Gundam, and he vows to his father and grandfather that he will revive the Shaolin temple. He is followed by George and the Gundam Rose, and he promises that he will not disappoint Maria. After that Argo and the Bolt Gundam enter, and he promises he will win the Fight and free his imprisoned comrades. He is followed by Domon and the God Gundam. Domon remembers fighting with the Shining Gundam, and how Rain used it in its last breath to transfer its battle data to the God Gundam. The announcer mentions that Domon and the others have all inherited the symbols of the Shuffle Alliance. Wong Yun Fat watches the Gundams, and Master Asia tells him one of the Fighters there is the strong one they are looking for.

More Gundams from countries all over the world are introduced, including Neo Canada’s Andrew Graham and his Lumber Gundam. Argo figures that at some point the two of them will fight. Everyone is surprised to see Schwarz appear with a fully repaired Gundam Spiegel. Domon remembers training with Schwarz, and how he learned the Clear Tranquility of Water technique. He remembers how Schwarz risked his life to save him in the Guiana Highlands. He asks Schwarz who he really is, and Schwarz diverts his attention elsewhere. Domon is shocked by the entrance of the next two Fighters: Chapman’s John Bull Gundam and Michelo’s Neros Gundam. Everyone wonders how disqualified Gundams can be in the Finals. Domon is even more shocked when the Master Gundam enters on the mobile horse Fuunsaiki. Master Asia declares that there will be divisional fights, and the finalists will have a Battle Royal on the nearby Lantau Island. He then says that although he is the Undefeated of the East, he plans to conquer the other directions and become Super Asia. Domon shocks all the other Fighters by declaring that he’ll beat them all just for a chance to defeat Master Asia. Wong Yun Fat gives a speech and sets some rules: Fighters are allowed unlimited repairs, and cockpits can be attacked. He also announces that the winner of the Battle Royal will be given the title Gundam of Gundams. He asks Domon and Master Asia to perform a special move for the opening ceremony. As they perform the move, Master Asia asks Domon if he hates him. He tells Domon he can go ahead and attack if he really hates him. Domon and Master Asia create a fireball that lights the massive brazier nearby. Domon vows that with the help of the God Gundam he will win the Gundam Fight and save his father.


With the series half over and moving into a new arc, it’s not surprising that we get a clip show. A whole bunch of ridiculous looking Gundams are introduced to the crowd, along with Domon and his friends. It is revealed that Master Asia is alive and in perfect health. He also seems to be conspiring with Wong Yun Fat. Wong is a strange looking guy, and his appearance reminds me a lot of Captain Tylor. I also wonder if his name is a nod to Hong Kong action star Chow Yun Fat, who was still unknown in the U.S. when this series aired. Now that the Finals have started, it looks like the Devil Gundam is out of the picture, at least for a while.

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G Gundam Info

Yasuhiro Imagawa

Fuyunori Gobu
Ken Oketani
Hiroaki Kitajima
Ryota Yamaguchi
Fumihiko Shimo

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Kimitoshi Yamane

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 04.22.1994 – 03.31.1995
U.S. 08.05.2002 – 10.16.2002


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