G Gundam Ep. 29: Forfeit the Fight!? Sai Saici in Love


Neo Denmark’s Mermaid Gundam fights with Neo Spain’s Matador Gundam. Sai Saici, the monks, and Domon and Rain watch the battle. Sai Saici and the monks watch because the Mermaid Gundam is his next opponent. The Matador Gundam seems to have the advantage until it is ensnared by the Mermaid Gundam’s beam net. Its head is then severed by a beam trident, and the Mermaid Gundam wins. Domon notes that the Mermaid Gundam is heavily damaged and can probably only withstand one more fight. The monks believe that if that’s the case, the Mermaid Gundam will fight as if it has nothing to lose. On the street, Sai Saici watches a young girl named Cecile try to help an old man being harassed by thugs. Sai Saici beats them all up, but the old man is injured and can’t run his restaurant. Sai Saici and Cecile run it for him. Late at night, they walk through the streets and talk. He tells her to call him Chin Chikurin instead of giving his real name. As Cecile leaves, she tells Sai Saici that the old man from the restaurant will probably be in bed for a few more days. Cecile tells her brother she met a nice boy, but he happens to be Neo Denmark’s Gundam Fighter, Hans Holger. For the next few days, Sai Saici completely skips out on his training so that he can cook and be with Cecile. Domon and Rain see Sai Saici with Cecile and are surprised that he has a girl. Domon wants to drop in and say hello, but Rain doesn’t want him to spoil the atmosphere. As Sai Saici cooks one night, he sees Hans and discovers that the Cecile is his sister.

The next day, the Gundam Fight is ready to begin, but Sai Saici is absent. If he doesn’t show up in less than an hour, the Mermaid Gundam wins by forfeit. The entire Shaolin Cheerleading Team has shown up, and they are disappointed that Sai Saici is absent. Domon and Rain see Cecile, and she explains that Sai Saici ran away last night after seeing Hans. She goes out to look for him and finds him sitting by the water. She slaps him and asks if he is refusing to fight because he pities the Mermaid Gundam. He says he doesn’t want to fight because if the Mermaid Gundam is destroyed, she’ll have to go home and he can’t see her. She urges him to fight, and he agrees. The punks he beat up before show up with construction mobile suits to get their revenge. Domon and Rain arrive with the Core Lander, and he tells Sai Saici and Cecile to escape. Domon calls the God Gundam, and the punks try to fight him by running around him in circles. He wins by tripping one of them and knocking them all into the water. Sai Saici arrives just in time to fight Hans. Hans breaks the floor and takes the fight underwater, where he has the advantage with his Fish mode. The Dragon Gundam makes a cloud of sand, and Hans is tricked into grabbing an arm Sai Saici ripped off. He slams his staff through the Mermaid Gundam’s head and wins. Later, Sai Saici says goodbye to Cecile at the airport, and she tells him she will never forget him. She kisses him and runs off to board a plane with Hans.


Any episode that stars Sai Saici is bound to be a comedic one, and this is no exception. I mean, look at his opponent. Mermaid Gundam with Fish mode? How much more ridiculous can you get? Actually, in this series, it does get more ridiculous. Domon isn’t in this episode that much, and his few appearances are comedic. Those punks were pretty stupid to think they could fight a Gundam, especially the God Gundam. Too bad Domon didn’t get to use the Bakunetsu God Finger on them. That would have been a sight to see. On a more serious note, it is good to see Sai Saici get some character development and have a brief romance. I wonder what’s in store for the other Gundam Fighters.

Overall Rating

G Gundam Info

Yasuhiro Imagawa

Fuyunori Gobu
Ken Oketani
Hiroaki Kitajima
Ryota Yamaguchi
Fumihiko Shimo

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Kimitoshi Yamane

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 04.22.1994 – 03.31.1995
U.S. 08.05.2002 – 10.16.2002


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