G Gundam Vol. 2


As the Devil Gundam rises out of the ground, Domon rushes toward it with his beam saber. The Devil Gundam unleashes a powerful beam attack that destroys the Shining Gundam‘s right arm, along with the surrounding area. As he leaves, Master Asia comments that Domon should now understand the power of the Devil Gundam, and he will wait for Domon to join him. Schwarz criticizes Domon for losing and tells him he’s as pathetic as all the others for giving up. Domon tells Schwarz it’s none of his business, and at the rest of the Shuffle Alliance members declare they don’t want to get involved with the Devil Gundam. Schwarz tells Domon he couldn’t even beat his own teacher, and Domon says he’s invincible once he’s in his Super Mode. Schwarz says he wants to see that Super Mode and challenges Domon to a Gundam Fight. After Rain repairs the Shining Gundam, Domon faces off against Schwarz’s Gundam Spiegel. Schwarz says he won’t show any mercy, but Domon says he’ll make Schwarz beg for mercy. Schwarz attacks Domon and asks him where his Super Mode is. Domon attempts to activate the Super Mode, but nothing happens. Schwarz knocks Domon down and tells him he doesn’t stand a chance against the Devil Gundam. He says the way to win a fight is to concentrate and read the opponent’s movements. He says Domon’s weakness is his anger because it makes his movements predictable. Schwarz tells Domon that if he learns the Clear Tranquility of Water, he’ll be able to reach maximum power. Domon asks Schwarz who he is and why he’s saying these things, but Schwarz answers him with silence and leaves. Domon tells Rain he wants to go to the Guyana Highlands in South America because it’s the place where he trained with Master Asia. Domon begins and training and thinks to himself that Schwarz was right about his lack of fighting ability. When he returns to his camp, he’s surprised to see Chibodee, George, Sai Saici and Argo waiting for him. They tell him that they didn’t want to abandon him and they want to uphold the pride of their nations. Domon asks them how they found him, and they show him the Shuffle Alliance crests on their fists. The five men spend weeks training, but Domon is still unable to summon the Super Mode at will. With no time left, everyone prepares to leave for the Gundam Fight Finals in Neo Hong Kong. However, the Death Army appears and completely surrounds them. Domon asks Rain to leave on Neo Russia’s transport plane and wait for him in Neo Hong Kong. The Death Army is defeated, but Domon stays behind and asks Master Asia to reveal himself. Domon and Master Asia use their Shining and Darkness Fingers, but they repel each other. Domon then uses his rage to activate the Super Mode. Master Asia uses this chance to attack, but Schwarz appears and takes the hit. Schwarz tells Domon that he can’t ever win if his heart is full of rage. Domon calms his mind and activates the Shining Gundam’s Hyper Mode. With this new power, he uses the Shining Finger Sword to destroy the Devil Gundam. Master Asia then fires one of his arms at Domon and disables the Shining Gundam. Schwarz and Master Asia are seemingly destroyed in an explosion, leaving Domon alone. Just then, one of Neo Japan’s bud carriers lands in front of Domon and reveals the new God Gundam.

The other members of the Shuffle Alliance arrive in Neo Hong Kong, and Rain is reunited with her father and Urube. She says that Domon is still in Guyana, and Urube explains that they were monitoring the situation and sent the God Gundam to Domon. Just as Domon is about to enter the God Gundam, the Master Gundam breaks out of the ground and attacks. Master Asia reminds Domon that he’s the Undefeated of the East because no one has ever beaten him. Domon manages to reach the God Gundam’s cockpit, but it won’t activate. Dr. Mikamura tells Rain she has to use a brain wave communicator to help transfer the Shining Gundam’s combat data to the Gundam. Rain uses the device to call out to Domon and activate the Shining Gundam. Master Asia attacks the Shining Gundam and drives his fist through its torso. Rain tells Domon he has to survive because she has things to tell him. Domon touches the Shining Gundam and receives its combat data. Master Asia attacks with a Darkness Finger, but Domon counters with the Bakunetsu God Finger and blows away the Master Gundam. With little time remaining, Domon flies into space and bounces off the beam ropes surrounding Earth to quickly reach Neo Hong Kong. With seconds remaining, Domon comes under attack from several mysterious Gundams, but he reaches Neo Hong Kong at the last second. Domon is reunited with Rain, and he’s shocked to see Schwarz alive and well. Schwarz directs Domon’s attention to a video monitor, and Domon doesn’t understand why the disqualified Neros Gundam and John Bull Gundam are at the Finals. Schwarz tells Domon that even though he destroyed the Devil Gundam, its Four Heavenly Kings are still around, under the control of Master Asia. Domon then declares that he will win every single one of his matches just so that he can take down Master Asia once and for all.

At the opening ceremonies, Neo Hong Kong Prime Minister Wong Yun Fat announces that 22 Gundam Fighters have arrived to participate in the Finals. He says that after the final battle, the winner will attain the title of “Gundam of Gundams.” The opening rounds begin, and Chibodee, Sai Saici, George and Argo easily beat their opponents. Domon, however, is having trouble against Neo Greece’s Marcelot Cronos and his Zeus Gundam. Marcelot laughs at Domon and says that he’s eight years too early to be in the Gundam Fight. Wong thinks that Domon is done for, but Master Asia says that Domon is enduring Marcelot’s attacks and waiting for the right time to finish the battle in a single blow. Marcelot moves in for his final attack, but Domon counters with the Bakunetsu God Finger and defeats Marcelot. Wong congratulates Master Asia for picking the winner and mentions that something they’ve been waiting for has been delivered. After the battle, Senator Karato criticizes Domon’s performance during the battle and reminds him that if he screws up, his father will never go free. Domon says he’ll keep his end of the bargain and storms off. Rain follows Domon he should calm down and return to the hotel, but he obstinately refuses. He then spots a large crowd next to a video arcade and decides to have a look. Inside, a young girl is the undefeated champion in a virtual fighting game. Domon decides to participate and challenges the girl. The begin to fight, and each realizes how skilled the other is. Eventually, the machine overloads and explodes. Domon runs off with the girl and leaves Rain behind at the arcade. Domon asks the girl if she’s a Gundam Fighter, and she introduces herself as Allenby Beardsley from Neo Sweden. As the Finals continue, Schwarz defeats Neo Norway’s Viking Gundam, and Domon defeats Neo India’s Cobra Gundam. Rain thinks that Domon has changed since that night at the arcade, so she asks him if something happened between him and Allenby. Urube brings Domon news that Argo was just defeated by Neo Sweden’s Nobell Gundam. Domon asks Argo how he could possibly lose to Allenby, and Argo warns Domon that she’s as dangerous as he is. Domon meets with Allenby and takes her to dinner. He asks her how she beat Argo, and she explains that after being orphaned, she was raised by the military for the sole purpose of becoming a Gundam Fighter. She says she’s treated like parts for her Gundam, and Domon feels the same way. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Michelo and Neo England’s Gentle Chapman, a three-time Gundam Fight champion. Domon asks them how they can be in the Finals, when Michelo was arrested and Chapman died from a drug overdose. They both answer that they crawled out of hell for a chance to destroy Domon. Domon asks Michelo if they’ve been brought back with DG cells, but Michelo doesn’t answer. Domon prepares to fight them, but Wong appears and says he doesn’t want violence in his restaurant. He decides to let them off because they’re Gundam Fighters, and he invites Domon to speak privately with him later. Later, Domon asks Wong why he allowed Michelo and Chapman to enter the Finals, but Wong answers that he can’t disclose information about other nations. He mentions Master Asia and reminds Domon that he’ll have to survive the Finals to face Master Asia again. In the next battle, Domon faces off against Allenby’s Nobell Gundam. They fight evenly at first until Neo Sweden’s crew activates the Berserker System. Allenby’s power suddenly increases, and Domon reaches out to her because he doesn’t want to fight her in that state. Domon grapples Allenby and goes into Hyper Mode to finish the battle off with a Bakunetsu God Finger. At a warehouse, Wong and Master Asia examine the wreckage of the Devil Gundam.

In another fight, Domon defeats Neo Nepal’s Mandala Gundam. Rain walks through the streets of Neo Hong Kong and listens to people talk about who they think will win the Gundam Fight. When the conversations shift to Allenby, she’s annoyed. She’s even more annoyed when she finds Allenby and Domon inside the God Gundam’s cockpit installing a chip that will reduce energy consumption in Hyper Mode. Rain returns to the city for parts and decides to follow Schwarz when she sees him walking through the streets. At the secret warehouse, Wong and Master Asia examine footage of the Shuffle Alliance’s battles. Wong thinks they have plenty of good candidates to pilot the Devil Gundam because Kyoji is nearly dead. Schwarz spies in on them and is shocked that the Devil Gundam is self-regenerating so quickly. Master Asia spots Schwarz and sends Michelo and Chapman after him. Schwarz runs into rain outside the warehouse and grabs her. As he jumps through the air, Rain wonders why he seems so familiar to her. Schwarz drops in where Domon and Allenby are sparring, and Michelo thinks Domon is the intruder. Master Asia arrives, and Domon says they should just fight right now. Master Asia leaves and tells Wong that Domon didn’t do anything, but Wong decides to punish Domon in the ring. Rain asks Schwarz what’s happening, and he tells her to watch out for Wong. She says she feels useless, and he tells her to have confidence in herself. He says Domon will need her support now more than ever, and she wonders if Schwarz is Kyoji. The next morning, Domon and Rain argue about what happened the night before until Allenby interrupts with news of them fighting together in a tag team match against Michelo and Chapman. As the fight begins, Wong activates a giant underground magnet that pins the God Gundam to the ground. Allenby fights with Chapman and Michelo by herself, but they begin to overwhelm her. Domon struggles and activates the Hyper Mode to break free. Just then, Chapman’s John Bull Gundam releases a smokescreen that fills the ring. Domon and Allenby come under attack from the Grand Gundam and Gundam Heaven’s Sword, which are two of the Four Heavenly Kings. Domon and Allenby use a Bakunetsu Double God Finger to defeat both of them and win the match. Just then, a Gundam Head breaks loose in Neo Hong Kong. Rain decides to take the Rising Gundam so she can prove to Domon how useful she is.


The second volume of the anime adaptation wraps up the Shinjuku arc and roughly brings us to episode 34 of the TV series. There’s more compression here, along with some changes. In the anime, Domon made an ineffective attack against the Devil Gundam instead of being damaged by it. His fight with Schwarz also occurred differently. The Guyana Highlands arc is highly compacted, which places most of the story’s focus on the Finals in Neo Hong Kong. Most of these one-off battles are compressed to nothing, with a few other changes. Domon and Allenby’s tag team match was fought against different opponents in the anime, and Rain never used the Rising Gundam to fight off Gundam Heads. Also, you won’t see old man Han and his grandchildren Hoy and Min anywhere here. Overall, this volume breezes through the story, but definitely at a much better pace than the previous one.

Overall Rating

G Gundam Info

Koichi Tokita

Koichi Tokita

3 volumes

Manga Release:
Japan 04.01.1994 – 04.01.1995
U.S. 06.17.2003 – 10.07.2003


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