G Gundam Vol. 3


Before Rain can attack the Gundam Head, Master Asia appears in the Master Gundam, riding on the mechanical horse Fuunsaiki. Master Asia easily destroys the Gundam Head, leaving the crowd on the ground in awe. Domon asks Master Asia if he revived the Devil Gundam, but Master Asia tells him to save his questions for the ring. After he leaves, the four other members of the Shuffle Alliance assure Domon that if the need arises, they’ll help him fight off the Devil Gundam. Domon then yells at Rain for overstepping her authority and says she isn’t fit to be his partner until she learns her place. Later, Urube and Dr. Mikamura learn that the Devil Gundam has fallen into Neo Hong Kong’s hands. Urube wants to mobilize the military, but Dr. Mikamura objects. Urube says he doesn’t want their effort to go to waste, and he reminds Dr. Mikamura about their plan. Dr. Mikamura finds Rain’s letter of resignation and confronts Domon about it, but Domon says Rain is easily replaceable. As the Finals continue, Domon fights against each of his Shuffle Alliance partners and wins. Wong is impressed with Domon, and Master Asia says he’s the one they need. Wong then announces the last regular match of the Finals – a fight to the death between the undefeated Domon and Schwarz. The two will fight in a caged arena lined with explosives, and if neither wins before the time limit expires, both will die. Master Asia objects because Domon could die, but Wong answers that if Domon can’t survive this match, he’s not the one they need. Domon says goodbye to Allenby after training with her and is confronted by Master Asia. Master Asia tells Domon he’s definitely going to lose and offers to put him out of his misery. Elsewhere, Schwarz approaches Rain and asks her why she resigned from Neo Japan’s team. She says that Domon doesn’t need her anymore, and Schwarz says that Domon still acts the same way as before, seeing only what’s in front of him and not considering the feelings of others. Rain thinks to herself that when she speaks with Schwarz, it’s almost like he’s Kyoji. Schwarz tells Rain that if she doesn’t know what to do, she should come work for him. On the street, a woman named Rumiko delivers a message from Domon to Allenby. Allenby follows Rumiko to an abandoned building, which turns out to be a trap engineered by Wong. Domon chases Master Asia to an abandoned island and is shocked by the level of destruction. Master Asia says that humanity is so absorbed with the Gundam Fight that they don’t notice what they’re doing to the Earth. Suddenly, a group of Gundam Heads appear and attack. Master Asia says he didn’t summon them, and he asks Domon to destroy them with his bare hands. Master Asia then uses the ultimate technique of his school, the Sekiha Tenkyoken, to destroy a Gundam Head. He urges Domon to concentrate, and Domon repeats the technique to destroy the other Gundam Head. Before leaving, Master Asia tells Domon he can now fight on a level equal to Schwarz. The next morning, Schwarz introduces Domon to his new partner: Rain. As the fight begins, Schwarz pushes Domon. When Domon attempts to use the God Finger, the God Gundam‘s arm malfunctions. Schwarz attacks Domon with his Sturm Und Drang and tells him he can’t win alone. Schwarz tells Domon he has to believe in people, and Rain tells Domon how to repair the arm. Domon then attacks Schwarz with a Bakunetsu God Finger Sekiha Tenkyoken just as the arena explodes. Domon emerges as the winner and is shocked to see that the injured Schwarz is actually Kyoji. Before being airlifted away, Kyoji warns Domon about Lantau Island, the site of the Battle Royale. As the Battle Royale is about to begin, Wong sends out his DG cell-infected Devil Allenby to fight. Domon kisses Rain and asks her to find Kyoji.

Rain searches for Kyoji at the hospital and is surprised to see her father there. Dr. Mikamura enters Kyoji’s room and sees that he’s a DG cell android. Since Kyoji can’t move, Dr. Mikamura pulls out a scalpel to finish him off. On Lantau Island, Domon defeats Marcelot’s Zeus Gundam and calls out for Master Asia to show himself. Master Asia appears on a hilltop with the Devil Gundam and says he’s been waiting for this day. First, however, he wants Domon to fight the Neros Gundam and John Bull Gundam again. Domon doesn’t want to waste his time with them, but they transform into the Gundam Heaven’s Sword and Grand Gundam. Just as they are about to attack, they’re momentarily repelled by the rest of the Shuffle Alliance. They tell Domon to hurry on ahead of them and take care of Master Asia and the Devil Gundam. At the hospital, Rain grabs her father from behind and stops him from killing Kyoji. Kyoji explains that Urube and Dr. Mikamura were responsible for what happened with the Devil Gundam, and the story about him stealing it was a lie. On Lantau Island, Argo and Sai Saici are locked in a difficult battle with Michelo. Michelo moves in for the kill, but Sai Saici and Argo counterattack, setting off a massive explosion. Nearby, George and Chibodee have a tough time against Chapman’s Grand Gundam, but they take him out and set off another large explosion. Domon sees the explosions and can’t believe that everyone is dead, and Master Asia tells Domon he’d better hope the Devil Gundam finds him worthy. Suddenly, the last of the Four Heavenly Kings, the Walter Gundam, appears. Wong tells Master Asia that Allenby is the pilot they need for the Devil Gundam, not Domon. Consequently, Wong has decided that he doesn’t need Domon or Master Asia anymore and orders Allenby to attack. Allenby attacks Domon, but the Rising Gundam appears and smashes into the Walter Gundam. Master Asia grapples Domon with his Master Cloth, but Kyoji cuts Domon free. Kyoji says he’ll take care of Master Asia and tells Domon to quickly destroy the Devil Gundam. Domon moves in to attack the Devil Gundam and is shocked to see another Kyoji in the cockpit. The Kyoji in the Gundam Spiegel tells Domon that he’s a DG cell copy of the real Kyoji in the Devil Gundam. He says he wanted to keep the Ultimate Gundam safe, and that their mother was killed trying to protect him from the government. He says that Urube and Dr. Mikamura manipulated Domon into becoming a Gundam Fighter so that they could get their hands on the Devil Gundam. He says the Ultimate Gundam’s original purpose was to regenerate the Earth with it’s self-evolution, self-regeneration and self-multiplication. However, when it crashed on Earth, it malfunctioned and became the Devil Gundam, dedicated to destroying Earth. Kyoji says the real Schwarz failed to stop the Devil Gundam, so the real Kyoji transferred his personality into Schwarz to protect Domon and stop the Devil Gundam. Elsewhere, Rain fights Allenby and tells Allenby to fight the power of the DG cells. Wong increases the Berserker System output, so Rain fires a Rising Arrow to destroy the Walter Gundam’s receiver unit. The out of control Walter Gundam then crashes into the government building, killing Wong. The Devil Gundam stops moving, so Kyoji jumps into its cockpit and tells Domon to destroy them. Domon says he can’t do that, but Kyoji asks him if he wants to repeat the same tragedy. Domon attacks the Devil Gundam with a Bakunetsu Sekiha Tenkyoken and destroys it. Master Asia is furious at Domon and attacks him. Elsewhere, Rain tries to wake Allenby, and Dr. Mikamura offers to help. He says he was jealous of the Kasshus, but now he wants to make amends.

Domon asks Master Asia if he thought he could take over the world with the Devil Gundam, but Master Asia says his goal was to destroy humanity. Master Asia explains that humanity is destroying the Earth, and the colonies are too blind to see it. He believes that eliminating humanity will allow the Earth to be restored to its natural state. He reminds Domon that the philosophy of their school is that all power is bestowed by nature. He thinks humanity is a virus to be eradicated, but Domon doesn’t think he can make that kind of decision. The other Shuffle Alliance members watch the battle and realize how important it is. Domon tells Master Asia that he’s wrong because humans are a part of nature, so nature can’t be restored without them. Master Asia and Domon both attack each other with the Sekiha Tenkyoken, but Domon overpowers Master Asia. He then uses the Bakunetsu God Finger and destroys the Master Gundam. The old Shuffle Alliance members come for Master Asia’s spirit, and they realize that his goal to restore the Earth was noble, but his plan for doing it was a mistake. As Master Asia dies, he tells Domon that he’s finally surpassed him. He also says he’s never had any DG cells in his body, and that if were younger and stronger, he would’ve piloted the Devil Gundam himself. Master Asia says Domon taught him a lesson today, and Domon apologizes for not understanding Master Asia’s sorrow sooner. As the sun rises, Master Asia dies in Domon’s arms. Later, a parade is held in the city after Domon is declared the winner of the 13th Gundam Fight. As Neo Japan begins hauling away the wreckage of the Devil Gundam, Domon searches for Rain and finds Allenby at the hospital. Allenby tells Domon about how she was infected with DG cells and fought against Rain. She passes along a message from Rain that she’s going back to the colonies and will never see Domon again. At the Neo Japan colony, Urube tells Rain and Dr. Mikamura that they’ve recovered the remains of the Devil Gundam. Dr. Mikamura wants to repent and make amends, but Urube intends to use it. He quotes Wong’s research on the Devil Gundam, which states that a woman is the best pilot because she has the power of life. Urube pulls out a gun, and Dr. Mikamura is shot while telling Rain to escape. As Domon mopes around, George tells everyone about an emergency broadcast. Urube declares that he is now ruler of the universe, and any who oppose him shall be destroyed. The Devil Gundam then rises and begins to engulf the entire Neo Japan colony. Dr. Mikamura sends a message to Domon and asks him to save Rain. Domon decides to head up to space, and Fuunsaiki appears and offers itself to Domon as transportation. The rest of the Shuffle Alliance wants to go into space, and Nastasha offers them spaceships. She lets Argo go free and tells him she’ll consider becoming a pirate if their government objects. Domon reaches space and vows to save Rain.

Domon and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance try to destroy the Devil Gundam’s tentacles, but they’re quickly overwhelmed. Urube calls Domon and thanks him for being such an obedient puppet. He then shows Domon that DG cell-infested Rain is now the pilot of the Devil Gundam. Domon calls out to Rain, but Urube says she can’t hear him. He controls the Devil Gundam and attacks, so the the Neo Russia spaceship provides cover fire for the Shuffle Alliance. Dr. Mikamura calls Domon and tells him he has to get inside the Devil Gundam to defeat it. He then says he’s going to release Raizo’s cryogenic capsule so that Domon can enter the colony. He tells Domon that he’s beyond forgiveness for what he’s done, but he asks Domon to save Rain. The capsule is shot into space, killing Dr. Mikamura. Domon and the others fly inside the colony and are confronted by Urube’s Grand Master Gundam, which is a fusion of the Four Heavenly Kings. Everyone uses their special attacks, but the Grand Master Gundam receives no damage. Urube explains that he was a Gundam Fighter in the last tournament, but he realizes the entire fight was a joke. He believes the person who rules the world should have absolute power and not bother with the Gundam Fight. As he becomes completely engulfed with DG cells, Urube sends tentacles down to Earth to begin absorbing the entire planet. Allenby appears with her Super Nobel Gundam and destroys one of the tentacles. Every Gundam from around the world flies up into space, and the entire group begins attacking the tentacles. Urube questions what a bunch of rivals can do, and Raizo tells him that humanity is capable of uniting and becoming an unstoppable force. Domon and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance go into Hyper Mode and use the Bakunetsu Shuffle Domain Attack to destroy the Grand Master Gundam. The Devil Gundam momentarily stops, but it quickly regenerates. Raizo tells Domon that he has to get Rain out of the cockpit to stop the Devil Gundam. Domon enters the inner chamber of the colony and finds the Devil Gundam in its final evolution form. It attacks Domon, and Raizo tells Domon that Rain is pushing him away because she feels responsible for what her father did. He tells Domon he as to get Rain to come to her senses, but Domon doesn’t know how he can do that. Chibodee and Allenby tell Domon that he should explain to Rain how he feels about her. Domon tells Rain that he loves her and wants to be with her forever, and she breaks free of the Devil Gundam. Domon tells Rain they can finish things together, and they use the Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken to completely destroy the Devil Gundam.


There ends Tokita’s adaptation of G Gundam. Although the first volume had some poor pacing and cut out a lot of good material from the TV series, the second and third volumes fared better. This final volume only has to cover the last 9 episodes of the TV show, so it doesn’t have to compress much. The only change is that Wong isn’t resurrected by DG cells to pilot the Walter Gundam when Domon attempts to leave Earth. Although Master Asia’s introduction in the manga had him coming across as more villainous, this volume is able to humanize him the same way the TV series did. It’s also able to do the same with Kyoji’s story. This volume packs in a lot of action, and the bonus Go For It, Domon! SD comics make it a good read.

Overall Rating

G Gundam Info

Koichi Tokita

Koichi Tokita

3 volumes

Manga Release:
Japan 04.01.1994 – 04.01.1995
U.S. 06.17.2003 – 10.07.2003


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