GNZ-004 Gaga


Model number: GNZ-004
Code name: Gaga
Unit type: mass production Innovade use suicide attack mobile suit
Manufacturer: Innovators
Operator: Innovators
Rollout: unknown
First deployment: AD 2312
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head 18.1 meters
Weight: max gross 26.4 metric tons
Armor materials:
Powerplant: GN Drive Tau, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: GN verniers, total output unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Trans-Am System; booster unit
Fixed armaments: 2 x GN Vulcan Gun, mounted in chest
Optional hand armaments: none

The GNZ-004 Gaga was part of the GNZ series developed by the Innovators/Innovades. However, unlike the other GNZ suits, the Gaga was designed as a suicide attack unit piloted by mass produced Innovade clones. The Gaga’s arms could be used to capture an enemy unit. Its GN Drive Tau was designed to explode and damage an enemy due to Trans-Am exhaustion. The Gaga was equipped with four GN verniers, and the two housed in the shoulders acted as the main thrusters. The shoulders also contained GN Condensers. Because of its role as a suicide unit, the Gaga’s only offensive armament was a pair of chest-mounted GN Vulcan Guns. After the Innovator conflict, the Earth Sphere Federation modified unused Gaga units into the GNZ-004/BW Gaga Cannon.

Pilot(s): Bring Stabity clones, Devine Nova clones
First appearance:
 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Original mechanical designer: Takayuki Yanase






Rear view (Standard version)

Gundam 00 Info

Seiji Mizushima

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Takayuki Yanase
Hitoshi Fukuchi
Kenji Teraoka
Naohiro Washio
Kunio Okawara
Seiichi Nakatani

Character Designer(s):
Yun Kouga
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 10.06.2007 – 03.29.2008 (S1);
10.05.2008 – 03.29.2009 (S2)
U.S. 11.24.2008 – 02.09.2009 (S1);
06.29.2009 – 09.21.2009 (S2)

Video Release (SE):
Japan 10.27.2009 – 02.23.2010
U.S. 09.04.2018


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