Gundam AGE Ep. 15: Those Tears Fall in Space


The G-Exes destroys a Gafran that is trying to attack the Diva, which has backed up into Ambat’s main gate. As Flit speeds through the interior of Ambat, he vows that he’ll never forgive the UE. Nearby, an invasion team consisting of Grodek, Millais, Adams and several crewmen infiltrate Ambat. A crewman opens a door and is shot to death by UE soldiers, so Grodek tosses a grenade into the room and kills them all. Geera launches in the Defurse and comments that the psychomet Mu-szell draws out the power of the X-Region, and he wonders how much that will help against a real X-Rounder. Flit calls Grodek and reports that he’s approaching the fortress core, and Grodek reminds him that they’re going to take over the control room and open the fortress’ reactor gate for Flit so he can destroy the reactor. Flit then reaches a new corridor and runs right into the Defurse, which he barely avoids hitting. Geera attacks with a beam saber, and Flit returns fire with his DODS rifle, which has no effect. Geera then fires a beam cannon and destroys the DODS rifle, so Flit switches to his beam saber. Geera comments that it was impressive that Flit defeated Desil, but he made a mistake coming into Ambat. Flit stabs the upper body of the Defurse, and Geera fires his beam cannon before running away. Flit vows that he won’t let Geera escape and gives chase. The left arm of Largan’s Genoace is blown off, and when a Gafran approaches at close range, he wonders if his luck’s run out. Ract’s Elmeda then appears and slices the Gafran apart. Largan thanks Ract for saving him, and Ract answers that a knight never abandons his comrades. Woolf flies into Ambat to back up Flit, and the Madorna Workshop works to repair damaged mobile suits. Geera leads Flit into a large chamber where Gafrans and Baqtos are waiting to ambush him. Flit easily destroys them and turns his attention to Geera. He demands to know why Yurin had to die, and Geera tells him to stop whining over a single sacrifice. Geera says he doesn’t care about her and states that people are dying for even less in his homeland. Flit says he wants Yurin back, and through his X-Rounder power he sees an image of her. He runs toward Flit and hugs her, but she disintegrates in his arms. On the Diva, Emily wonders if Flit is safe. Flit presses his attack on the Defurse and severs both of its arms. Geera fires his beam cannon and destroys the AGE-1 Normal‘s shield and left arm. Woolf arrives and provides covering fire, and Flit stabs the Defurse in the chest, forcing Geera to escape before it explodes. Geera escapes into a hallway, so Flit stabs the door with his beam saber to blast it open. He then gets out of the cockpit with a handgun and gives chase on foot. Grodek’s team reaches the control room, but another crewman is killed by automated laser turrets. Adams wonders how they’ll get past the guns, but Millais hooks up a laptop to the wall terminal to hack it. Flit shoots at Geera, who’s surprised to see that Flit is a boy. Grodek’s team enters the control room, and he orders all the operators to surrender, but they ignore him. Geera enters the control room and tells Grodek his threats are useless because they don’t fear death. Flit enters the control room, and when Geera removes his helmet, they’re surprised to see that he’s human. Flit says they may look human, but they’re not because they killed innocent people. Geera comments that Earthers are foolish, but Grodek refers to him as Yark and tells him to shut up. Grodek says that as Yark, Geera has been sowing dissent and rebellion across the Earth Sphere. But in his investigation into the UE, Grodek found that Yark was present at Angel 14 years ago, so he must’ve let the UE suits in to attack. Grodek says that Geera took his family away from him, so he’s come all this way for revenge, which Geera thinks is sad. Grodek asks Geera what he’s righting for, so Geera declares that he’ll reveal who the UE are.

Woolf searches the interior of Ambat on foot and finds an injured UE soldier, and he’s shocked to see it’s a human. Geera explains that 150 years ago the Earth Sphere was overpopulated, so the EFF initiated the Mars Colonization Plan, known as the Mars Birthday. The EFF constructed 16 experimental space colonies in the Mars Sphere and sent settlers to live there. However, the Mars Rays created by the planet’s magnetic storms caused a deadly disease that killed 20 percent of the population. Millais says all the settlers were wiped out by the disease, but Geera says that’s a lie created by the EFF, who abandoned the Mars settlers. Geera explains that the survivors created a new nation, Vagan, so that they could eventually return to Earth. Woolf holds the dying Vagan soldier in his arms, who gives him a locket. Grodek says that what the Vagans are doing is just a war of revenge, but Geera counters that Lord Ezelcant has much higher aims than that and that his plans are beyond their comprehension. Flit points his gun at Geera and says he doesn’t care what their plans are because he can never forgive them. Geera asks Flit if he can shoot a human, and Flit answers that he can because Geera isn’t human. Geera then sticks his head up against the gun and tells Flit to shoot if he can carry that burden. Before Flit can do anything, Grodek fires his gun, and Geera proclaims that there’s nothing they can do to stop Lord Ezelcant’s plans. He dashes over to a control panel and presses several buttons, but Grodek shoots him in the back. With his dying words, Geera proclaims that their souls can return to Earth. Explosions are then set off as Ambat begins to self destruct. Alabel enters the control room and is shocked to find his father dead. Grodek knocks a gun out of Alabel’s hand and admits that he killed Geera. He then says the two of them are the same and that Alabel will lead a tragic life, always haunted by the ghost of revenge. Grodek tells everyone to withdraw, and Alabel leaves the control room. Flit returns to the AGE-1 Normal and escapes with Woolf as the Diva begins to depart. More explosions rock the fortress until it’s completely destroyed. Everyone cheers at their victory, and Grodek bows and thanks everyone for their efforts. He returns to his quarters and cries as he looks at a picture of his wife and daughter. Emily sees Flit leaning up against the Gundam’s foot, and she listens as he cries and holds Yurin’s ribbon. He vows that he will defeat the UE and become a savior. After the “War of Bat Extermination,” Grodek surrenders to the EFF and is court-martialed for treason, despite winning the battle and learning the truth about the UE. He takes the blame for everything and is sent to prison, and the EFF takes publicly takes credit for the operation while covering up the truth again. In Mars orbit, a Fa Bose carrying Medel Zant launches and heads for the Earth Sphere.


The first generation of Gundam AGE ends with the revelation of who the UE really are. I called it back in episode 1 when I said I expected a situation similar to Nadesico, and that’s exactly what we get. Here, Martian colonists are angry about what happened to them and how the EFF abandoned them, so they’ve sworn to return to Earth. Although this element has been used before, it’s new to Gundam, and I’m eager to see how this interplanetary war will continue. We still don’t know exactly what their plans are, except that their leader is a man known as Lord Ezelcant. The almost religious fanaticism to their cause and to their leader reminds me a bit of the Jupiter Empire from Crossbone Gundam, as well as the Helghast from the Killzone video games. Grodek kills Geera, and his dialogue to Alabel is pretty much an admission that his quest for revenge has made him exactly the thing he was fighting against. Flit is definitely still unstable after Yurin’s death, as evidenced by his fierce fighting and attempt to kill Geera. It’s definitely a shock to everyone to learn that they’ve been fighting humans all along. However, even though the Vagans were beaten back, it was almost a Pyrrhic victory with no good results for our heroes. The EFF court-martials Grodek when they should be proclaiming him a hero, and they lock him up and take credit for all his hard work. Given their actions now and 150 years ago, it definitely confirms Grodek’s assertions about how rotten they are. I could almost understand the anger of the Vagans at the EFF, but they lost their justification when they started destroying civilian colonies like Angel, Ovan and Nora. This episode definitely had the shades of a series finale, even though we’re only a third of the way through the story. It’ll be a big change when the series jumps 25 years forward in the next episode and switches focus to Flit’s son, Asemu. Just a few years ago, the timeskip in Gundam 00 was a new thing for the franchise, but that’s nothing compared to the leap forward here.

Overall Rating

Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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