Gundam AGE Ep. 2: The Power of AGE


In space a Gafran fires a colony destroyer missile at Nora that ruptures the colony’s hull. At the command center, Millais Alloy reports that they can’t maintain the colony’s life support systems now, and Adams Tinel checks on the status of the colony’s rotation systems. Grodek asks Bruzar to give orders to launch the Diva, the new battleship in port. Grodek thinks that with the Gundam and the Diva they stand a chance against the UE, but Millais interrupts with a report that the colony will undergo torsional collapse in six hours. Adams says he’ll prepare the escape crafts, but Bruzar says it’s too late because each craft can only hold 100 people. He then orders Millais to contact the Diva‘s captain, Dian Fonroid. Bruzar’s plan isn’t to send the Diva into battle, but to use it evacuate Nora’s citizens. Bruzar examines a holographic display of Nora’s schematics and notes that the colony’s central core is separated from the residential areas and was mostly undamaged by the UE attack. His plan is to evacuate the citizens to the central core and have the Diva tow it out of the colony. Grodek asks Bruzar to let him update Fonroid on the situation. On the streets, residents begin to evacuate and head to the loading elevators that connect to the central core. Flit asks Vargas where the AGE Builder is being taken, and Vargas tells him it’ll be loaded on the Diva. Flit asks about the AGE-1 Normal, and Vargas tells him to take it to the ship himself, along with the shield and Genoace beam spray gun in case he has to fight. Emily and Dique run up and call out to Flit, and he tells them they have to get to the elevators and evacuate. Emily asks Flit what he’s going to do, and he tells her that he has to transport the AGE-1 Normal to the Diva. Flit then tells them to leave and launches in the AGE-1 Normal. Emily runs after Flit and tells Dique that she can’t leave him on his own. As Flit travels through the city, he spots a girl standing alone on a highway. A flying billboard sign nearly hits her, but he blasts it with the beam spray gun, which scares her off. Dique and Emily drive in a car to the dock entrance, but they don’t know how to open. A jeep then pulls up with Fonroid and two underlings. Emily says she wants to get into the dock, but Fonroid tells her to go where the other civilians are. Dique wants to give up, but Emily insists on going on, so they sneak in and hide. Fonroid tells one of his underlings that Bruzar’s plan is ridiculous and that he plans to ignore his orders and leave from Nora with the Diva. When the elevator door opens, Grodek walks through and says he’s come to brief Fonroid on the plan. Fonroid counters that he answers to the Federation Forces Command Center and doesn’t take orders from Bruzar, and he tells Grodek to get out of the way. Grodek then jumps onto the jeep and stuns both of Fonroid’s underlings. Fonroid accuses him of insubordination, and Grodek responds that he’ll accept punishment if they both survive. He then forces Fonroid to drive the jeep at gunpoint, and Dique wonders if they saw something they weren’t supposed to. Millais reports that the evacuation is complete, but Bruzar says he has to stay behind to manually perform the core separation. Millais asks if he intended to stay from the start, but he tells her the base has a special escape route for commanders. After she leaves, he thinks to himself about how he was able to quickly make up that lie and say it with a straight face.

Emily and Dique enter the dock and find the Diva, which impresses Dique. Vargas supervises the loading of the AGE Builder and is surprised to see Emily in the dock. He asks why she didn’t evacuate to the core, but she says it’s a long story and instead boards the ship. Millais and the others enter the Diva‘s bridge and she wonders why its crew isn’t there. Adams wonders why he can’t pull up any files on the crew, but Millais tells everyone to prepare for launch. Elsewhere, Grodek finishes deleting all the crew files and leaves Fonroid and his underlings tied up and gagged in a room. Inside the colony, Flit continues to follow the girl and tells her not to run. He exits the cockpit and asks her if she’s ok. He tells her they have to evacuate quickly and that she shouldn’t be afraid of the Gundam. Inside the cockpit, the girl apologizes for running away and tells Flit that her name is Yurin. The area in front of them explodes following the impact from another colony destroyer, sending the AGE-1 Normal falling into an underground tunnel. Millais thinks something is odd about the attack, because the UE could’ve attacked the energy plants if they wanted to destroy Nora. Grodek enters the bridge and lies to everyone, stating that he’s been appointed captain as per orders from the EFF Command Center, Big Ring. Grodek orders the ship to launch and begin connecting to the colony core. Millais points out that the Gundam hasn’t arrived yet, but Grodek says it’ll have to escape on its own. The Diva launches into space, and Flit begins traveling through the underground passage. Yurin begins giving Flit directions, which he follows. The Diva‘s sensors pick up a Gafran, so Grodek orders battle stations. The path in front of Flit is blocked, but Yurin tells him to keep going and starts counting down from four. Seconds later, the area explodes and sucks the AGE-1 Normal into space, where it slams into a Gafran and knocks it away. Flit fires his beam spray gun, which again has no effect on the Gafran’s armor. Vargas begins activating the AGE System and calls Flit to inform him. Flit asks if they have data, and Vargas tells him there’s enough data from the first battle to construct a weapon. Emily asks what the AGE System is, and Vargas tells him it’s a system Flit designed based on biological evolution where the Gundam learns from combat and can create new weapons on its own. The AGE Builder then gets to work and creates its first weapon, the DODS rifle. Dique calls it a beam rifle, but Vargas tells him it’s more advanced because it it has more penetrating power due to spinning the beam like a drill. The Gafran knocks the AGE-1 Normal away and fires its tail cannon, which destroys the beam spray gun. Flit catches the DODS rifle after its ejected from its launch cannister. The Gafran fires its tail cannon again, but Flit fires the DODS rifle at the same time and destroys the Gafran. The Diva‘s sensors then pick up more UE units, and Yurin tells Flit that the new ones aren’t the same as the others.


The second episode picks up immediately from where the last left off and keeps things going at a pretty even pace. As expected, the UE attack has critically damaged the colony, forcing an evacuation of the citizens. Bruzar’s plan to evacuate them to the central core and have the Diva tow it out is pretty unconventional to say the least. I’m surprised at how heartless Fonroid acts and that he’s willing to abandon an entire colony of civilians to protect a battleship. I also don’t buy his M’Quve-esque “We’re under different commands so I can ignore your orders” bit, as it just doesn’t sound reasonable. It was nice to see Fonroid get what he deserves thanks to Grodek’s intervention, but I imagine he’ll be a problem in the future. Emily and Dique witnessed this incident unbeknownst to anyone, so that could come into play as well at some point. With the two of them and every other named character now aboard the Diva, it doesn’t bode well for the nameless civilians in the central core. Flit encounters Yurin, a mysterious girl with precognitive abilities reminiscent of Gundam X‘s Tiffa Adill. We don’t know if the AG universe has Newtypes, so we’ll have to see what the explanation is for her abilities. We’ll also have to see exactly who she is. Given past Gundam entries, it’s certainly possible that she’s some princess on the run, like Gundam SEED‘s Cagalli Yula Athha or Gundam Unicorn‘s Mineva Zabi. We also get our first look at the AGE Builder, which is basically a really advanced 3D printer. It produced the DODS rifle, which actually gave Flit fighting ability against the Gafran. We’ll see how effective it is against the next enemies.

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Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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