Gundam AGE Ep. 25: The Terrifying Mu-szell


Aboard the Diva, Dique reports to Flit that he’s analyzed as much of the Dorado head as he can with their limited equipment. He concludes that Vagan mobile suit response speed completely outclasses their own and is a perfect fighting machine. He then turns to the pilot helmet found inside, which Flit theorizes can forcibly draw out X-Rounder abilities by stimulating the brain’s X-Region with a magnetic pulse. However, he notes that forcibly activating the X-Region is likely to cause serious brain damage, but they won’t know until they get back the autopsy report on the dead pilot. Flit leaves the helmet in Dique’s care for further study, and Asemu overhears about the helmet’s abilities to draw out X-Rounder powers and wonders what he could do with it. As Obright cleans up the Genoace II, he asks Remi if she’s going to look at the Dorado head, but she responds that she’s going to wait until everyone else is done. She then says seeing the dead pilot reminded her of the reality of being at war, and Obright says a pilot never knows when he’s going to die. Obright says he wants to be able to die without unfinished business, and he then starts babbling and awkwardly proposes to Remi. Remi blushes and panics and runs off. Asemu approaches Flit in a corridor and asks for permission to use the X-Rounder helmet, but Flit refuses. Asemu protests, but Flit says that’s the end of the discussion and leaves. Asemu thinks to himself that with the helmet he can defeat Zeheart. At Downes, Zeheart apologizes to Ezelcant for failing to capture Big Ring, but Ezelcant assures him that his plan encompasses all possible outcomes. He explains that Zeheart achieved the minimum goal of the operation, because it allowed him to gauge the strength of the EFF. Because of that, he claims to have finished a perfect invasion strategy that won’t fail. Elsewhere, Dole informs the rest of the Magicians Eight about their role in the next operation, but pilot Lessie Adonel complains and criticizes Zeheart’s orders. She says their pride is more important that Zeheart’s orders, and pilot Leo Luis agrees. Dole asks Mink if she feels the same way, and she says that she does. Desil then interrupts the conversation and says he’s not going to expose them, but rather go with them. Desil then launches without authorization in his Khronos, followed by Mink, Leo and Lessie in their Zedas M units. Daz gives orders for them to return, but Zeheart belays them because he doesn’t want the EFF to intercept their transmissions. Desil laughs and says he’s coming for Flit.

On a fleet led by the Amadeus, Algreus is informed that their sensors have picked up a Vagan ship. Flit then tells Millais that the Vagans are targeting Nortrum, a colony in Earth orbit that serves as a weapons production facility and command center. He says that if the Vagans capture it, they’ll have a foothold for an Earth invasion. The ship’s sensors then detect the approach of Desil and the Magicians Eight, and Flit also has an X-Rounder reaction. Millais orders battle stations, and Asemu overhears crewmen talking about incoming X-Rounders. As the rest of the Woolf team launches, Asemu leaves the hangar and is followed by Dique. Asemu walks into an office and picks up the helmet, but Dique catches him and asks what he’s doing. Desil flies by the Woolf team and heads for the Diva, while the Magicians Eight target the Woolf team. Flit gives precise orders for the Diva to fire its weapons and target Desil. Desil barely manages to dodge some of the ship’s attacks, and Flit demands to know why the AGE-2 Double Bullet hasn’t launched yet. Asemu tells Dique that he wants to use the X-Rounder helmet in battle, but Dique refuses. He takes the helmet and puts it in a safe. After he leaves, Asemu smashes the glass safe open and steals the helmet. Mink comments that all the enemies are pushovers, except for the G-Bouncer. Max’s Adele losses an arm to an attack, as does Arisa’s Adele Spallow. Woolf comes under attack from Lessie, and Desil continues to dodge the Diva‘s attacks while being unable to make any of his own. Leo rushes in with his beam saber to make a killing blow on Max and Arisa, but his hand gets destroyed by fire from the AGE-2 Double Bullet. Millais wants to recall Asemu for going out with the helmet, but Flit says in this situation they have to let him fight. Leo rushes in to attack, so Asemu transforms and leads him away. Lessie attacks Woolf again, while Mink attacks Obright and grabs him from behind. Asemu begins to see Leo’s movements through the use of the X-Rounder helmet and dodges his attacks. He then fires a shot right through the Zedas M, killing Leo. Mink slices off Obright’s arms and gives chase to Asemu to avenge Leo. He detaches his cannons to use them as handheld weapons, and he slices off both Mink’s arms with his long beam sabers. Lessie receives damage from Woolf’s attacks and tries to fire her beam cannon at point blank range, but Woolf dodges. He then says he doesn’t care about an ability that predicts his movements and fires his rifle, killing Lessie. Mink is forced to retreat, and Asemu screams out in pain when he has an adverse reaction to the helmet. Desil, who has been kept at bay by Flit’s tactics, is forced to retreat. Back on the Diva, Flit lectures Asemu and tells him that he put the whole team in danger, not just himself. Woolf asks Asemu if he wants to become an X-Rounder that badly, and Asemu answers that if he doesn’t, he can’t catch up to Flit. Woolf says there’s nothing wrong with that and that Asemu should become a super pilot instead of an X-Rounder. Woolf explains that a super pilot is someone like him who can be awesome without being an X-Rounder. He points out that he defeated an X-Rounder and that Asemu did the same before, so he has to refine those skills. He knows Asemu can do it, and Asemu starts to tear up. At Downes, Zeheart vows to eliminate Desil if he continues to interfere with his strategies. In his quarters, Desil rages that he’s capable of more. The Vagan fleet, led by Downes, appears in front of Algreus’ fleet in Earth orbit.


This episode picks up where the last left off with the capture of a Dorado head by Flit. The dead pilot was using a helmet to forcibly draw out X-Rounder power, which Asemu covets in his quest to catch up to Flit and Zeheart. Unfortunately, Dique locks it up in the most useless safe ever, allowing Asemu to run off with it. Desil is as unhinged as ever, leading an unauthorized attack just so that he can fight Flit. And yet for all his rage, he can’t match skills with Flit, who doesn’t even have to leave the Diva to fight him off. We’re also introduced to more members of the Magicians Eight, including the cranky Lessie and the effeminate Leo, whose obsession with beauty is reminiscent of Gavil from Macross 7. For all their boasting about how good they are, the only thing the Magicians Eight seem to be good at is dying. On another note, Obright suddenly proposes to Remi, which in normal cases would give him a clear death flag. But given that Largan managed to survive despite his death flags, perhaps the same will be true for Obright. Woolf imparts some advice to Asemu that will hopefully get him out of his funk of needing to catch up to Flit and Zeheart. Finally, the Vagan fleet confronts an EFF one, so a big battle is on the horizon next time.

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Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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